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Lynda Rees: 10 Reasons Horses Are Special
Monday, February 4th, 2019

There are more reasons to love horses than I can share with you here. I’ve put together a few thoughts on why I love having companionship of horses in my life.

1. Motivation
These magnificent creatures are clearly a natural wonder in this world. Not only are they beautiful to behold, but artists and poets alike have been continually inspired by them. These living art forms remind us to live our lives at a higher level.

2. Pleasure
Not only are horses affectionate, enjoyable companions, they nurture the imagination, and are faithful, loving friends with a will to please.

3. Exercise
Trial riding is an amazing way to enjoy nature’s bounties while toning the body and burning calories. Riding uses many muscles and is a great workout. Combine it with animal grooming and care, barn work, getting in hay, and you’ve discovered the best kept fitness secret around.

4. Community
Social activities with horses are vast, depending on your interests. Horses allow you to fit into social circles with others who enjoy the same activities as you. You may prefer showing your animal, riding with a saddle club, hanging with a crowd from your stable, trail riding or camping with groups for trail riding weekends and socials around a campfire. Whatever interest you have, the love of these glorious animals will help you form bonds with other horse lovers.

5. Relaxation
When you ride the same mount consistently, he or she intuitively knows what you need. They seem to read your mind. They pay attention to minor nuances in your actions, mood and voice with a truly remarkable will to please. This is a two-way street. You will find yourself understanding and anticipating the horse’s actions as well. It’s a great way to allow your inner voice or natural ESP to work. There is no better way to improve your mood than being one with a horse.

6. Responsibility
Caring for the horse is priority one. Whether returning to the barn or campsite for a night, his needs come first. Prior to relaxing with a cold drink by a bonfire, the animal must be groomed, fed, watered, and put in a safe place. Before we were allowed to have a ride of our own, we cared for someone else’s mount for a while. The experience taught us the reality of ownership, and allowed us the chance to experience what truly unique creatures they are.

7. Freedom
There is nothing more freeing than riding a powerful steed in the sunshine with wind in your hair. On horseback you can venture far into the woods, climb soaring mountains, and see nature’s bounty first hand, regardless of your condition or any weakness you might have. The human body is frail and comes with limitations we are freed from on horseback.

8. Trust
Horses are wise creatures. They see a person for who they truly are. I liken them to dogs in this respect. They see our inner souls. They don’t care what your job is, what you have, or what your life is like.

You must earn a horse’s respect and prove yourself worthy before he will allow you to master him. This doesn’t mean you should bully him. Forget your ego. He needs to trust you. In return, you will learn to trust him. Establish an honest relationship with your animal, and he will willingly succumb to your commands and do anything in his power to please you.

9. Nature
Nature’s bounties are full of wonder. Horses are a perfect example. Spending time with them can calm you when life gets rough. With each rock in the saddle you’ll feel stress of the day sliding off your shoulders and disappearing. Isn’t that better for the body than drugs? Talk about returning to nature? Ride a horse.

He doesn’t emit pollution to damage the ozone, make irritating mechanical sounds, or create hazardous waste. He’s completely natural.

10. Friendship
I can’t argue that dogs are man’s best friend. Mine always slept on the foot of my bed. My horse can’t do that; but in every other respect, he’s right up there with my dog. Folks who’ve experienced friendship with a horse will totally understand this. It is a bond like no other.


Lynda Rees is a multi-published historical and suspense award-winning romance author. Freckle Face and Blondie is a children’s suspense middle-grade co-written with her ten-year-old author granddaughter, Harley Nelson. Lynda has two suspense novels about descendants of mobsters—God Father’s Day and Madam Mom. Her 2016 award winning historical novel Gold Lust Conspiracy depicts a woman’s struggle during the savage 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, is Book one of The Bloodline Series and a 2015 and 2017 Golden Heart and RITA finalist. The Bloodline Series is set in Kentucky horse country.

The other series books are:
Blood and StudsHot BloodedBlood of Champions
Bloodlines & LiesThe Bloodline TrailHorseshoes & Roses
Real Money and The Bourbon Trail are due to launch early 2019.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy my work and we become life-long friends.
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