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Archive for November 8th, 2020

Moving Day (Contest)
Sunday, November 8th, 2020

UPDATE: The winners are…Delaine, Colleen C., and Ani!

It’s early. One of my dd’s many cats is snoring under my desk. He’s “Black Cat”. The kids had tried to stick the name “Ninja” on him years ago, but Black Cat stuck. He’s the most unfriendly cat I’ve ever interacted with, which is cool by me. He sleeps in a little cat bed I put under my desk, comes and goes like a ghost, and once in a blue moon he’ll rub against my legs, looking for me to scratch behind his ears before he disappears using his Ninja-cat stealth to stay out of sight.

I wonder how he’s going to like the changes.

We’ve been playing hopscotch with rooms in the house. My aunt moved back to Washington State, freeing up her garage apartment, so my oldest granddaughter claimed the room. After painting and deep cleaning it, she moved. Then my grandson moved into her vacated, larger room. Yesterday, they repainted, deep-cleaned his old, smaller bedroom, preparing to return it to me… I have an office once again that isn’t crammed into a corner of the craft room! A place where I can close the door against kid noise and cats. Whee!

It’s early morning, so I’m posting my blog before everyone descends on my spaces. I have to hide Christmas gifts. And I guess I should start boxing up all the junk/treasures on my desk. I’m a kids’ toy hoarder with a growing collection of action heroes (because the kids give them to me!). My dd and SIL have soldiered on with all the movement from room to room, but they are especially dreading moving me—all those toys, that clutter, THOSE BOOKS.

I get to play the old lady card. And the “I have edema in my injured hand” card. Bwahaha! 🙂

Which means, lots and lots of stuff will be left in boxes for me to arrange, because no one understands there are “places” for my Norse god statuary, Bobbleheads, and Funko Pop Avenger figurines.

So, I’m looking for tips from you for how I go about reorganizing my reclaimed space. Comment for a chance to win the download of your choice from my backlist! I’ll choose 3 winners!