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Archive for December 1st, 2017

A Look Back at November and a Glance Toward December! (Contest)
Friday, December 1st, 2017

UPDATE: The winner is…Tamara Kasyan!

* * * * *

I can’t believe we’re entering the last month of 2017 or that Christmas is just around the bend! Where did the time go? We have the tree up and are starting the countdown with the kids. Advent calendars are on the counter. Our “Elf on the Shelf”, Zoe, has made her first appearance. The children are holding their breath to know what Santa’s verdict will be concerning the naughty and nice bit on Kris Kringle Nacht, when we leave the children’s shoes outside to see whether they are given a lump of coal or a toy. Then it’s all the fun things we do up until Christmas—decorating cookies, making a gingerbread house, the town’s Christmas parade… All that stuff. I’m already tired. And yes, I’m looking forward to it almost as much as the kids! 🙂

Tell me which activities are part of your family’s holiday traditions for a chance to win one of my November releases, listed below!

New in November!


Montana Bounty Hunters, Book 1

Former Marine, Reaper Stenberg is a bounty hunter, running his own satellite agency of Montana Bounty Hunters, along with his partner, Jamie Burke. As a general rule, Reaper doesn’t like working with a partner, especially female partners. When chasing a bail-jumper, he prefers to keep his head down and follow the leads. He doesn’t like the “chatter” that usually accompanies working with a woman.

However, partnering with Jamie has taught him a few things. There are women who can focus on the job at hand without letting silly distractions get in the way of his concentration. Jamie is one of those rare creatures who doesn’t gossip, doesn’t get into his business, and can actually be useful when shit goes sideways and they have to get physical. Over the months since their boss, Fetch Winter, put them together, Reaper has come to admire the woman’s grit and ingenuity.

And then Jamie up and gets busy planning her wedding…

See what happens when Reaper has to deal with a ride-along author, Carly Wyatt, who–when shit goes sideways–proves his first female partner’s grit and ingenuity aren’t just lucky happenstance, and who challenges Reaper’s strict relationship rules.

Get your copy here!

* * * * *

Big Bad Wolf
Night Fall, Book 13

Ginnie Martin is a badass. She was born that way one horror-filled night. Forged in blood—her own and her family’s. All were ravaged by savage beasts. Her vampire savior recruited her to fight with his small army against the creatures responsible for her devastating loss. But now, he’s asking too damn much. He wants her to open her home to new allies who, until only recently, were their fiercest foes. Wolves.

Calum Fletcher already bristles against providing muscle to a vampire force. Content living in his remote mountain cabin, he’s never been much for mixing with other wolves, much less making nice with vampires. He was already having a hard time dealing, but the woman letting him bunk in her home wears an even larger chip on her shoulder. Quickly, his new favorite sport is goading her into losing her temper—because everyone knows a vampire’s bloodlust leads to very sexy places…

Get your copy here!

* * * * *

The Cowboy and The Widow
Texas Cowboys, Book 2

Following her husband’s death, Maggie McDermott faces the onerous task of running the family ranch. She’s through mourning her husband and the children they never had. The problem? She doesn’t know the first thing about running a ranch, so she knows she needs a capable hand. When Daniel Tynan applies for the position, she’s flooded with guilty memories of the time she tempted the younger man.

Daniel is more than willing to show sweet Maggie the ropes. His gentle ways melt her heart, and his sensual passion burns away her inhibitions. He may be younger, but he’s not without the right kind of experience…

Get your copy here!

* * * * *


With His SEAL Team, Part 5

I’m Sara, and most days my life is wonderful–better than wonderful. I live with three handsome, sexy Navy SEALs, who see to my every need–one of whom is now my fiancĂ©. My stepbrother, Hunter, is the love of my life. Everything couldn’t be better, but two things worry me. I wonder whether our open arrangement with Hunter’s buddies will end after we tie the knot…and our parents are coming for a visit! Will my SEALs be able to pretend we’re only housemates? Will our parents approve our wedding? After all, Hunter and I were raised as siblings…

Get your copy here!

* * * * *

Coming in December!

I have four releases planned for December, but I’m still missing a cover! You can pre-order the first two below. Ready for the next sexy Texas Cowboy? It releases next TUESDAY!! Wolf Moon Rising releases a week later. Happy reading!