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Archive for March 14th, 2020

Just another Saturday (Puzzle)
Saturday, March 14th, 2020

At least, we’re trying to make it that way.

I’m under self-quarantine. At my daughter’s insistence. The kids have been briefed several times about handwashing, not touching things when they’re out and about, not touching their faces, coughing into their elbows… And we all have coughs at the moment, but we’re also sneezing, which means, most likely, we have our seasonal allergies hitting us hard. After all, the pollen has started to drop.

We canceled a weekend trip to New Orleans and are planning to stay at home. So, of course, we’re planning on lots of movie nights, game nights, etc. We’re stocking up on popcorn. 🙂

Right this minute, my dd and the older kids are shopping at Walmart, hoping there’s something left to buy for meals. We’ve already ordered a large crate of TP from Amazon, have dog and cat food stored, lots of canned and dried goods put back. We think we’re ready for whatever comes. Her hubby’s a cop, so he stocked up on manly things. I swear, he thinks it’s going to be like The Walking Dead, and we need more bullets. Gah. Although after watching numerous videos of families warring over toilet paper at the supermarket, maybe he’s right.

We live in a rural area, with lots of woods and pasture around us. It’s peaceful here, except inside our house. Four kids, who aren’t really all that well-behaved, make life a little chaotic. Thank goodness for game stations!

As for work… My dd is a fulltime mom. Her hubby’s a cop. He has to work no matter. So, we don’t have to worry about missing a paycheck there. I work from home anyway, so we’re very, very lucky. We know this. So many families will be worrying about where the money’s coming from. I hope something’s done so people who have to stay at home will get some sort of assistance. Otherwise… [Play the theme music from The Walking Dead.]

For now, here’s a puzzle. My way of giving you something fun to do when you have a quiet moment and don’t want to think about a zombie apocalypse…

I know. That was kind of mean, right? 🙂