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Archive for March 8th, 2024

Meet Your Weekend Book Boyfriend — $0.99 Sale! (Contest + Excerpt)
Friday, March 8th, 2024

UPDATE: The winner is…flchen!

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, let me know who your weekend book boyfriend will be!

If you haven’t already chosen your boyfriend, here’s a suggestion. 🙂
(This book is available for only $0.99 for a limited time only! That’s a $3-dollar savings!)

Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

The happily single owner of the only liquor store in Dead Horse, MT needs the biggest, baddest man around, and a certain former Green Beret seems made to order…

When Chase Kudrow leaves the Green Berets, he is ready to throw off rules and regs and be his own damn boss. Bounty hunting doesn’t tie him down and occasionally gives him the adrenaline rush he craves.

Then he discovers he has a niece, an eight-year-old, who is the only family he has left. Suddenly, his life gets serious. He needs a steadier paycheck and a place to set down roots so he can do right by his dead sister’s little girl. Being recruited by the Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT, office perfectly fits the bill.

His “get serious” agenda soon finds him in the company of one of the town’s “good” women, Rhonda McAvoy, who owns the local liquor store. Sure, she’s pretty and seems interested, but what does he know about wooing a good woman who will certainly expect more than he knows how to give?

When her store is robbed, Chase swoops in to provide some much-needed security expertise and protection and soon discovers an addiction he never wants to kick. Sweet Rhonda is full of her own sexy surprises…

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Enjoy an excerpt from Chase…

Rhonda McAvoy couldn’t help looking toward the entrance of the restaurant every few seconds. Laura had slyly told her that the newest hunter would be joining them for dinner. Sure, she’d seen him a time or two at the package store, but lately, her timing had been all off, and her sister Emily had been sure to rub it in that she’d served him at the counter. Not that he’d ever given any sign he might be interested in her, but Rhonda liked to look, and Chase Kudrow was the sexiest thing she’d seen around Dead Horse in a long, long time.

Yes, the bounty hunters were all blessed with good genes. Tall, well-muscled—with all their teeth—something she didn’t take for granted around this pokey little backwater town.

Plus, Chase had that extra…something. The bulge of his biceps gleamed in the sunlight. The MBH round target logo on the T-shirts he wore stretched into an oval over his broad chest.

He kept his dark hair shaved close to his scalp, and his face clean-shaven. The better to admire his luscious mouth. But it was his eyes that drew her in. His irises were like dark coffee, and his lids were heavy, which made him look as though he was perpetually aroused.

Or maybe that was just her own wishful thinking. It had been ages since Rhonda had taken a man to bed, and of late, Chase Kudrow had featured in many of her late-night fantasies.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” her best friend, Laura Pinchot, said. “It feels like ages—”

The moment he strode through the entrance, all sounds faded away. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, and there was a slight buzzing in her ears. Weird, really. But that was “The Chase Effect.”

His gaze roamed the room until locking on their table—and did his gaze hover a second on her before he tightened his mouth and walked their way?

What was that about? She felt a little deflated. Read the rest of this entry »