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Marian Lanouette/Merry Holly: Season of Promises
Friday, November 4th, 2016

mlmarian-119-author-picHi Delilah, and thanks for hosting me today. First, my exciting news. I was offered a four book deal with Kensington/Lyrical for my Jake Carrington Mystery Series and I also locked in Doug Grad as my agent.

Today I want to talk about the holidays and what joy they bring me. Not gift giving, though I love spreading the cheer, it’s the attitudes of the world as the holidays slowly roll around: Children anxiously awaiting that magically day. Adults going crazy to get it all done, and romantics dreaming of happily-ever-after.

As someone who’s been married for thirty-seven years I can tell you it’s out there. There’ll be highs and lows, but all-in-all there’s nothing better than connecting with that one special person. With that in mind, I want to share the latest Season of Series book, Season of Promises. I’ve asked all of the authors in the anthology to supply a paragraph why they joined the anthology and to offer us an excerpt from their books.


Unexpected Holiday Bonus by Merry Holly

It was my love of Christmas I thought up the Season of Series. When I invited the other authors to join me for Season of Magic I never knew it would take off as it has. I’m grateful to all our readers and fans for making each book in the series such a success. In this series, I write using the pseudonym Merry Holly.


“How do you feel about a male admin?”

“Is he qualified?”


“Then I don’t care about his gender,” Suzette said, shuffling her papers aside. She extended her hand.

“I think we hit pay dirt with this one. He’s almost too good to be true. In fact, he may be more qualified than I am.” Lois scratched her head as she handed over the pages. “The last remark was a joke.”

“Don’t worry, Lois. I’m not looking to replace you.”

Scanning the résumé, Suzette raised an eyebrow. “Bring him in immediately. I don’t want anyone else to scoop him up. And if you can, Lois, make discreet inquiries at his current company. Do you know anyone over there?”

“I know the CEO’s executive admin over there. We belong to the same professional organization.”

“Why don’t you make the call before we bring him in?”

The Littlest Angel by Vicki Batman

Why be in an anthology?

I love writing short stories and having a chance to share them with other authors is a treat. Each of us brings something different to the collection which gives a reader the chance to sample another’s work without a big price commitment. And I do love being in the Season of Series because of whom I work with. The six of us have a strong desire to make the series successful. We have put lots of time, work, effort, and money into the series. Individually, we have skills that when combined together made a strong whole.


This guy. He’s…detestable, like-like…Mr. Detestable. My hands went to my hips. “Which—the ol’ possession is nine-tenths of the law? Hogwash.

“‘Hogwash?’” He screwed his nose into a loathsome-looking scrunch. “Who says hogwash nowadays?”

“Hogwash is a perfectly good word, meaning insincere talk, writing, et cetera; nonsense; bunk.” I extended my hand. “Now, give me my property.”

A Promise of Forever by Gerri Brousseau

This is the fourth “Season of” anthology that I have been lucky enough to be invited to join, and I couldn’t be more excited. After being part of the “Season of” team for four publications, I have found that the authors have developed a sort of camaraderie.

Season of Promises offers the return of six authors, each writing a romantic, holiday novella. For me, it has given me the opportunity to create a series, which is something I never thought I would ever do. Being part of this team of award winning, best-selling authors has inspired me and sharpens my skills as a writer. I hope the readers love reading these holiday novellas as much as the six of us have enjoyed writing them.


Her virtue is lost, and her reputation in tatters when a twist of fate sends Lady Roxanne Rothchild from London to the vibrant city of Venice, and into the arms of the handsome and intriguing Danté. But she is not the only one vying for his affection. Anna Maria Delafino de Padova will use everything in her power to drive a wedge between Danté and Roxanne and win his favor, including revealing the truth about Lady Rothchild. Will Roxanne be able to put her blemished past behind her and find love, and will she have the courage to reach for a promise of forever?

His gaze locked with hers. Tears lingered upon her dark lashes, and he reached up to wipe them away.

He’s so handsome. His lips are . . . but before she could complete her thought he lowered his head and his full lips brushed gently over hers. Her heart raced. She brought her hand up to his shoulder, yet she did not push him away. He drew her further into his embrace and kissed her, this time deeper, his lips begging hers to part. She leaned into him and her lips parted, allowing his tongue to dance with hers. Her head swam with remembrance of her earlier fantasy.

Bad Luck Partners by Cara Marsi

When I got the invitation to contribute to the Season of Promises Holiday Boxed Set, I didn’t hesitate. I’m in two other very successful boxed sets with this group of authors. I love working with these talented women. We work well together in promoting our books, and we have respect for each other. Besides, I love their stories.

I participate in boxed sets to get my stories and my name in front of new audiences. I hope readers like my writing and my stories and will look for my other books. And being in a set with other authors lightens the burden of promoting, etc.

Here’s the tagline: In Sin City, a couple, unlucky in love, gamble on each other. Win or lose?


“You can’t sit home on New Year’s Eve, Laney. You’ve got to come to the party.”

Laney Sikora’s best friend and co-worker, Amanda, pushed aside her empty coffee cup and rested her elbows on the table to lean closer, her eyes meeting Laney’s.

Laney waved a hand. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes. It doesn’t work on me. If I go to the party dateless, I’ll be a drag on you and Ben. Go. Have fun. Don’t worry about me. You know my luck on holidays. I won’t tempt fate.”

“It’s just coincidence that all those things happened to you on holidays.”

“Coincidence? Au Contraire. Let me get us more lattes, then I’ll refresh your memory about my so-called coincidences.” Scraping her chair back, Laney stood. And plowed into something hard. With a yelp, she jumped away.

“Whoa!” a male voice, very close, said. “Are you hurt?” he asked in a softer tone.

Raising her gaze, she connected with sapphire blue eyes. “I’m okay. I’m the one who bumped into you. Sorry. Are you hurt?”

He smiled, and Laney thought she might swoon. Not only did he have delectable, kissable lips, he had dimples. Dimples!

His muscled chest covered by a dark green T-shirt didn’t hurt either. She slid her gaze to his tight-fitting jeans that molded to his muscular legs. Swoon-worthy for sure.

“I’m a big guy,” he said. “It takes a lot more than a bump by a pretty woman to hurt me.”

You sure are a big guy. And hot!

A Christmas Promise by Jane Gale

A violent attempted robbery at District Attorney Cherry Stevens’ parents’ convenience store has her setting her sights on the city’s crime boss. Finding herself in the line of fire, Cherry is rescued by the sexiest seasoned police officer on the force. Both work for justice seeking peace for the city neither expected to find love in the process.


That man needed to stop pointing a pistol at her mother.

Trying to figure out what to do next, Cherry looked along the isle and spotted a glass jar of oil soap. As the gunman started shouting, she crept slowly along the isle.

“Move it, lady, or I’ll put a bullet in you. Do what I say and no one will get hurt. Give me the money in your register or I swear I’ll put a hole in you.”

“Please, I’ll do whatever you say. Just don’t hurt us.”

The fear in her mother’s voice as her words wavered fueled Cherry’s anger at the man who dared threaten her mother, giving her strength to get to the jar and use it on the gunman.

Shuffling movement sounded over the Christmas music as the gunman dragged Ms. Johnson along with him while keeping the gun pointed at Cherry’s mom. Cherry reached the end of the isle, and as she gripped the top of the jar of oil soap, something moved by the front door.

Cherry spotted a man in a police uniform ducking down along the outside wall of the building. Their eyes met, and the man lifted one finger to his full lips to signal for Cherry to remain quiet. The police officer then waved his hand motioning for her to go back to her hiding spot.

Panic filled her thoughts as images of her mother being shot raced in her mind. Cherry couldn’t let that happen.

Tillie’s Last Match by Bobbi Lerman

A question recently posed to me; why participate in an anthology?  An easy answer, one I had no need to ponder for too long. Where writing is such a solitary activity, taking part in an anthology gives me a sense of camaraderie with the other authors working on stories with a common theme and with whom I can brainstorm, bounce ideas off, who keep me on track and on deadline. Marketing before and after the release of the book becomes a group effort versus a singular one, not to mention I get a first look at five other terrific stories.


Tillie studied the two women as they opened their menus chatting nonstop with each other and with the elfin waitress now bringing their waters. Tillie almost laughed out loud at the sight of Dahlia impersonating a waitress just to get a close-up look at the next assignment.

A look at either woman was not a necessity for her. Mother and daughter looked a great deal alike and though the younger sat with her back to Tillie, she didn’t need to see Molly Stein’s face to know she and her mother shared more that a set of ever-changing, stormy, sea blue eyes or the same burnished copper shade of hair. She didn’t need a close up look in Miriam Stein’s eyes to see what lay hidden behind them. Despite the woman’s  outward cheeriness and rosy approach to life, Miriam Stein harbored a soul-breaking sadness with her heart.

Tillie hoped her latest apprentice was up to the job. Dahlia’s first, and, if all went as planned, Tillie’s last. She hoped the girl wouldn’t be a disappointment like her predecessors. Though if her instincts were right, this one possessed a real talent. Still, maybe she should have warned her little elf that the Stein matriarch would likely turn out to be a most difficult mission.

No matter. Tillie know she couldn’t turn her back on the woman. Boca and her long-awaited retirement world have to wait until Tillie wakened Miriam’s sleeping heart for one last chance at love.


Delilah, thanks again. Happy Holiday everyone!

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