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If you are having trouble downloading the full version of HARD SEAL TO LOVE…
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

My apologies again for the SNAFU. If you pre-ordered the book, but only received the 9-page pre-order shell, you should be able to access the corrected version now! If not, send me a copy of your receipt for purchase to, and I’ll send you the corrected story! ~DD

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Thanks to Regina for letting me know that Amazon updated the contents of my book!

If you saw my earlier quick, frantic post, there was a bit of a kerfuffle with the release of this book. My apologies again for the SNAFU. If you pre-ordered the book, you should be able to access the corrected version now! If not, send me a copy of your receipt for purchase and I’ll send you the corrected story!

Anyways, as you can imagine, my day’s shot. So are my nerves. I so wanted this book to be well-received, right off the bat. My hero’s a lovely, large alpha who gets gobsmacked by a very feisty disabled vet. It’s fast and sexy and I hope you love it!

As a favor to me… I don’t ask often, but this time I do need your help. There are four 1-star reviews sitting out there for the story from folks pretty furious at getting the wrong, empty version of my story. If you have time and the inclination, I’d really, really appreciate you posting a review to help combat those very painful 1-stars. Thanks in advance, and HAPPY READING!

Also, as a side note, you will see Harley play a role in the story. You remember him, right? From the Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team stories? Sara makes a very brief appearance, too. Thought you’d enjoy seeing them out and about…

Hard SEAL To Love

HardSEALToLove 600

The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

Former SEAL, “Big Mac” McLane, is sure he earned all kinds of bad karma somewhere when his first mission with Charter Group is guarding the “Love Boat” and its activity director. Okay, so the cruise line is sponsoring a special cruise for wounded soldiers and their families–a great cause–but Big Mac doesn’t do well around families and children, and Kylie Hammond is cute, but he feels like he has two left feet whenever she’s around. But he’s going to do his job, keep it strictly business, fade into the background whenever she’s around, but it seems Kylie has other ideas…

Kylie knows the big SEAL isn’t exactly gung-ho for his new assignment, but she can’t be more pleased. The big man’s the yummiest thing she’s ever seen, and coaxing blushes and glares from him becomes her favorite sport. But then things begin to go wrong aboard ship, people disappear, and then someone’s killed. The thing her charity most feared–a terrorist attack at sea–appears to be underway. Now, she has to trust Big Mac and his team to keep her wounded soldiers safe.

Buy your copy here!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

That’s the sound of me putting a gun to my head and pulling the effing trigger!

This morning is release day for Hard SEAL to Love. I was so excited. Went to the page on Amazon to see how readers were liking the new story, and found three 1-star reviews. The issue? They were sent the previous placeholder version of the book that was only 9 pages long—not the finalized version I uploaded last week. Dang it, I checked it in the previewer on their site before I finished, just to make sure it looked right, and it was there. All of it!

Of course, now, I’m frantic. I’ve re-uploaded the correct version, but that takes a while for Amazon to change, and I’ve contacted them for help pushing it out again to everyone’s Kindles.

If you purchased the book, and received the short placeholder version, please forward the receipt to me at I’ll email you the correct version. I don’t want you to have to wait until Amazon can send it to you.

My apologies for this SNAFU. Shit happens. Usually to me. I’ll make this right, and then I hope you’ll give me glowing reviews, because I really do love this story. 🙁

For the rest of you, I’ll let you know when it’s fixed before you get your copy!

Hard SEAL to Love

Autumn Jordon: Your First Kiss
Monday, February 13th, 2017

Is there any romantic memory more special than your first kiss?  I think not.  Even Ally McBeal recalled her and Billy’s first, soft smooch over and over and over.  And did Kevin Arnold ever forget Winnie’s kiss? No. Never.

Each time I recall mine, a smile blooms on my lips.

My first kiss happened in my family’s barn. The barn had been in my family for five generations.  It was old and leaned slightly. Closing my eyes, I feel the cool air against my warm skin- the barn is built into the hillside. I can see the wood planks, turned gray from time and wear, just a few feet above my head. Bridles and lead ropes hang from pegs hammered into road milled posts nicked over years. Large rocks make up the foundation walls. My sorrel gelding is in his stall watching me, and dust mites float in the sunlight pouring in the door behind the boy who had chased me inside.

     I can still smell a mixture of summer sun, feed and manure. I hear the munching of hay as the cattle fed and the sound of my horse’s neigh and snort. There is a dip from the nozzle near the shaft to the silo. I also hear the whispered alto voice of the boy with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, as he declared his affection for me. His gorgeous cobalt eyes were magnified behind glasses: dark framed like Clark Kent’s. Eric was my hero and always would be. I’d love him until the end of time.

    My heart thumped against my breast, knowing Eric really liked me while my toes wiggled in my boots as if telling to run because if my dad found out about the kiss that was about to happen he would kill the boy and ground me for a month.  My spine stiffened and my step was defiant as I cut the distance between Eric and myself, committed to take my chances.  Looking up at me, because he was about two inches shorter, Eric’s eyes widened before closing as his lips met mine. For a brief few seconds, we entered an unknown world, a world we knew we’d entered again, in due time.

“Will you go to the movies with me on Saturday night? I can meet you there,” he said in a rush.

I simply nodded, afraid my voice would crack.

Are you smiling, remembering your first taste of love?

Bringing back those emotional filled memories to my readers, is what I love to do.  Carrie and Luke are my heroine and hero in my Valentine’s Day romance, PERFECT HEARTS. They were two teenagers who shared a first kiss and then had a wedge and life driven between. Years later, they find themselves together again. However, this time there are more than one kiss, the kisses are more passionate, and their convictions to each other are strong enough to last forever.

In the comment section below, tell me about your first kiss, or is there a fictional kiss scene you remember?

I hope you will take a peek at PERFECT HEARTS available exclusively on Amazon at the moment, follow me there please, and that you’ll consider joining my newsletter at where I have monthly contests and offer free short reads from time to time.

I wish you the most romantic of Valentine’s Day adventures.  WINK


 About the Author

Autumn Jordon is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense/thrillers recognized by Romance Writers of America as a Golden Heart Finalist and Golden Leaf Winner. And as Kindle Book Reviewers ‘Best Indie Romance Author’ finalist.  Writing sweet and humorous for her Perfect Love Series and writing steamy and chilling for her U.S. Marshal Undercover suspense novels comes naturally to Autumn. Her characters are unique and realistic. Her stories filled with trouble and love. And yon can keep abreast of the trouble she and her characters create by joining her newsletter at

Natasha Moore: Love Can Happen at ANY Age
Sunday, February 12th, 2017

I happen to be what some people refer to as a “woman of a certain age”—maybe that’s supposed to sound better than “middle aged” or “mature”. Certainly sounds better than “old”! But inside I don’t feel much different than I did thirty years ago. And while I like writing romances with characters in their twenties and thirties, right now I’m writing some love stories where the heroines are closer to my own age.

Women in their forties, fifties, and beyond are vibrant, passionate women who need love as much as a twenty-year-old. But there are very few romances with characters over forty. I want to show the romance reading community that love can happen at any age. I’ve been warned not to make my characters too old, however. That no one wants to read about them.

I don’t believe that!

Older women are often treated as though we are invisible. Apparently, we’ve had our time and aren’t interesting anymore. We’re treated as if we have nothing left to offer to society. Almost no one markets to older women. But love can happen at ANY age! And I don’t know about you, but I have more discretionary income to spend on things like, say…books!…than I did when I was in my twenties and raising my children.

Many lovers of romance have been reading them for decades and while they certainly can enjoy and appreciate a romance with characters in the early part of their lives, sometimes it’s fun to slip into the skin of a character more like themselves.

Think Meryl Streep, Rene Russo, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock or Helen Mirren (I could go on and on!). Vibrant, passionate women, not at all invisible. Women who’ve had wide experiences and histories that lend themselves well to the conflicts inherent in romances. And look at the silver foxes we have for inspiration for our heroes (Mark Harmon, Sam Elliott, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, and Jeffery Dean Morgan – I could go on and on!) Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with one of them?

Love can happen at any age, and to suggest that it’s not possible, or that older people aren’t worthy of having their love stories told, well, it makes me not only angry, but incredibly sad too.

So, apparently this post on older characters in romance novels has turned into a commentary on ageism. I think it’s an important topic and I encourage you to not only learn more about it, but think about the way we perpetuate it. Here’s an interesting article on ageism to get you started.

So even though I’ve been told no one wants to read about older characters, I’m writing a series of “mature romances.”  And I’ve discovered the market for them is out there, in fact, there’s a FB group – Seasoned Romance – that supports, discusses, and advocates for older characters in romances.  Check it out and join if you’re interested in fighting ageism in romance.

And of course, not only older women can love these stories. Readers of all ages who simply want a good romance can enjoy them too. My silver foxes are sexy contractors and volunteer firemen, and believe it or not, people over forty also have…gasp…sex! And they have sex in my series too.

The first two books in my Silver Fox Romance series, CHOOSE ME and RESCUE ME, are available now. The third, LUCKY ME, will be out as part of a multi-author anthology, HOT SILVER NIGHTS, releasing on February 28th.

I hope you’ll want to check out some “seasoned” romances and see what they’re all about. I’m excited to be writing them. I hope you’ll look forward to reading them too.

Remember, love can happen at ANY age!

Buy link for Choose Me –
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Next Uncharted SEAL: A HARD SEAL TO LOVE (Contest & Excerpt)
Saturday, February 11th, 2017

UPDATE: The winner is…Karla L!

* * * * *

I’m sharing lots of yummy covers today! Can’t help myself. I’ve reached story #9 in my Uncharted SEALs series! And for those of you who think they have to read a series in order, you really don’t have to for these stories. Yes, you’ll see recurring characters throughout the series, but you won’t be lost!

Hard SEAL to Love is the latest! It releases on TUESDAY! Pre-order your copy now! I’ve included an excerpt for you to enjoy. I loved writing this story. The heroine is a disabled vet! Read on!

Like the art? Love the bit of Mac’s thoughts as he’s making love to Kylie? Me, too. 🙂

Interested in the rest of the series? You can peruse the stories by clicking on the covers below. And no, I won’t be boxing up this series. Some are part of other Kindle Worlds, so if you want to read the series, you really have to buy the separate books. Or maybe, today, you’ll win one story of your choice…

Comment for a chance to win one of my already released Uncharted SEALs stories!

Watch Over Me Her Next Breath Through Her Eyes

Dream of Me Baby, It's You Before We Kiss

Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Between a SEAL and a Hard Place 

A Hard SEAL To Love

Hard SEAL to Love

The bigger they are, the harder they fall… 

Former SEAL, “Big Mac” McLane, is sure he earned all kinds of bad karma somewhere when his next mission with Charter Group is to guard the “Love Boat” and a pretty program director. Okay, so the cruise line is sponsoring a special cruise for wounded soldiers and their significant others—a great cause. Mac doesn’t doesn’t know a thing about spending time with “good” women, but Kylie Hammond is full of surprises. After the initial shock of meeting her, he feels like he has two left feet whenever she’s around. So he’ll do his job, keep it strictly business, fade into the background whenever she’s around, but Kylie seems to have other ideas…

Kylie knows the muscle-bound SEAL isn’t exactly gung-ho for his new assignment, and she isn’t exactly the “princess” he expected, but she can’t be more pleased. The big man’s the yummiest thing she’s ever seen, and coaxing blushes and glares from him becomes her favorite sport. Then someone aboard the ship is killed. The thing her charity most feared—a terrorist attack at sea—appears to be underway. Now, she has to trust Mac and his team to keep her wounded soldiers safe.

Pre-order your copy here!

An Excerpt…

Mac and Kylie are in their stateroom aboard the cruise ship…

Kylie stood at the desk and shuffled through the mountain of papers and ship’s flyers. Her hand paused on one of the shore excursion brochures. He knew damn well she’d been warned against leaving the ship. “Not happening,” he said, keeping his voice even.

Her head jerked upward. She aimed a hot glare his way. “Not your decision.”

“It is if I can’t guarantee your safety. Figure out something else to do—something that doesn’t require you ever leaving the ship.”

Her chest rose and lowered beneath the green-and-black jungle print. “Maybe I should choose something that doesn’t require I ever leave this room. That would suit you just fine, wouldn’t it?”

He bit his tongue rather than respond and assumed a neutral expression.

“I have a job to do,” she said, fisting one hand on a hip.

“The cruise line’s doing it for you. They provide the activities, the schedules, and the meals. All you have to do is decide what you want, Kylie.”

He’d said it. Well, not it, precisely, but he’d put the thing they’d been building up to out there. She could either shut him down or accept that this was inevitable. A gift of proximity and mutual attraction. Male and female imperatives. Why the hell was he dressing it up as anything but what it really was? The need to fuck. Hard. Often. Now.

Mac swallowed as he held still, unblinking, watching her mouth firming into a narrow line. Goddamn, I overstepped. But I won’t apologize. She’d started this by stripping off her leg and daring him with her large hurt eyes to look away. Mac didn’t know if she hesitated because she’d just realized she’d been sending out vibes but had now changed her mind, or if she was scared.

He guessed he’d have to be the one to make the first move. To show her how badly he wanted to be buried inside her sweet body. He dropped his hands, pulled up the hem of his shirt, and began to unbuckle his belt.

Friday, February 10th, 2017

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” (The Shadow, Radio program from 1930’s)

Whether we write or read fiction, the underlying story almost always offers some kind of insight into the human heart. I think this is why we write and why we read.

Most people reading this blog are, I hunch, avid readers choosing romance first and other genres next. The promise of love transforming our lives allows hope into the deepest corners of our hearts. That promise is seductive (pun intended).

More good news. Romance can flourish in any world: dystopian, historical, contemporary, futuristic. Love can spring up between paranormal creatures and humans, between male and female, male and male, female and female.

As a former romance author, I have to admit that since I’ve gone to the dark side—writing psychological thrillers—I read far less romance these days. I still love the genre. When I need a little lightness, I often read my own romantic suspense novels for a laugh. Several scenes make me laugh out loud. Laughs in my dark, psychological thrillers come few and far between.

So why would anyone switch from writing books based on hope and write novels dealing with topics based on despair?

The best answer I can give is I don’t know. I can give several reasons:

  • reading dark comic books as a very young kind,
  • being traumatized by scary fairy tales,
  • listening to The Shadow and other equally terrifying radio programs,
  • crawling under school desks when missile-alert sirens went off,
  • visiting an aunt and uncle who swore the earth would split open and the devil would lay claim to my soul if I was bad.

Honestly, though, none of these reasons separately or together touches the essence of my obsession about the darkness in the human heart.

I think, like most writers, I write the stories that won’t let me sleep. The stories that niggle at the back of my brain for months—maybe years—before I sit at my keyboard and tap in the first word. The stories that challenge me from the perspective of craft:

  • Can I write characters who often have no redeemable qualities?
  • Can I tell the story without resorting to melodrama and hyperbole?
  • Can I hook readers by revealing some universal idea they can relate to?
  • Can I find a worthy hero/ine to confront the antagonist?
  • Can I avoid clichés?
  • Can I tell a story that doesn’t end with HEA, but ends satisfactorily?
  • Many more points lurk in my subconscious.

A couple of weeks ago, I took out the draft of my contemporary romance about a burned-out CEO who quits her job, moves to a boat to write the great American novel, and meets a knight in shining armor living on Camelot, the next slip over.

No kidding. He’s The Real Deal. He also happens to be something of a misfit—the title of my thriller series—and he’s a fun antidote to the darkness.

The Lost Days: The Misfit

Excerpt from The Lost Days, Book 2 in The MisFit Series

The sun’s eerie summer glow disoriented me as much as the headache hammering my skull. Or maybe my confusion came from the man seated next to me, his foot placed at the top of Dimitri’s spine. I gritted my teeth. Dimitri lay crumpled face down in the space behind the driver’s seat. His legs were folded under him like a penitent waiting for absolution.

The man in the front seat turned and flashed a mouthful of piano-white teeth. His piercing blue eyes glittered. I stared. Without the baseball cap, his copper-colored hair glowed in the golden evening light.

He laughed as if I’d said something funny. “For a boy who killed his mother three months ago, you have a face that borders on transparent.”

“You-you’re not American.”

“And you’re not Finnish—despite your mother.”

Involuntarily, I snorted.

Nostrils flaring, he cuffed my right temple with his knuckles. “I already know what you think of your mother.”

My ears rang. Involuntarily, my fingers flexed and twitched as if I’d been electrocuted. I wanted to hit him. Smash his face. Kick his Finnish teeth down his throat.

“We are going to see,” he said, “just how tough you are.”

A B Plum simply loves to write. Being a public librarian and a teacher of adolescent boys, she gleaned enough ideas for novels until she’s a hundred. Developing high-tech marketing materials provided an opportunity to hone her fiction skills and fuel that dark side. She now lives off the fast lane in Silicon Valley.

The Lost Days, Book 2 of The MisFit Series is about an eleven-year-old boy on the path to becoming a psychopath. Grab your FREE copy on my website.

A B Plum . . . writes chilling psychological thrillers.
The MisFit Series -The Early Years, Book 1 – The Lost Years, Book 2