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The Yellow Ant
Monday, January 18th, 2016


Did you know that there are 1,000,000 ants for every human in the world? Now, don’t you feel special? And yes, I have a yellow ant on my desk. And it’s a good thing I do, because without it sitting amid the clutter on my desk, I could have stared into space waiting for inspiration for this blog.

Take that, you folks who keep clutter-free desks! An empty desk is a sign of an empty mind!

How does one create without bits of color and wonder posted around their periphery? How does one keep from getting bored with their space? How can you not have three of those solar-powered statues that dance in the UV lamplight? Personally, I couldn’t stand to greet my morning without revving up the dancing hula girl.

Is she distracting? Maybe to someone else, because she is right there if I glance just barely to the side. But I don’t see her unless  I look right at her, and then I smile. And that’s why she’s there. Who can be depressed with a little hula girl in a grass skirt swishing her hips all day long?

Do I have a point to this blog? Not really. I just wondered how far from the ant I could get.

But I do have a question for you. Clean or cluttered desk? Which are you? 

13 comments to “The Yellow Ant”

  1. Jen B.
    · January 18th, 2016 at 9:49 am · Link

    The word cluttered is inadequate to describe my desk. I usually like to keep it cluttered but right now it’s in a different universe altogether.

  2. Linda
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:01 am · Link

    Cluttered ALL the way! Plus even as cluttered as my desk is, I can always tell if someone has touched it! It drives my Hubby and Mom CRAZY!! 😉

    Linda W

  3. Tanya Brown
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:22 am · Link

    combo. Part is of it is clean where I actually sit facing the desk but beyond that it’s cluttered and I know exactly where everything is. It might take me a minute to remember where exactly but I can usually go right to what I need. 😉

  4. Delilah
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:24 am · Link

    I’m not alone, see?! My sister has to have a sparse desk; my friend, Sharon Hamilton, has to have hers clear and “Zen”—I don’t get it. LOL!

  5. Denise
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:40 am · Link

    Cluttered… It happens to be the catch all for everything the grand kids wast to save… so my desk is it and every once in a while I get up and clean it off..

  6. Amy Fendley
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:43 am · Link

    Cluttered. Like I tell people all of the time, there is a method to my madness. It may look like clutter to most people but I know exactly what each pile means and where to find most things. Have a great day!

  7. Pansy Petal
    · January 18th, 2016 at 10:44 am · Link

    Mostly clean but . . . I had a Y2K bug sitting on the tower for years. I haven’t found it since I moved. I need to go find it. I need inspiration!

  8. Nancy Gilliland
    · January 18th, 2016 at 11:09 am · Link

    Definitely cluttered…right now, I’m in a small cubicle with all the things I used to keep in a much larger workspace. You know, important things like family photos, special stuffed friends, coffee mug, and assorted other ‘necessities’.

  9. Karen
    · January 18th, 2016 at 11:36 am · Link

    Cluttered. DEFINITELY cluttered.

  10. Pat Freely
    · January 18th, 2016 at 4:18 pm · Link

    Cluttered, always. Right now I’m changing rooms, so everything is everywhere.

  11. e
    · January 18th, 2016 at 8:31 pm · Link

    Oh, mine is so cluttered. Though I suppose it isn’t as bad as it could be. No, I take that back. I know it isn’t as bad as it was six months ago, but it’s still got too much crap on it right now. I’ve been trying to declutter other areas in the last couple weeks, and the desk is on the list for this week, too. I have to, because it’s getting in the way of my writing. Not physically, but mentally. 😛

  12. Gail Siuba
    · January 18th, 2016 at 11:00 pm · Link

    Totally cluttered. ????

  13. ButtonsMom2003
    · January 19th, 2016 at 12:17 pm · Link

    My desk/work area/house is so far beyond cluttered I may need an intervention from the folks who help hoarders!

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