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This Week’s Tarot Card + Open Contests!
Sunday, July 2nd, 2023

As I began updating this week’s work plan, as is my custom, I pulled out my favorite tarot deck, shuffled, and asked my question, Am I going to finish this book?

The answer is: It’s all up to me! Of course. No, I didn’t pull The Star or The World, so there will be no shining, triumphant march to the finish. I pulled Temperance.

First, I studied the card. The picture’s pretty, right? A sunny sky, a pretty rainbow, a lovely angel. A lovely setting. But what is she doing? She’s pouring something from one cup to another. Perhaps measuring the liquid as she does.

Temperance, the word, means moderation and self-restraint. So, the cards are telling me, I have to be “measured” in how I approach the work this week. Follow the plan! Don’t expect some surge of inspiration or endless energy to push me toward The End. Take a solid, measured approach. I can live with that. So, back to my plan and figuring out how many pages/chapters I have to write each day until I’m done!

Open Contests

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  3. June into July (Contest) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  4. Saturday Puzzle-Contest: Dream Vacation Spot — Win an Amazon gift card!