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Archive for August 15th, 2016

Lindsay McKenna: Hold Me
Monday, August 15th, 2016


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Delos Series!  HOLD ME is the  novella sequel to HOLD ON, Book 5, the “big book”  about Callie McKinley and Beau Gardner. It follows them after Book 5 is finished to find out “what else” has happened to them and their relationship.

So often I get emails from readers who want to know, “Well, what happened to them next?”  Or “Where are they now?”  Or, “What happened to them?”  Well, now you have your wish!  You can follow your favorite hero and heroine in additional novellas as they fall in love, continue on toward marriage, getting married and deal with life issues that we all deal with.

I’ve developed at least one novella after each of the major 55,000-100,000 word book.  They will each have at least one novella, usually an epilog. But where the characters and their particular lives are at, I may well write more than one novella for them.  You can kind of understand the visual of a train engine with boxcars behind it.  In this case?  The books are the train engine.  The novella(s) that follow are boxcars.  Together, they weave and add layers to the original story of the hero and heroine.  I will always try to get the novella out within a year of the big book being published.  And I would dearly love to hear what you think of this idea that I’ve cooked up for the Delos series.  And also look for additional ideas and suggestions from you regarding it. This is new territory for me, and I’m at this juncture because you, my readers, have brought me to this point.  So often, you wanted MORE on a particular hero and heroine.  And I could never write it for you.

Now?  I can.  So I need your input, for sure!  Don’t be shy about contacting me via my website,

HOLD ME is about Army Delta Force operator, Sergeant Beau Gardner and Callie McKinley.  If you read  HOLD ON, then you met Callie because she was the younger sister to Dr. Dara McKinley.

Callie McKinley has had an escape and brush with death, but is now home at the Eagle Feather Ranch in Butte, Montana, with Beau Gardner.  She was nearly raped by the Taliban and saved by the man who loves her.  She comes home with PTSD.

Beau must return to Bagram after thirty days leave with Callie at the beautiful Montana ranch.  Callie has an intuition that Beau could be killed.  She tries to fight her fear.  Four months into his six month deployment, her world turns upside down.  Now?  She must somehow pull herself together to be there for Beau.  It is a hard journey for both of them as they both wrestle with their own demons brought on by war.  Will their new love withstand this assault upon it?  Or not?

Let me hear from you about the Culver Family and the Delos series.  Happy reading!



Amazon – will be available day of publication, 8.11.16

Audio (Tantor Media) — available 11.22.2016

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