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Archive for March 7th, 2020

What do dogs and kimchi have to do with my day…?
Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Did I mention how many dogs we have? My mother had four when she passed away—two Yorkies and two Shelties. My dd has two Jack Russels, a German shepherd, an Anatolian shepherd, a pit bull mix, and a Great Pyrenees. Needless to say, it’s been interesting blending our family dogs.

We thought we had it managed. The two largest dogs, the Pyrenees, and the Anatolian were thrown into the pasture with the horses, with the barn cracked open for them to sleep in the hay. Well, this morning, one of them was missing.

Of course, we wondered whether a horse had killed him. So, my dd and the 15-year-old male walked the property, looking in any hollow, behind every tree for a body. Then we found a section of fence that was bent beneath a fallen tree and figured he might have escaped. They drove down the highway, into a neighboring subdivision, but no Troy.

Then my dd’s old neighbors said they saw a large tan dog lounging on her old front porch…

Gah. A morning consumed worried about the dog. No more pasture. Now, we have a menagerie of animals in our large front yard. I feel for anyone who comes through the gate.

It’s lunchtime, and I decided to make myself persona non grata, so I could have some peace and quiet. How did I accomplish that? 🙂

I have cups of kimchi soup. A cup of soup type thing, only with kimchi spices. If you aren’t familiar with Korean food, kimchi is heavy on the garlic and fermented—so super stinky. My dear brother gifted me with a jar of the fresh, fermented stuff, so I added that to the top of my noodle cup. It’s soooo fragrant everyone complained, so here I am—alone at my desk. Before too long, the smell of garlic will seep from my pores. Guaranteed isolation.

Do you think they will catch on? Do you have a favorite stinky food?