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Archive for August 17th, 2016

Sabrina York: It’s Cowboy Month!
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

syA puppy


Hello my darlings! I am thrilled to be here with Delilah today to chat about my ADD and why it makes my job so much fun.

I’m sure in some worlds, the inclination to jump from topic to topic could be a detriment, but as an author, it keeps me from getting in a rut. Do you know what I mean?

For example, last month I was focusing on Regency Romances. I re-edited and re-released my Noble Passions Series, helped promote the Ever My Love Collection (my story was Call of the Wild Wind, a Waterloo Heroes romance) and finished up promotions on the final book in my Untamed Highlander series, Lana and the Laird.

syNoble Passions blog banner

Each one of those releases included a Facebook party, blogs and giveaways, all geared to Regency readers.

Oh, and I also wrote a sexy, snappy Highlander romance for James Patterson’s Bookshots. Bedding the Highlander will be coming out in March. Bookshots are AWESOME for people with ADD, because all the stories are fast and satisfying reads.

Pretty exciting stuff, but I must admit, as much as I love writing and promoting historical romance, I get to the point when I’m ready for something different. Think of it this way:

I love cheesecake, but if I had to eat it for every meal, before long, I’d be craving broccoli.

Okay. Who am I kidding? I would never crave broccoli.

But I would crave, say, bacon.

How awesome is it then that this month, I am on to bacon!

And by bacon, I mean cowboys!!!

Boy howdy!

So August is Cowboy Month for Sabrina York.

sygun-shy-thumbnailI am thrilled that I was invited to participate in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Cowboy Kindle World. My book, Gun Shy, tells the tale of a Navy SEAL, returning to his hometown to handle his abusive father’s estate after the old man’s death. The last thing he expects to find on his first day home, is a reason to stay. What a pity that Melissa is just out of a bad relationship, and has no interest in another looming, intimidating man.

The other exciting release this month is Stud for Hire, which is the first book in the Stripped Down Cowboys series (that takes place on the Stud Ranch you may remember from The Real McCoy, Come Hell or High Water and Protect and Serve).

In Stud for Hire, Hannah meets a man who fascinates her…at her bachelorette party! Craving the kind of passion she’s never known, and having mistaken him as a stud for hire, she makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Imagine her chagrin when she realizes the truth about him. And the fact that Logan has been in love with her since high school.

Stud For Hire is the first of three novels I wrote for Berkley InterMix and will be followed by Cowboy to Command (about a wounded warrior looking for a place to call home) and Spurred On (where the playboy of the series, Cody Silver, gets his comeuppance). They are all a lot of fun and sexy as hell.

systudforhire_eb (2)


CowbouonCommand3.inddI am also editing a WWII novel about a POW (based on a true story) and working on an epic space opera launching in 2017. (Both under different pen names.) Book one of the sci fi trilogy, the Viridian Conflict, is like the Guardians of the Galaxy meets the Godfather and takes place on a prison moon where the convicts are aliens…who want to eat you.

Did I mention I have ADD?

So here’s my question for you!

Do you have reader ADD? Do you like to jump from genre to genre? Or do you cleave to one genre and one only?

Because inquiring minds want to know!

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