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What are you afraid of? (And enter these contests!)
Sunday, June 14th, 2020

“I have three phobias which, could I mute them, would make my life as slick as a sonnet but as dull as ditchwater: I hate to go to bed, I hate to get up, and I hate to be alone…” ~Tallulah Bankhead

Last night, my daughter and I heard a very loud whomp while we were sitting outside in the dark gossiping about our day. Spooked, my dd told me to go upstairs and tell her big, brave hubby to take his high-powered flashlight and see what it was. I did. I found him already asleep, so I turned on my phone battery and wandered out into the front yard, checking the gate, fences. No bear (we have neighbors with pics of bears going through the trash). No intruders (we’re on hyper-alert due to warnings to LEO families of random attacks). So no, I’m not afraid of things that go bump in the night like she is.

Three things I am afraid of…?

I’m afraid of being normal. (I know it sounds silly, but it’s been my thing my entire life. I never wanted “ordinary”.)
I’m afraid of losing a child or grandchild.
I’m afraid of heights.

Now, how about you? What three things are you afraid of?

Enter while you can!

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7 comments to “What are you afraid of? (And enter these contests!)”

  1. Pansy Petal
    · June 14th, 2020 at 10:54 am · Link

    Three things I am a afraid of . . .
    I have a very long standing phobia of falling. Something I have talked about from time to time, so maybe you have heard about it. I won’t go into it further today.
    I have a fear of being judged. I know I shouldn’t care, I should blow it off, but well, easier said than done.
    Which often leads to the fear of making a fool of myself. Again, intellectually, I know it doesn’t matter. Who cares what others think. I know this. But, it seems my heart doesn’t agree and causes all kinds of issues.
    Well gee. You got an earful today. Aren’t you lucky?

  2. Ani
    · June 14th, 2020 at 10:58 am · Link

    Kids getting terminally ill
    Becoming broke again, both marriages wiped me out and I had to start again with debt.
    Someone hurting kids and I can’t fix it

  3. Colleen C.
    · June 14th, 2020 at 12:17 pm · Link

    Falling, not having enough $ to pay bills, being out of my comfort zone.

  4. Shirley Long
    · June 14th, 2020 at 12:35 pm · Link

    Water – I am deathly afraid of drowning. So much so that I WILL NOT go into water of any kind, even a small pool.

    Snakes of any kind. I am terrified of even the smallest green garden snake. And living in East Texas and having a pond, well, trust me we have plenty of snakes.

    Losing my daughter or any of my grandkids and great grandkids. But mostly losing my husband of 50 years. If God is listening, I will definitely die first.

  5. ButtonsMom2003
    · June 14th, 2020 at 10:55 pm · Link

    The first thing that came to mind was my fear of heights. I’m sure there are other things – umm, fear of falling I think would be next. I’ve had that one for a while. When I was young I was afraid I would fall and break my teeth that my parents spent a fortune on (for them) to have straightened. Now, as I approach the big 6-5 I’m afraid of breaking bones. I guess I would say spiders for #3 but I’m not really that afraid of them, I just don’t like them even though I know they eat bugs that we don’t want to have around.

  6. Amy
    · June 15th, 2020 at 1:15 pm · Link

    1: losing my kids before I go.
    2: deep water
    3: extreme heights

  7. linda richter
    · June 23rd, 2020 at 8:02 pm · Link

    I am scared of falling again. I fell hurt my knee partial knee replacement. Fell again different knee total replacement and two years later had a really bad fall broke a hip, didn’t know it we had a business. So since I was alone at the office, I scooched on my back toward my desk and cell phone. Long story short and it was a comedy of errors. I broke it, so because we had our own business I tried to work the whole time till my body said your done. I am so scared of losing it all again. I am 72 and that was 2015. We lost it all, my car our home our business. Our credit its all gone and I am trying so hard to rebuild. He is 87 and we need a house of our own we were a night away from being on the streets and the veterans helped us find this rental. We I am so scared of being homeless and falling and starting all over again. I am terrified of snakes too

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