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Thursday, November 12th, 2015

It’s an exciting month for me! I have two books out on Nov 17th. BOOTS AND THE HEARTBREAKER and MONTANA SEAL under my pen name Elle James. Be sure to sign up for my Newsletter. I’m giving away some great prizes. I have a Pink Kindle I’ll be giving away soon. So stay tuned! You have to be a subscriber to win! Look for my newsletter on Nov 17th!

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Now for the teaser into BOOTS AND THE HEARTBREAKER….



Come visit the Ugly Stick Saloon!

Colin McFarlan’s back is against the wall. Two brothers have caved to their mother’s threat to sell the ranch if they don’t get married and give her grandkids—now it’s his turn. Too bad the only woman he’s ever loved is the one who came between him and his brother Brody.

When Fancy returns to Temptation, he’s determined to steer clear of the gorgeous real estate agent, who looks good whether dressed up in a pencil skirt or dressed down in cowboy boots.

Fancy Wilson made mistakes. Getting engaged to Brody was the first. Weeping in Colin’s arms—and falling into his bed—on the night she and Brody broke up was the second. She’s not adding to her sins by falling for Colin all over again. She’s had enough heartache.

Yet when Colin asks her to help break up a romance between his mother and the notorious town heartbreaker, she can’t resist. But soon they’re scrambling to undo the damage they’ve done…before it destroys their last chance for happiness.

Warning: Breaking up is hard to do, but reunion sex can be oh, so fine!

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Copyright © 2015 Myla Jackson
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Colin McFarlan stared into his beer. The pressure was on.

“It’s your turn.” His brother Angus nudged him in the side. “I’ve got Gwen and Dalton. Brody has Jessie. There’s only three weeks left in Mom’s ultimatum.”

“Tell me about it.” He lifted his long neck bottle and swiveled on the bar stool at the Ugly Stick Saloon.

The usual Friday night crowd did nothing to boost his spirits. Sure, there were ladies in the bar, but half of them were already taken.

“What about the Banks twins?” Brody nodded toward the gorgeous blond-haired, blue-eyed identical twins giggling at something Sam Whitefeather was telling them.

“I don’t know.” Colin cringed. “They’re so young.”

“Young?” Angus snorted. “Since when does that bother you? Besides they’re both twenty-two and legal, freshly home from college.”

Colin took a long swig of his beer and rolled it around in his mouth before swallowing. “I’m just not feeling it.”

“What’s to feel?” Angus asked. “You find a woman, get engaged and be done with it. Mom will be happy, she’ll stop making insane threats of selling off the ranch, and we can all get back to work without worrying about having our home sold out from under us.”

“Yeah, what’s keeping you?” Brody, the middle brother sat on the other side of Colin. “You’ve always loved women.”

“Right. Women. Plural of woman.” Colin pushed a hand through his hair. He’d always played the field, dating a woman for no more than three dates before cutting her loose. He’d always found something not quite right about the fit, and didn’t want any clingy goodbyes.

No single woman had captured his attention and kept it. Except one. Fancy Wilson.

No sooner had he thought of her, the woman on his mind walked through the entrance, smiling up at Dusty Cramer, the local sheriff’s deputy on a rare Friday night off duty.

Damn. There went Colin’s evening. He had just about talked himself into asking one of the Banks twins to dance. Now, all desire to dance with Hayley or Alexis fled. How could he dance with them when all he could think about was how beautiful Fancy looked in a tight, blue jean skirt and cowboy boots?

The real estate agent, who usually wore a pencil skirt and suit jacket, and made them look sexy as hell, appeared even more amazing in the casual attire. She reminded him of that one night eight years ago that had changed his life.

The night she’d called off her engagement to his brother Brody.

The same night she’d cried in Colin’s arms and they’d made love.

He’d gone from happy-go-lucky to destroying his brother’s trust and losing the girl he’d fallen for. Brody moved to the west end of the country and refused to come home.

It had taken eight years and his mother’s ultimatum to bring Brody back.

Fancy had left town not long after Brody, moving to Dallas to start over.

Colin knew that because he’d heard through his mother’s grapevine. Not only had she started over, she’d done pretty well for herself selling real estate. Why she’d decided to return to Temptation was beyond Colin’s comprehension. She could make so much more money in Dallas, and marry the high-powered man of her dreams. A small town girl making it in the big D.

A f**kin’ Cinderella story.

Colin’s gaze captured Fancy’s for a moment. Then she turned to Dusty and laughed up at him, her smile wide, green eyes twinkling. Since she’d been back in Temptation, she’d dyed her hair back from auburn to her natural blond. The woman would look good in black, brown, auburn or blond hair. Hell, she’d probably look good bald and with half her teeth, just to make Colin more miserable.

“What’s wrong, Colin?” Angus leaned close. “You look like you ate a lemon. Are the Banks girls really all that bad?”

Colin straightened and set the beer bottle on the bar. “Not at all. I think I’ll ask them to dance.”

“Both of them?” Brody laughed. “Might be a little hard to do in a two-step.”

“Not a problem. They’re playing ‘Cotton-eyed Joe’.” Colin pushed to his feet and strode across the floor, refusing to glance Fancy’s way, although he could see her in his peripheral vision.

He stopped in front of Hayley. Or was it Alexis? It didn’t matter. “Would you two care to dance?”

The two young women squealed delightedly and jumped to their feet. “Of course we would,” they said in unison.

Oh good, he’d get matching comments in stereo. Colin’s jaw tightened to keep from saying anything disparaging to the women. He just wasn’t in the mood for any of this.

He led them onto the dance floor, spun them both out and back into the curve of his arms. They giggled and settled into the dance, kicking their heels, backing up then moving forward, shouting “bullshit!” when it came to that part in the song.

An accomplished dancer, Colin could do the moves with his eyes closed and was tempted to do just that to avoid making eye contact with Fancy.

If having his old flame in the saloon wasn’t hard enough on Colin’s nerves, Fancy and Dusty stepped onto the dance floor as the song transitioned into a waltz.

“I’ll just sit this one out,” Alexis said.

“Thanks, dear.” Hayley molded her body against Colin’s and pressed her cheek to his chest. “Umm. You feel amazing.”

Colin muttered something, not even aware of the woman in his arms, his entire attention on how low Dusty’s hand was on the small of Fancy’s back.

Anger simmered below the surface and Colin’s muscles tensed. If Dusty’s hand drifted any lower…

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  1. Ginger Robertson
    · November 12th, 2015 at 2:17 pm · Link

    Hi Myla,

    My oh my what a HOT blurb and excerpt! Talk about wet undies… I will definitely look forward to reading.


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