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Krysten Lindsay Hager: Favorite Shows for Pre-teens & Young Teens
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

I write for teens and preteens and parents of girls who are fans of my middle school Landry’s True Colors Series often ask me for recommendations of shows and movies. Here are a few of the preteen/younger teen shows and movies I find very sweet.

Holly Hobbie: This series showcases a lot of the friendship themes you can also find in my Landry’s True Colors Series as well as in my book, Next Door to a Star. For instance, in the show, Holly finds herself feeling left out when her best friend who’s made a new friend. We also see her deal with that in between time of being not a kid, but approaching the teen years. And if you’re nostalgic about the old Holly Hobbie, the show honors that with the cute prints you know from the original Holly’s dress (check out her backpack and the designs in her room), the café being the former general store from the playsets, and Holly even wears the traditional outfit with bonnet in one episode.

Austin and Ally: Austin is a singer who becomes famous on the internet and Ally is the songwriter who jumpstarted his career. I watched a lot of this show for research and fans of my clean and wholesome young adult Cecily Taylor Series (where Cecily dates a pop star) also like this one. I was picturing Vladi in my Landry’s True Colors Series as looking like Austin.

Girl Meets World: Fans of my Star Series and Landry’s True Colors Series tend to enjoy this one with its themes of friendship and first loves. I was picturing Nick in my Star Series as looking like Lucas. I once shared that with a class and the entire room erupted—haha!

Teen Beach 1 and 2: Cute teen musicals that deals with first love and finding yourself with really catchy songs. It’s an opposites attract story with a twist where characters from their favorite beach movie (think Grease set at the beach) end up in our world. The sequel has songs that will stick in your head in the best way.

Ballet Shoes: Three girls are raised in a home with two caregivers and an eccentric bunch of boarders as they get an unorthodox education and ballet training. The girls each have their own dreams of being a dancer, pilot, and actress and you watch their trials as they pursue them. Perfect for a rainy (or snowy) weekend.

American Girl: Girl of the Year: Meet Kira Bailey: This is for my younger readers. This short series actually has the doll acting out the scenes and the themes are done so well. We see Kira dealing with grief over losing her dad and dealing with a bestie who has found other interests and begun to pull away from her. The Courtney doll episode (which separate from Kira as Courtney is the 1980s doll) is also well done and deals with subjects like divorce, blended families, and dealing with social and cultural issues as Courtney is in class when the Challenger space shuttle disaster happens.

You can find my preteen series on friendship, staying true to yourself, and self-esteem called the Landry’s True Series here. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited and there’s currently a price drop on the ebook and paperback on book one, True Colors:

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About the Author

Krysten Lindsay Hager is a bestselling author of the award winning middle grade Landry’s True Colors Series as well as writing clean and wholesome young adult novels.


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