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Deb Robinson: Celebrations & a New Release: THE ATHLETE! (Excerpt)
Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Happy 4th of July beautiful readers!

Yes, I’m an Aussie but I’ve always been one to embrace other National holidays, like Independence Day and Bastille Day. I love the idea of people celebrating and acknowledging the history of their country.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an excuse to eat, drink and be merry while surrounded by family and friends. And I’m a sucker for a glorious fireworks display.

I’d love to hear how you’ll be celebrating tomorrow…

While we’re on the topic of celebrating, I’ve had two celebrations of my own recently.

At the end of May, I celebrated fourteen years as a cancer survivor! Woo Hoo!

I had just turned thirty-one when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the same time discovered I have BRCA2, a genetic predisposition to Breast and Ovarian cancer. After chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery, I’ve learnt to embrace the positives in life and fourteen years later, I’m still grateful for life’s opportunities.

(I got this tattoo in Vegas in 2013, and I wasn’t drunk!)

Which brings me to my other celebration…

The Athlete

The Athlete – Book 2 in the 5 Shades of Brothers Browne series is available on e-book through Amazon and KU from today. Another Woo Hoo moment!

High school sweethearts           Second Chance at love

Sweet and Spicy √                     Browne brothers’ banter

‘Dane was easy. All he wanted, was to play footy.’

Recently, ‘The Great Dane’ Browne has been questioning whether he can return to the elite level of Australian Rules Football and more importantly, whether he wants to.

Katelyn Jennings has never really made peace with the breakup with her high school sweetheart and for good reason. Working as a nurse in the rural town of Kingston Creek, a chance encounter will put her heart and her life through the ultimate test.

They’re about to discover whether you can move on from your first love. And for Dane, it’s about discovering who he really is AWAY from the game.

**While this book forms part of a series, there is enough backstory about the brothers and the first book so this novel can be read on its own. Perfect for those who love the second chance at love trope**

Excerpt from The Athlete by Deb Robinson:

‘Touch me.’ His deep, whispered invitation read her thoughts. ‘Touch any part of me you wish.’ And when his lips pressed hers, she felt them curve. She loved when their lips smiled against each other’s.

Her confidence circled, imploring her fingers to return to his shoulders. Courtesy of her degree in nursing, she knew them as deltoids. She touched the curve of his neck, discovering warm and smooth skin. Those itchy, eager fingers, caressed tender veins before continuing their exploration. Musculus pectoralis, firm and bulging. The minor, triangular muscle lay beneath its major counterpart, both important. As was the…

‘Are you reciting parts of my anatomy?’ The disbelief in his voice had her eyes widening. Her mouth slid open. ‘I heard you say, serratus anterior. If I didn’t interrupt, you’d be reminding yourself of how the subclavius muscle along with the pecs, form the axilla.’

‘I…’ Faltering, she found she was as surprised as he, but for a different reason.

‘Yeah, I know all about the inner workings of the anatomy,’ he confirmed, with a smirk. ‘I took some classes after we broke up.’

She’d forgotten his youthful eagerness to learn all the fundamentals in order to get the best out of his performance on the field. In turn, it was enhancing this off-field performance. As a nurse, she was impressed. As a woman, she was quickly becoming hot and bothered.

Her gaze had not left his, so when his fingers joined hers, she flinched. Those tender fingers urged hers to trail the glorious crests and valleys, low on his torso.

‘Rectus abdominis,’ he muttered against her earlobe. The flirty, sensual tone sent her inner pleasure erupting into a fireworks display.

Her fingers caressed that final, stomach clenching hill before her hands swerved, one left, one right. They tightened their hold, just a little, feeling the strong bone beneath the layers of epidermis. Silence, heat and lust swirled.

‘The hipbones connected to the…’ His attempt at singing had her smiling. It had her own confidence peaking as her fingers dipped brazenly lower.

‘To your jocks,’ she retorted with a sultry whisper, her fingers trailing the hem of dark fabric, ending at the hard wall of muscle just above his pubic bone. His tremble had her grinning before moving her mouth to his ear. ‘That’ll teach you not to tease me, Dane Browne.’

His light laugh was adorable right up until she saw the thick and scolding layer of lust. ‘I think we’ve had enough exploration for one day.’ And beneath that layer was his steely, match day expression. ‘When the day comes, that I get to explore you, you better be ready. Because I intend on leaving no part of your anatomy untouched.’


Book 1 – The Cop is also available on e-book through Amazon and with KU

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