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Meet Your Weekend Book Boyfriend — $0.99 Sale! (Contest + Excerpt)
Friday, March 8th, 2024

UPDATE: The winner is…flchen!

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, let me know who your weekend book boyfriend will be!

If you haven’t already chosen your boyfriend, here’s a suggestion. 🙂
(This book is available for only $0.99 for a limited time only! That’s a $3-dollar savings!)

Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

The happily single owner of the only liquor store in Dead Horse, MT needs the biggest, baddest man around, and a certain former Green Beret seems made to order…

When Chase Kudrow leaves the Green Berets, he is ready to throw off rules and regs and be his own damn boss. Bounty hunting doesn’t tie him down and occasionally gives him the adrenaline rush he craves.

Then he discovers he has a niece, an eight-year-old, who is the only family he has left. Suddenly, his life gets serious. He needs a steadier paycheck and a place to set down roots so he can do right by his dead sister’s little girl. Being recruited by the Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT, office perfectly fits the bill.

His “get serious” agenda soon finds him in the company of one of the town’s “good” women, Rhonda McAvoy, who owns the local liquor store. Sure, she’s pretty and seems interested, but what does he know about wooing a good woman who will certainly expect more than he knows how to give?

When her store is robbed, Chase swoops in to provide some much-needed security expertise and protection and soon discovers an addiction he never wants to kick. Sweet Rhonda is full of her own sexy surprises…

Order eBook: Kindle | Kobo | Apple Books

Enjoy an excerpt from Chase…

Rhonda McAvoy couldn’t help looking toward the entrance of the restaurant every few seconds. Laura had slyly told her that the newest hunter would be joining them for dinner. Sure, she’d seen him a time or two at the package store, but lately, her timing had been all off, and her sister Emily had been sure to rub it in that she’d served him at the counter. Not that he’d ever given any sign he might be interested in her, but Rhonda liked to look, and Chase Kudrow was the sexiest thing she’d seen around Dead Horse in a long, long time.

Yes, the bounty hunters were all blessed with good genes. Tall, well-muscled—with all their teeth—something she didn’t take for granted around this pokey little backwater town.

Plus, Chase had that extra…something. The bulge of his biceps gleamed in the sunlight. The MBH round target logo on the T-shirts he wore stretched into an oval over his broad chest.

He kept his dark hair shaved close to his scalp, and his face clean-shaven. The better to admire his luscious mouth. But it was his eyes that drew her in. His irises were like dark coffee, and his lids were heavy, which made him look as though he was perpetually aroused.

Or maybe that was just her own wishful thinking. It had been ages since Rhonda had taken a man to bed, and of late, Chase Kudrow had featured in many of her late-night fantasies.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” her best friend, Laura Pinchot, said. “It feels like ages—”

The moment he strode through the entrance, all sounds faded away. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, and there was a slight buzzing in her ears. Weird, really. But that was “The Chase Effect.”

His gaze roamed the room until locking on their table—and did his gaze hover a second on her before he tightened his mouth and walked their way?

What was that about? She felt a little deflated.

Laura stood and moved a chair away. As Chase drew closer, her friend raised her hand and pointed her finger downward to indicate the chair she’d just vacated. Smiles stretched the mouths of the rest of the people sitting around the table.

Rhonda felt as though her cheeks were on fire. “Could you be any more obvious?” she hissed at her erstwhile friend.

Laura leaned across the empty space. “Someone has to make a move. You can thank me later.”

Rhonda shook her head and pasted on a smile as Chase eased into the seat and gave her a nod.


“Chase…” Her throat tightened, and she drew a deep breath. “Nice to see you.”

“Same,” he said, then reached to the center of the table to nab a plastic-laminated menu standing in the condiments rack.

So much for conversation. Lord, she’d better not breathe too deeply or she’d really give her excitement away. Just a whiff of Eau de Chase was enough to set her pheromones on fire. His scent was crisp and spicy—like fresh, pine-scented mountain air mixed with cinnamon and something almost Christmassy.

His long fingers traced a path down the list of dinner entrees, and she couldn’t help noticing their length and thickness…

Lord, she really was pathetic. Hadn’t she learned anything? She’d have thought five years of Elvis McAvoy would’ve cured her of handsome men forever.

Stiffening her shoulders and her smile, she reached for her own menu and perused the entrees, although she’d long since memorized them all. The menu hadn’t changed in years.

Their waitress, Nadine Crossley, approached the table, her frayed-edged pad in hand. “You all ready to order?” Her eyebrows were high and her gaze pointed, like she was silently telling the group not to waste her time.

Rhonda didn’t mind Nadine’s brusque manner. She was good people. Knew everyone and all their business. If a Dead Horse resident wanted to know what was going on in town, their best bet was asking Nadine. Yes, she was nosy, seemed to be everywhere at once to catch the gossip, but she didn’t stint on sharing what she knew.

“Nice ride,” Nadine said in a deadpan voice when her gaze landed on Chase.

Chase gave her a glare and slapped his menu on the table. “I’ll have the meatloaf,” he said, his words curt.

“Sides?” Nadine asked, returning his glare.

“Green beans and fries.”



One eyebrow arched higher.

“Whatever’s on draft,” Chase said, then gave her a mean smile.

Nadine sniffed and moved on to the next hunter to get his order.

Rhonda ducked her head to hide her smile, waiting her turn while Nadine efficiently took orders from around the table until landing on Rhonda.

“Surprise me,” Rhonda said with a bit of grin, knowing how much her response annoyed the older woman.

Nadine sniffed. “You ain’t sendin’ it back to the kitchen if you don’t like what I pick.”

Rhonda gave her an especially warm smile. “Sweetie, I trust your good taste.” Challenge accepted.

Beside her, Chase groaned as Nadine walked away. “Damn, you’re brave. You’ll be lucky if that woman doesn’t have the cook fry you up some mountain oysters.”

Rhonda chuckled. “Nah, Nadine’s not so bad. She’s all bark.”

“If you say so.”

“I think she likes you.”

“Strange way of showin’ it,” he muttered.

Rhonda glanced toward Laura, who gave her a wink. Rhonda frowned and shook her head.

Her friend chuckled and turned her attention to the group. “Rhonda’s been a huge help pulling this wedding together. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“Have you chosen your colors?” Cage asked, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

“Light pink, dark pink.” Laura’s smile was as pure as an angel’s.

Only Rhonda knew that Laura’s favorite color was now brown with gold flecks, like Preacher’s eyes. Something she’d shared with a sigh just that afternoon. However, Preacher’s ability to look past all the pink Laura surrounded herself with—in her shop, her clothing, even her kitchen walls at home—was part of what made Preacher so dear to Laura. He’d even agreed to wear a pink cummerbund and bowtie for the wedding.

“What did you settle on for the cake?” Fig asked. When Chase raised an eyebrow, Fig wrinkled her nose to signal he better not say something snarky.

“I chose lemon poppy seed,” Preacher said, giving his bride-to-be a wink.

“I chose strawberry,” Laura said.

“So, unless they use food coloring to change that pale yellow to pink, I think we know what flavor wins, right?” Marti Mills said with a grin. Her boyfriend, Pierce Hardman, crimped his lips together.

“It’s strawberry,” Preacher said with a nod. “To go along with the white chocolate-covered strawberries and the pink champagne.”

“Stop,” Laura said, smacking his arm. “We are not having pink champagne. The very idea.”

Everyone laughed while Preacher’s shoulders shook as he chuckled.

The man looked over the moon. Rhonda was happy for them both. Really, she was.

Still, she knew a great wedding didn’t make a happy marriage.

“Where’s that great big book you’ve been lugging around?” Chase asked.

“The wedding book?” At his nod, she pursed her lips. “In my trunk. I knew I was coming here, and if Laura has an idea, I need to keep all those notes in one place.”

“She’s been so organized,” Laura said, touching Chase’s arm. “If ever you need an event planner…”

Chase held up his hands. “Me? Never. Unless it’s a Superbowl Party. Even then, I can manage the grill and the beer on my own.”

Rhonda rolled her eyes. “There’s so much more you can do. Did you know Laura here makes football-shaped chocolate muffins?”

“Decorated with white laces,” Laura said with a nod. “And if you need to stock a bar and a skilled bartender…” She tilted her head toward Rhonda.

“I don’t even have a house yet,” Chase said. “I doubt I’ll be throwing parties any time soon.”

“Are you looking?” Rhonda asked.

His lips pressed together. “Yup.”

“Let me guess. A cabin deep in the woods without a neighbor in sight,” Marti said with a waggle of her eyebrows. Those two appeared to have an especially barbed relationship. As far as Rhonda knew, they bickered every time they shared the same space.

Chase blew out a breath and reached for his beer. “Not even close.”

Since he didn’t continue, Rhonda guessed he didn’t want to talk about the house. “You working with a realtor?”

“A friend of Cage’s wife, Elaine.”

“That’s right. She worked for a realtor before she had the twins. I don’t blame her for wanting to stay home after that. They have to be a handful.”

“Speaking of the twins…” Cage’s voice drew all their gazes.

Chase gave an exaggerated groan. “Now, he’s gonna pull out the phone to show the latest pictures. I swear, he could show me the same one from a month ago, and I wouldn’t see the differences.”

Rhonda chuckled. “Says a man without kids.”

Chase’s expression shuttered. Instantly. Although that was interesting, she turned her attention back to Cage.

“Is it date night?” Preacher asked.

“This Friday,” Cage said, nodding. “And we’d hire a sitter, but Elaine doesn’t trust people she doesn’t know.”

Laura’s hand started to go up, but then she lifted Rhonda’s and gave it a wag. “Lacey and Dagger had their turn. Then it was Preacher and me. I think Chase and Rhonda should give it a go.”

Rhonda dragged her hand away and placed it in her lap. The idea. Her and Chase babysitting an infant?

Cage blinked. “Well…”

Rhonda glanced at Chase, figuring he’d smack the idea down flat, but he looked as though he didn’t know whether to be insulted or relieved by Cage’s hesitation.

“Have either of you ever changed a diaper?” Cage asked. “Mixed formula? Although, I’m sure Elaine will have some breast milk in the fridge.”

“You don’t think I can handle a two-month-old?” Chase asked.

“There’s no shame in knowing your limitations…” Preacher said with an easy, mocking smile.

Chase grunted. “I’ve changed plenty of diapers, burped a baby on my shoulder, and even braided a little girl’s hair. I can handle a damn two-month-old.”

“We’d only be gone a couple of hours,” Cage said, still looking dubious.

Rhonda felt a little breathless, but she smiled to reassure Cage. “I helped my mom with my little sister’s diapers and feedings. I practically raised her.”

Laura looked on approvingly then turned to Cage. “Problem solved.”

“Well, thanks,” Cage said, and his smile widened. “Like I said, it will only be for a couple of hours. I want to take her to dinner. I made reservations for seven-thirty. Thought I’d treat her to a night out. I help out around the house when I can, but when I take over the kitchen the results are hit or miss.”

A throat cleared behind them, and Rhonda glanced back to find Nadine carrying several plates and another server trailing behind her with more.

As Nadine and her helper began setting plates in front of the hunters, Chase leaned toward Rhonda. “I’m not going anywhere near any titty milk,” he whispered out of one side of his mouth.

Rhonda locked gazes with him. “I’m not changing any shitty diapers.”

Chase held out his hand, and they shook.

Nadine set a plate in front of Rhonda.

Chase began chuckling.

Rhonda mustered a smile and glanced up at Nadine whose eyes were twinkling with mirth. “Liver and onions. My favorite.”

5 comments to “Meet Your Weekend Book Boyfriend — $0.99 Sale! (Contest + Excerpt)”

  1. Colleen C.
    · March 8th, 2024 at 12:23 pm · Link

    Have not decided yet… have read so much less since bringing home the new puppy…

  2. Diane Sallans
    · March 8th, 2024 at 10:05 pm · Link

    JD Robb’s Roarke (and Eve) – just got printed compilation of the first 6 Novellas in the series

  3. BN
    · March 8th, 2024 at 11:59 pm · Link

    not sure yet

  4. Debra Guyette
    · March 9th, 2024 at 7:15 am · Link

    I am not sure but Chase does sound great!!

  5. flchen
    · March 12th, 2024 at 9:27 pm · Link

    Chase is always a good one 😉 I ended up reading Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club, so no real book boyfriends there, but some clever and fierce seniors who definitely have still got it…

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