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Archive for April 10th, 2020

Reina Torres: Justice for Hildie (Contest)
Friday, April 10th, 2020

UPDATE: The winner is Colleen C!

Some call it serendipity and some call it a crazy random happenstance… Me? I’m a child of the 80s, so I just take a page from the Hannibal playbook and say, “I love it when a plot comes together!”

When it comes to writing, I’m a Plantser, meaning that I plan some of the things in the book and pants (fly by the seat of my pants) for the rest of it.

For Justice for Hildie there were a few things that were set in stone from the beginning. It certainly wasn’t the cover. There are FOUR distinctly different covers that I created for this book and the manic cover making stopped there. It was like I finally got the “feel” for the story.

One of the things I couldn’t change was the name of the Heroine. She was the BFF in Justice for Sloane. Hildie was the best friend missing a filter. She was a sorority girl with a serious love for high-end shoes. There was no one more devoted to Sloane than Hildie! (Until Vicente Bravo, uber-sexy FBI Agent, that is!)
Hildie was colorful in so many ways, and her name was just a part of it. Her first name was inspired by author Hildie McQueen. I just loved the sound of the name and the way it looked in print! The character’s last name was Faraday.

I honestly do NOT remember where that came from, but it was set in stone when Sloane was released as a book. And yes, she’ll change it when she marries Texas Ranger Jake McGowan somewhere in the future of the San Antonio First Responders series, but FARADAY it is.

And when I was writing the book there came a time when I had to separate the characters for the plot. And one of the plot points was how-off-the-grid the heroine was at that point. And I knew there was a name for a certain product that she’d have to use, and I went looking for it online and WHAM…


Then I had to wonder… did I give her the surname Faraday because I knew in my head how prophetic the name would be? Or did I just give her the name because it was just cool?

Maybe the nebulous cloud of creativity in my head just wanted to have a good ol’ chuckle? I don’t know.

I’m just not going to question it, because it works!!


I’m curious… Has there been a time when something random fell into place and made it seem like the world had your back? What was it? If not… Tell me a unique name (male or female) that you think should be in a book.

Prize — Winner’s choice of one of my single title ebooks from

Justice for Hildie

Hildie Faraday thought her life was full. Coordinating care for the clients at the Helping Hearts shelters and community center is a job and a half, but when a client asked her to come to support her at a hearing, she’s right there to help. They teach women to be prepared for anything, but Hildie is shocked when she ends up in the crosshairs of a client’s abusive husband.

Texas Ranger Jake McGowan thanked his lucky stars that he was in the right place at the worst time. Working in Law Enforcement in San Antonio, he knew all about Hildie and the help she provides for women in need. Seeing her put herself between a woman and her gun-wielding husband brought his own feelings into the foreground.

Once he had Hildie in his life, he wasn’t going to let her slip away from him. Jake’s doing everything he can to show her how much she means to him, and Hildie’s giving it right back. It doesn’t take long for life to throw a bunch of obstacles in their way, and Hildie into the trunk of a car.

Jake will pull together local law enforcement officers to help him rescue Hildie and get her back into his loving arms. Will they get there in time?

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