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Angela Addams: The Huntresses and Their Powers
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

I like the idea of having magical powers of some sort. If I could choose, I think I’d like to be able to fly…and be able to blast power out of my hands…you know, point at something and kaboom! Obliterated.

Each of my Huntresses have their own special powers that are ignited by the bite of their wolves or mark of their Hunters (and sometimes both). They are all in various stages of combat fighting and weapons training depending on what side they are fighting on as well as how indoctrinated into the world of the beasts they are. I thought I’d share with you the roster of Huntresses from the pack that you’ll meet in my newest release, Beast Rising,  and all the amazing things they can do.

Darcy Wells (Cursed): She’s gifted with spell casting and she’s probably the most powerful and most under trained of all of the Huntresses. Sometimes her power is so out of control that her hands glow with an iridescent light…not too helpful when it comes to battle but her strike definitely packs a punch…especially if one of her pack is threatened.

Memorable quote: “It’s not breaking the rules if no one finds out about it.”

Aubrey Devlin (Wolf Slayer): Is a healer. Her touch alone is able to pull the wolves out of near death experiences and keep herself from bleeding out when she’s on the hunt for the feral beasts. She’s a tough fighter and a no-nonsense kind of girl but she’s got a big heart and loyalty that never falters.

Memorable quote: “Huntresses hunt, whether you like it or not, got it, big boy?”

Summer Sinclair (Spell Weaver): Her power is to etch magical symbols onto things. With this ability she has been able to not only protect the boundaries of the wolves’ territory but she has also been known to use them to heal and sometimes locate things that are lost…including her mate. She’s a tattoo artist by trade and a fierce fighter for everything she loves, even when it’s a stubborn werewolf.

Memorable quote: “If you want it badly enough, your powers will work just as you need them to. Trust your instinct, it’ll never steer you wrong.”

Hannah Lane (Mayhem): Is an empath and is able to amplify emotions, using them to amp up or tone down all sorts of passions. She uses her powers to unite the pack as well as to keep the wolves tempers under control. She sweet but tough and a redhead so you definitely don’t want to piss her off.

Memorable quote: “Grounded? That kiss has me flying.”

You’ll meet all of these Huntresses and more in Beast Rising and get to know their strengths, weaknesses, fears and goals. No matter where they are in the training, all of my Huntresses are brave, loyal, and can totally kick some serious ass.

Angela Addams