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Archive for December 6th, 2015

Sierra Summers: Rebooting
Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Thank you Delilah for hosting me today.

First I wanted to say my thoughts go to those who have lost their lives and been injured over these last few weeks. It really re-enforces the live every day to the fullest.

When I wrote under the name Violet Summers with a partner, I didn’t expect to sell much, or that anyone would be that interested in what I had to say. Lucky for me I was wrong and experienced some great years meeting wonderful readers as well as some of my favorite authors—blog Host included.

Then life happened and the bottom fell out of my writing. I fell ill, finally started healing and then bought a bookstore. My muse had taken off and I hated anything I attempted to write.

It’s taken me over a year to begin writing again but I’ve started.

I’m calling 2016 the year of the Reboot. The year of a new approach to my career as a solo writer. To finishing what I’ve started and to remember that everyone has to deal with something. It’s how we come out of it at the end that counts and you know you’re over the worst when you can see the good again.

To that positive end, I’m excited to announce a new series I’m working on—Tarnished Knights.

Dragon Shifters, motorcycles, tattoo parlors and dive bars all nestled in the small town of Wayne, Mi. Blue collar, gritty and ready to kill to protect what they love, the dragons will stop at nothing.

Cyn is the law in the dragon community and his life is getting way too complicated. First he has to deal with the Metallic clans trying to wipe his people out and then there is Ruby. A feisty barkeep who keeps everyone at arm’s length.

She’s hiding a secret behind her big brown eyes and the further she backs away, the more Cyn’s determined to discover what she’s hiding from. Add on top of that a case of serious dragon mating hormones shooting through his body every time Ruby smiles and you have a man ready to blow or worse a dragon willing to bring the whole world down.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season,

Sierra Summers
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