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Archive for April 16th, 2020

Thursday, April 16th, 2020


I’ve been blogging for many years now. We won’t talk about how many, but trust me, many, many years. It’s a daily ritual, like that first cup of coffee in the morning. I open up a fresh empty page and fill it with whatever’s on my mind or fill it with Author-Friends’ posts. I’ve only missed less than one handful of posts in many, many years. And this week, my blog fell off the face of the earth. And the world didn’t end. LOL

So, yeah, I’m being dramatic. It was inconvenient at most. But here’s why, because I have to share everything, right?

Sunday night, the Quaranado hit! I think I invented that word. Or maybe everyone had the same thought at the same time, but I’m claiming it. A tornado during the time of quarantine will be the Webster’s definition. So, we didn’t actually have a tornado here. Just really high winds. The local energy company called the amount of damage we suffered to our power lines the equivalent to 2000 ice storms. So, we lost power from Sunday night to just last night. Our generator kept the refrigerators (we have two because—8 people in the house!) running and our phones charged, but that was it. We ate a lot of tinned fruit and sandwiches.

My dd kept everyone so busy they didn’t have time to moan and groan. She had the entire family out building a fire pit in the front yard. We had roasted hot dogs last night! Our first hot meal in days. She also built a pen for the baby goats that are arriving today. So, she kept everyone from thinking too much about the fact we couldn’t take showers or even keep warm enough. We bundled in beds at night. Last night, my dd said that she’d always wished she could go back in time to live, but said “Fuck that!” last night. I was surprised because she adapted very well to the challenge.

When the power came on last night, I ran to the door to yell at the family in the yard. They screamed and came running. The neighbors called to see whether we were okay because they heard our cries from across the highway! 🙂

Anyway, that’s the story for why I was absent for so long. No, I didn’t die. No, I didn’t get the bug. I just lost power. And I’m embarrassed to say, I was the least adaptable member of the family. I unplugged fridges to make cups of coffee. I groused and painted in the dark.

I had a book released on Tuesday, and I soooo wanted to tell you all about it. It killed me not to be able to. And I had guests lined up this week. So, I’m going to work today to post their posts because they deserve the attention. Have some patience. I’ll backdate them all so they run in the order they should have. Pay attention and comment, because hey, we’re under quarantine and have nothing better to do, right?

I hope you’re all safe, that your lights are on, and that you’re surrounded by loved ones. I am, and that makes these trying times worthwhile. ~DD