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Archive for August 30th, 2016

Flashback: Reined In (Contest)
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

UPDATE: The winner of the free Lone Star Lover book is…Tami Czenkus!

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Depending on how long you’ve been reading me, you might not be aware of my naughty cowboy ménage series, Lone Star Lovers. There are nine books, so far. And I do plan more because I can’t stop writing them. All my sexiest fantasies are rolled up in those stories. Two cowboys, three cowboys, four… All that attention on one lucky girl… Feel the heat. Read a snippet from Reined In.

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Reined In

Who says a cowgirl can’t have it all?

Lone Star Lovers, Book 7

Stormy is a rancher’s daughter through and through, and although she went away to college, her soul is firmly rooted in home ground—and the cowboys she grew up tormenting. When she hears her father might be selling the ranch, she packs her bags and high tails it for home, terrified she might never get another chance to lasso the heart of one of her cowboys before the hands scatter to the four winds.

For Cam and Joe, foreman and wrangler on the ranch, Stormy was a pain in the seat of their Wranglers. But when she roars back onto the ranch, the spoiled brat they remember emerges from the cloud of dust in skin-tight jeans and spike heels and all grown up.

It only takes a hot second to figure out she’s hell-bent on seduction. But if she thinks they’re going to make it easy for her to pick which cowboy she wants most, she’s sadly mistaken. And who says she has to choose one?

Warning: Contains cowboy-style spanking, flogging, and hog-tying. And a cowgirl who loves every minute of it.

Cam gave him a glare but gentled his expression when he turned back to Stormy. “You didn’t call before you came. Seems like this trip was rushed. Why don’t you tell us what really brought you here, sweetheart?”

Joe nearly groaned at Cam’s direct approach. Stormy would shut down faster than a burger joint at midnight if dared to tell the truth without a little persuasion.

Stormy shrugged, a pout pushing out her lower lip. “I graduated a month ago. I’m considerin’ my options. Maybe I just needed a break to think.”

“The ranch is a long way from Austin,” Cam said softly. “What’s this really about?”

Stormy’s mouth dropped open and then snapped closed again. Her gaze narrowed.

Joe knew from that look that she was getting ready to let lose some smartass comment—out of habit—to protect her pride. But Joe didn’t want her to keep her armor in place or tell them a lie. She needed a little push. Something to cloud her mind before she thought of another lame excuse. He was pretty damn sure he knew exactly why she’d run straight to the ranch.

He leaned toward her, crowding her against the counter. He set his beer aside, plucked hers from her nerveless fingers and then bracketed her slender body as he clenched the edge of the counter. “I promise if you tell the truth, you might get what you’re after,” he drawled.

She swallowed hard, her gaze widening, clinging to his.

He slid a thigh between her bare legs. They clamped around him. But to keep him from raising it higher or to hold him there? He couldn’t tell.

Her lips parted and her breaths shortened.

“Am I botherin’ you?”

She swallowed hard and flashed him a glare. “When don’t you bother me, cowboy?”

Since she hadn’t shoved him away, he pressed harder, bending his neck so his face hovered over hers. She clenched her thighs tighter around his knee. “Disappointed I didn’t punish you on the spot when you ground your heel into my hand?”

She hesitated and then tossed back her silky hair. “I did wonder why you held back,” she said, sounding a little out of breath. “You’re always quick to jump down my throat.”

“Oh, I wanna come down your throat all right.”

Cam snorted beside them, drawing both their gazes. “Shall I leave you two alone?”

“Why?” Joe asked, his gaze dropping to Stormy’s again. “She’s not shy. Fact is, I think Peaches wants us both here. Don’t you, sugar?”

This time, her eyes rounded and welled with tears.

Cam muttered under his breath.

But Joe wasn’t ready to relent. Not when damp heat soaked the top of his jeans-clad thigh. “There’s no shame in tellin’ the truth,” he whispered. “We’ve both been waitin’ a long time for you to grow up. All you have to do is tell us you’re ready.”

She licked her bottom lip, pretty Peaches with her face devoid of makeup and pretense, looking impossibly lovely and young—and afraid.

“Baby, for once, tell me the truth.”

“I’m not sure what I want, or even who I want,” she whispered.

Joe quirked up one side of his mouth and leaned closer, his mouth an inch from hers. “Now that’s a lie. You kissed him.” He arched a brow. “Think I didn’t know? I watched. But you liked it when I spanked you too. Both those things happened a long time ago, but you’ve thought about us, haven’t you?”

She nodded, her breaths growing more ragged by the moment.

“It’s okay to tell us,” Joe said, his voice deeper now, raspier. “Do you want us both?”

“Joe,” Cam said, anger in his tone.

Joe shook his head, not looking away from Stormy’s widening eyes. “Cam, you just wait. We’re friends. I love you like a brother. But I want her—just as bad as you do. And Peaches here—she’s enough woman to handle us both. I’d stake my next paycheck on that fact.” The way the pupils in her silver-blue eyes dilated confirmed it. “Sweetheart, you wanna find out if that’s true?”

A thin moan broke from her lips, and Joe bent to capture it, pressing his mouth against hers and forcing his thigh higher, rubbing it against her pussy.

She pushed against his chest for all of a second and then glided her hands up to cup the back of his head, her fingers threading through his hair and pulling.

Joe groaned into her mouth and thrust his tongue inside.

She’d brushed her teeth before she’d left her room. She tasted like mint. Her body quivered, vibrating against him, and more liquid wet his knee. Her thighs squeezed around him, grinding down, and he was lost.

He clamped his hands around her waist and pulled her from the counter, then slid them down to cup her ass. He dug his fingers into the soft, sweet curves he’d fantasized about for years. The kiss deepened. Her tongue stroked his and their mouths rubbed in slow, melting circles.

A throat cleared beside them, and Joe broke the kiss, breathing hard as he stared into her face. Two spots of color blazed across her cheeks. Their heads turned slowly, reluctantly, toward Cam.

Joe knew what he had to do, but letting go of her ass nearly made him weep. His fingers clung for a moment longer and then loosened. He slid to her side, a hand cupping a full breast. “Cam’s turn,” he whispered in her ear.