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Bibi Rizer: Charity Anthologies
Monday, January 11th, 2016

brCaptureA great way for authors to build their brand while also contributing to a good cause is by publishing stories in charity anthologies. If you’re a reader, it’s also a great way to support good causes while satisfying your craving for hot romance.

This is why, if you’re a fan of Motorcycle Romance (or even if you’re not!), you should check out BIKER CHICKS. Not only will proceeds from BIKER CHICKS support the amazing charity BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE (the local chapter  where our editor AJ Downey lives), but BIKER CHICKS also seeks to bring biker romances into the 21st century (and beyond!), by telling stories about women who ride.

BIKER CHICKS includes stories by some awesome authors, both established romance authors and some new names. It comes out on Valentine’s Day but is available for pre-order now.

The romance is HOT, and the authors didn’t shy away from kink, gender fluidity, same sex or poly-romance, so you’ve been warned. Pre-order your copy from Amazon today, but meanwhile, here’s a taste from my dystopian City of Dark Pleasures story, Her Queendom:

Standing, I can see she’s as tall as me, the silver light of the moon makes her look metallic, hard and impenetrable. Magical, almost.

“You want to know what freedom feels like?” she asks. “So you’ll know, in case you ever find it?”

“I guess so.”

She takes my hand, leading me up some stairs from the river deck to the road above. There, parked in the moonlight, like a faithful transport bot, is a motorcycle.

“Wow. Is that yours?”

“That’s my baby. You like it?”

“Where did you get it?” Motorbikes have been outlawed in the Free City and the Pleasures for years, since before I was born. The only way I know about them is from contraband magazines, stolen out of the ruins.

“I built it mostly. Bits of this and that.”

I admire the bike as we get closer. An elegant love child of leather and steel, its large black tires seem eager to get into motion, almost as though it’s unhappy being stationary. “Is it self-driving?”

The woman snorts a laugh. “No way! Where’s the fun in that? Hop up.”

She invites me into the rear seat. The soft leather seems to welcome me, cushioning my ass and thighs like it was molded to my shape.

“Thermo shaping foam,” the woman says.  “Also,” she clicks a switch and welcome warmth rises up into my numb flesh. “Heated seat. Warm up those shrunken testicles.”

Warmth shoots down from my face too. I’d forgotten all about my sex parts. Up to this moment I was as emasculated as a Cull, but with the warmth of the seat my cock and balls wake up, tingling, as though reminding me of their presence, reminding me that they, and I survived the Expiation that so many did not. I wasn’t killed. I wasn’t culled. I became one of the Alphas, a reluctant harem husband with a small party of brides I never particularly loved.

They gave me children I loved though. And they’re safe. My children are safe.

The woman turns, swinging her leg over the seat in front of me, her round ass, pressing into my newly awakened manhood.

“What’s your name?” I ask. I just feel like it’s something I should know.

“Spark,” she says, rising up onto the kick starter. The bike bounces as she slams the starter down, then roars to life. “Hold on to me, or the back rest,” she shouts back at me, cranking the throttle. The tires squeal as we blast into motion.



Bibi Rizer

Bibi Rizer ( is a mom, blogger, teacher and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. While she’s been writing professionally for many years, romance and erotica are relatively new pursuits.

Bibi likes writing about strong kinky women and brave willing men living in realistic and imperfect worlds.

In her spare time Bibi sings Karaoke and hangs around on film sets with child actors. Having the the firm belief that no one can be too weird or too funny, she happily admits that most of her favorite people and characters are both.

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