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Archive for December 29th, 2015

Friends and Daughters…
Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Seeing as a new year is just around the corner, I gave myself light goals this week. I’m spending a ton of time with my daughter. She’s got her three kids and a step for the break, and the house is in chaos. I’ve been helping watch kids, clean house, change diapers, etc. I don’t understand the need to squeal and shriek and pound feet through the house, but I guess it has something to do with self-expression and dominance—the loudest gets heard. By the time the 1st of January hits, I’ll be glad to be back at my desk…in the quiet. 🙂

I spend a lot of time with my dd, regardless of the holiday. She lives right across the highway. Her house is maybe two football fields in length away from my front door. When I’m working, I break mid-morning for coffee with her. At the end of my workday, I head to her place to unwind, drink more coffee and eat dinner. If I get out of there before baths and bedtime, I might be back over there later in the evening for a spot of tea.

When she was growing up, she was such a hellion. Red hair, fiery temper, and such a mouth! But now, we’re best friends. We go everywhere together. Travel together. Flea market shop together. Spend art days together. I never would have imagined a friendship like that between us, but there it is. She’s my rock and vice versa.

Do you have someone like that in your life?