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Archive for January 30th, 2022

Dr. Tonya Nagle: 10 Gifts to Give Your Valentine
Sunday, January 30th, 2022

Do you love military heroes? So do we. 

Cupid Wore Dog Tags is the result of a brainstorming project to write anthologies about military members by veterans and spouses. 

The first book we released is out now.

February is right around the corner, so Valentine’s Day is on my mind. Maybe it is on your mind, too. 

Here are 10 gifts to give your valentine that may or may not cost a lot depending on how you decide to execute this plan:

  1. Provide a meal. This could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but taking the burden of cooking off of someone’s plate when they normally do the cooking is an amazing gift and gesture. 
  2. Household Chore. Whatever chore your significant other, parent, child, whoever you are showing they are special this holiday, hates the most. Do that chore for them on this day or the day before. You really want to rock? Do this chore for a week! 
  3. Snacks. That’s right, get a gathering of this person’s favorite snacks together and present it to them. Let’s them know you know them well enough to get those and they have them on hand. The key to this gift is not eating your Valentine’s gift no matter how tempting that box of thin mints are! 
  4. Bake Something. A cake, pie, cupcakes, brownies, etc. are not a meal and not a snack. Desserts are special and when you fancy them up it makes them extra special, so take the time and bake something. 
  5. Make Something. It’s not all food on this list. LOL. You know how people pull out ornaments and finger paintings from when you were a kid? Well, you could pull out the crafting supplies and make something. If for your significant other, make two somethings. One for them to display and one that no one but the two of you should ever see. 
  6. Journal. A gender-neutral gift that aims to please when you write a nice note on the inside of it so they remember who gave them the gift and when. I give journals as gifts frequently. 
  7. Books. eBooks, audiobooks, paperback books, hard cover books, doesn’t matter. Find some books in their favorite genre or by their favorite authors and gift it to them.
  8. Sleep. Whether it is an extra hour in the morning or night, a nap in the afternoon, the gift of sleep matters! 
  9. Music. Make a playlist. It’s a throwback to the 80s but now you don’t need a cassette player and the radio station to finally play that song for you. 
  10. Time to do whatever they want. An hour to read undisturbed, family movie night without cellphones, whatever it is, gifting someone time with you, with friends, with family, or with themselves is never time wasted and always a great gift. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you will check out Cupid Wore Dog Tags and you can find more by me at 

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