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Next Uncharted SEAL: A HARD SEAL TO LOVE (Contest & Excerpt)
Saturday, February 11th, 2017

UPDATE: The winner is…Karla L!

* * * * *

I’m sharing lots of yummy covers today! Can’t help myself. I’ve reached story #9 in my Uncharted SEALs series! And for those of you who think they have to read a series in order, you really don’t have to for these stories. Yes, you’ll see recurring characters throughout the series, but you won’t be lost!

Hard SEAL to Love is the latest! It releases on TUESDAY! Pre-order your copy now! I’ve included an excerpt for you to enjoy. I loved writing this story. The heroine is a disabled vet! Read on!

Like the art? Love the bit of Mac’s thoughts as he’s making love to Kylie? Me, too. 🙂

Interested in the rest of the series? You can peruse the stories by clicking on the covers below. And no, I won’t be boxing up this series. Some are part of other Kindle Worlds, so if you want to read the series, you really have to buy the separate books. Or maybe, today, you’ll win one story of your choice…

Comment for a chance to win one of my already released Uncharted SEALs stories!

Watch Over Me Her Next Breath Through Her Eyes

Dream of Me Baby, It's You Before We Kiss

Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Between a SEAL and a Hard Place 

A Hard SEAL To Love

Hard SEAL to Love

The bigger they are, the harder they fall… 

Former SEAL, “Big Mac” McLane, is sure he earned all kinds of bad karma somewhere when his next mission with Charter Group is to guard the “Love Boat” and a pretty program director. Okay, so the cruise line is sponsoring a special cruise for wounded soldiers and their significant others—a great cause. Mac doesn’t doesn’t know a thing about spending time with “good” women, but Kylie Hammond is full of surprises. After the initial shock of meeting her, he feels like he has two left feet whenever she’s around. So he’ll do his job, keep it strictly business, fade into the background whenever she’s around, but Kylie seems to have other ideas…

Kylie knows the muscle-bound SEAL isn’t exactly gung-ho for his new assignment, and she isn’t exactly the “princess” he expected, but she can’t be more pleased. The big man’s the yummiest thing she’s ever seen, and coaxing blushes and glares from him becomes her favorite sport. Then someone aboard the ship is killed. The thing her charity most feared—a terrorist attack at sea—appears to be underway. Now, she has to trust Mac and his team to keep her wounded soldiers safe.

Pre-order your copy here!

An Excerpt…

Mac and Kylie are in their stateroom aboard the cruise ship…

Kylie stood at the desk and shuffled through the mountain of papers and ship’s flyers. Her hand paused on one of the shore excursion brochures. He knew damn well she’d been warned against leaving the ship. “Not happening,” he said, keeping his voice even.

Her head jerked upward. She aimed a hot glare his way. “Not your decision.”

“It is if I can’t guarantee your safety. Figure out something else to do—something that doesn’t require you ever leaving the ship.”

Her chest rose and lowered beneath the green-and-black jungle print. “Maybe I should choose something that doesn’t require I ever leave this room. That would suit you just fine, wouldn’t it?”

He bit his tongue rather than respond and assumed a neutral expression.

“I have a job to do,” she said, fisting one hand on a hip.

“The cruise line’s doing it for you. They provide the activities, the schedules, and the meals. All you have to do is decide what you want, Kylie.”

He’d said it. Well, not it, precisely, but he’d put the thing they’d been building up to out there. She could either shut him down or accept that this was inevitable. A gift of proximity and mutual attraction. Male and female imperatives. Why the hell was he dressing it up as anything but what it really was? The need to fuck. Hard. Often. Now.

Mac swallowed as he held still, unblinking, watching her mouth firming into a narrow line. Goddamn, I overstepped. But I won’t apologize. She’d started this by stripping off her leg and daring him with her large hurt eyes to look away. Mac didn’t know if she hesitated because she’d just realized she’d been sending out vibes but had now changed her mind, or if she was scared.

He guessed he’d have to be the one to make the first move. To show her how badly he wanted to be buried inside her sweet body. He dropped his hands, pulled up the hem of his shirt, and began to unbuckle his belt.

A S*E*X*Y Excerpt–and Two Hot Books!
Friday, January 6th, 2017
Depositphotos 82469488 sm

Dear Readers and Friends,

Snow’s falling here in central Arkansas! It’s a rare thing, and we’ve got less than an inch, but schools and businesses are already closing. I know, I know. Those of you who know what real snow looks like are snickering, but folks here don’t know how to drive in the stuff!

Do you love the photo above? Horses pounding a light snow. Well, I am going to tell you about a Western that’s coming out soon, but there won’t be a hint of snow in it—the story’s hot as hell.

I have two stories up for pre-order at the moment. I’d love for you to peruse the covers and the descriptions. There’s an excerpt below from my sexy cowboy story. Enjoy!

And for those of you suffering through the harsh winter storm—stay safe! Stay inside if you can. Bundle up, drink some cocoa, and read a really naughty book. wink

Ride a Texas Cowboy

RATC 600

Coming January 24, 2017

Katelyn Carter came to rural Texas to lick her wounds and start over after her failed marriage, but a sexy young cowboy seems determined to show her that love is still in the cards for this single librarian.

Sheriff’s deputy Daniel Bodine answers a 911 call to remove a rattlesnake from his new neighbor’s bedroom. What he finds is an embarrassed Katelyn, dressed in little more than her pretty pink blushes. One little omission later, and he’s working for the lady as her handyman.

Burned once by a man, Katelyn fights her growing attraction but finds Daniel more temptation than she can resist. When he shows her he knows his way around a woman’s body as well as he does a hammer and a saw, she takes a walk on the nasty side, vainly hoping she can keep her heart free of entanglement.

Pre-order your copy here!

NOTE: This story was released many moons ago (2006) as “Ride a Cowboy” but has since been revised! Yes! I’ve been writing cowboys for quite a while…

Hard SEAL to Love

HardSEALToLove 600

Coming February 7, 2017!

Former SEAL, “Big Mac” McLane, is sure he earned all kinds of bad karma somewhere when his first mission with Charter Group is guarding the “Love Boat” and its activity director. Okay, so the cruise line is sponsoring a special cruise for wounded soldiers and their families–a great cause–but Big Mac doesn’t do well around families and children, and Kylie Hammond is cute, but he feels like he has two left feet whenever she’s around. But he’s going to do his job, keep it strictly business, fade into the background whenever she’s around, but it seems Kylie has other ideas…

Kylie knows the big SEAL isn’t exactly gung-ho for his new assignment, but she can’t be more pleased. The big man’s the yummiest thing she’s ever seen, and coaxing blushes and glares from him becomes her favorite sport. But then things begin to go wrong aboard ship, people disappear, and then someone’s killed. The thing her charity most feared–a terrorist attack at sea–appears to be underway. Now, she has to trust Big Mac and his team to keep her wounded soldiers safe.

Pre-order your copy here!

Excerpt from Ride a Texas Cowboy

She studied his face. He was handsome, yes. But his gaze met hers directly. He didn’t push. He didn’t try to seduce her with honeyed words. She realized he was nothing like her husband. And she liked that little bit of uncertainty he betrayed. She wanted to say yes and see whether this gentle man was everything he seemed.

But would it be fair to Daniel? She should say no for more reasons than the obvious one. I should tell him now. But she demurred, not wanting to mention a name that would only make another’s presence tangible—her husband wasn’t a part of her life now. She wouldn’t let him be, ever again.

“Can’t we just go on the way we are?” she asked, feeling like a coward.

“And what way is that, Katelyn?” he asked softly.

“Just us.” Her hand settled on his arm and glided to his shoulder. “Just this.”

His jaw tightened, and he ducked his head. “You mean,” he said, his voice just as soft, but with a bite that raised the hairs on her arm, “I’m good enough to play with, but not to be seen with you in public?”

Shocked by the blunt words spoken so quietly, she shook her head and blurted, “We haven’t played yet.” Jesus, I just said that! She bolted to her feet.

His hand wrapped around her ankle, holding her in place. His expression was set, his eyes narrowing. “That’s right. We haven’t.” His hand slid up the inside of her leg. “Why wait? It’s what we both want.”

Inside, Katelyn screamed, That’s not what I meant! But she didn’t draw away when his fingers slipped beneath the edge of her cutoffs and stroked her pussy through her panties. Her mouth opened around a gasp as molten desire seeped to dampen the silky fabric.

“Want it here? In the sunlight?” he asked, rising to his knees on the top step. His fingers pushed aside the crotch of her underwear and traced the furrow between her labia.

Moisture pooled—in her eyes and between her legs. She didn’t want his anger, didn’t want anything to mar the beauty of the feelings growing secretly inside her. Didn’t he understand she was doing this for him? “I’m too old for you, Daniel,” she said, surprised by the quaver and the breathless quality of her own voice.

He leaned forward and hooked one hand around the back of one thigh, pulling her hips closer and glided his lips up the tender inside of her leg. “Looks like you’re old enough,” he murmured and sank a finger inside her cunt.

Her legs trembled, and she gripped his shoulders. “What will people think? I’m old enough to be your m—“

“Aunt?” He gently bit her skin. “Don’t stretch the truth.”

Her hands gripped his hair to bring him closer to the ache. “For God’s sake, I’m forty-one years old, Daniel.”

He paused, and his gaze lifted to sear hers. “I don’t give a fuck, Katelyn. I’m not exactly a boy.” Then he snaked his tongue beneath her shorts to lick at her sex.

Katelyn moaned and widened her legs. “This is wrong. You know it,” she said, swaying on her feet at the lazy strokes he plied her with. “I’m not what you need.”

He lapped her, the broad surface of his tongue skimming her lips, the tip insinuating between to tease her with glancing caresses that drove her crazy and had her squirming against him.

When he dragged himself away, his breaths were ragged. “You are everything I want,” he said, his voice fierce. His expression was set, his gaze unwavering.

She believed him. He meant it—now.

His hands gripped her upper thighs, his thumbs stroking beneath her clothing. He leaned into her crotch and mouthed her through the fabric, his steamy breath penetrating to heat her already molten core. “Jesus, Katelyn.” He groaned and pressed his face to her belly. “Take your pants off, ’cause I’m gonna eat you right here.”

The coarseness of his command and the hard grip of his hand thrilled her like nothing she’d ever experienced in her life. She stared at him, knowing that once again the pause was for her sake. He’d given her control.

She could deny him now—end this before she sank any deeper toward a love that might leave scars on both their hearts. Or she could take a chance.

Katelyn drew in a deep breath and looked out over her dusty, rugged front yard. She saw beyond the scrubby live oaks standing still as she was in a breezeless, sun-scorched day, to the sky as blue and wide-open as her possibilities—and reached for the button at the top of her cutoffs.

Elle James: Let it Begin!
Monday, January 2nd, 2017

I have an exciting year planned. I can’t wait to share everything going on.

First, my last book in the Devil’s Shroud series with Harlequin Romantic Suspense released yesterday. I think you’ll love Andrew Stratford, his daughter Leigha and their protector Dix Reeves. Prepare yourself for an exciting conclusion to the series and to fall in love with the characters.

At the end of January, my sister, Delilah Devlin and I have a co-authored book coming out SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. It’s book #2 in the Texas Billionaires Club series. It’s a light-hearted romantic comedy you’ll enjoy.

And watch for more exciting things coming from the BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS Series.  I have 3 books planned and Amazon has given me a Kindle World for this series! That’s right. There will be many authors writing stories in this world. I can’t wait to see these stories. I know you will love them and the authors contributing to them, to include my lovely sister, Delilah Devlin!


In a Gothic mansion on a windy coast, former soldier Dixie Reeves and her client, billionaire Andrew Stratford, are in grave danger. The single dad has hired her to help him protect his daughter from a mysterious threat. As their enemy closes in, even tough-as-nails Dixie has to hold her nerve…and keep her guard up to stop herself from falling for Andrew and his adorable little girl. The long nights pass, and Dixie and her handsome boss can’t deny they’re barreling toward the kind of love that changes lives. That is, if they can somehow keep their instant family safe from the danger at the door!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Nook | iBooks | GooglePlay


What happens when a young Martha Stewart teams up with the Oscar Madison of radio talk shows?  Sparks fly, romance blooms and their audience goes wild

Diane Denton is a cool, sophisticated home and garden talk show host on K-YAK 102.5 radio station.  All she thinks she wants is to talk about fertilizer and place settings, while fending off her well-meaning country club parents’ attempts to push her into marriage with the “right man.”

To Diane, fellow talk show host, Rip O’Rourke, is nothing more than a rebellious, overgrown teenager flaunting his baseball-capped, Hawaiian-shirted, ex-football player physique to “score” with anything with breasts.  Proof of his perversity is the crude, but popular, hour of programming he hosts that discusses such manly topics as wet T-shirt contests and sports statistics.  Diane wouldn’t spit on Rip if he were on fire, while Rip on the other hand, wants to do more than spend time with Diane.  She is a challenge to mankind as a whole and his goal in life is to see Diane’s crisp shirts and tailored slacks properly rumpled, just once.

Rip gets his opportunity when the radio station is sold to a large corporation and the station manager is challenged to come up with a prime-time show that will set the city on its ear.  From one of Rip and Diane’s public arguments springs the idea of a show about the differences between men and women giving their audience, “Something to Talk About.”

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Happy Day Before Christmas Eve!
Friday, December 23rd, 2016

I was supposed to have a guest blogger today, but didn’t receive her content, so let me tell you what’s up with my day!

I just uploaded a sequel to my Uncharted SEALs story, Dream of Me. It’s a 12,000-word novelette that shows what happens in the Happy Ever After for a couple I loved writing and can’t seem to stop thinking about, Ash and Sam. I had a blast with the exciting opening of Heart of a SEAL. And I was thrilled I could find another shot of the same lovely guy who so embodied Sam on the cover of Dream of Me. I asked my cover artist, also known as sis, to mirror the first cover as closely as possible. Didn’t she do an awesome job? Here are both:

Dream of Me

Gorgeous, right? As soon as Amazon publishes the story, I’ll be back with another post with the link. I know you’re going to want something sexy to fill your downtime over the holiday!

As for what I’ll be doing over the next few days…

Tonight, we have kids coming to see the “Greats”—Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Great-Great Grandma (she’s 97!)—to open their gifts. We’re doing Christmas morning a day early because we are a “blended” family, and two of the kids have to go visit their other parents on Christmas. So, I’ll be spending the night at my dd’s so I can witness the joy tomorrow morning. On Christmas day, we’ll have our dinner—so, Christmas this year is a three-day event! Oy!

I hope you all have time off, time to be with family, and that you get some rest amid the holiday rush. If you have a minute to share, I’d love to hear how your plans are shaping up! Later!

With His SEAL Team, Part 3 is here! (Contest)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

So many of you said you loved Sara and Hunter and their extended SEAL family that I put the next installment at the top of my TO DO list. Check out Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With HIs SEAL Team, Part 3! Once again, it has everything you loved in the first two With His SEAL Team stories: a super-hot, dominant stepbrother, who just so happens to be a Navy SEAL, and a menage with his best buddies! And you were worried about Harley, their injured friend. Well, now you get to meet him! Thanks to everyone who told me they wanted to see more of this very sexy couple. Hope you love the new installment!

With His Seal Team, Part 3 is just $0.99!
If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can pick up a copy for free!

In fact, every story in this post could be yours for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription! Think about that! In the meantime, don’t miss the CONTEST information below!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team, Part 3

SOWithHisSEALTeam3 600

You’d think my life would be busy enough, living with and satisfying three Navy SEALs, but there’s room in my heart–and my bed–for one more. My steplover won’t mind a bit if I seduce one more of his best friends, not when it’s Harley…

Harley thinks he’s been left behind. That the wounds that shattered his body and ended his career will also end my attraction for him. I’m scared too that I can’t offer enough to lift him out of his darkness. However, I’m every bit as stubborn as these big studly men. Harley doesn’t stand a chance…

My already complicated life is about to get a whole lot hotter…

Purchase at Amazon!


And if you missed the first two stories…

SOWithHisSEALTeam 600

With His SEAL Team
An Amazon #1 bestselling short story!

When Sara’s stepbrother surprises her with an early return from a mission, he brings two of his Navy SEAL teammates along…

Purchase at Amazon!


SOWithHisSEALTeam2 600

With His SEAL Team, Part 2

Sharing my life with three virile Navy SEALs would be exhausting for most girls. But I’m not most girls. They’re high-drive, high T guys, competitive as hell, and I’m the one who reaps the rewards when they’re ready to blow off a little steam. I’m Sara. I belong to Hunter. Our relationship is a little complicated…

Purchase at Amazon!


Don’t miss these recent releases!

BetweenaSEALandaHardPlace 600
BadBadGirlfriend2 600
UltraStrokes 600


For a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, answer me this…

What sort of adventure would you like Sara, Hunter, and the gang have next? Would you like to see them treat her to a night at a BDSM dungeon? Take her on sexy vacation? Have her meet the moms? 🙂 You tell me!

Sharon Hamilton: SEALS IN THE WINERY BUSINESS (Contest)
Friday, December 2nd, 2016

UPDATE: The winner of the free T-shirt is…Heidi Rundle!

* * * * *


Starting with my 4th book in the SEAL Brotherhood Series, my fictional characters in SEAL Team 3, based out of San Diego, have gotten involved in two wineries in Sonoma County. In SEAL The Deal, Mark Beale comes back to Sonoma County to help his dying sister sell her nursery business. And the romance begins when his sister’s dying wish is that he date her best friend Devon, who has also been asked to help dispose of the property.

Of course, they decide to keep the nursery and turn it into a world class winery, with the help of some investors from the Teams. And so we have Sophie’s Choice Winery, named after Nick’s sister, Sophie.


The winery makes a great backdrop for weddings for other members of the SEAL Team 3, and you know what happens at weddings! In subsequent books, the SEALs purchase a run-down winery in the Dry Creek Valley, and befriend the neighbor, a former Hollywood Director of zombie movies. This wild and creative secondary character has been a fun addition to my series. So now we have Frog Haven Winery.


Well of course the SEALs would want to make beer, and this being natural hop-growing heaven, they develop Frog Piss Beer, “Because Drinking Beer is Better Than Pond Scum,” as the label motto goes.


I’ve had fun with these, even created labels for the winery and the brewery, which I’m showing here. Oh yes, and then I had to make tee shirts.

Now, one of these days, I need to get back to my writing and stop running an advertising agency!

One commenter will win a Sophie’s Choice tee shirt, chosen at random. I’ll keep it open all weekend, and announce it back on Sunday night. Best of luck!

shsharonhamilton_fredosdream_800Fredo’s Dream
SEAL The Deal

About the Author

shsharon-wander-headshotSharon Hamilton is a NYT and USA/Today bestselling author most known for her SEAL Brotherhood series. She also writes a Golden Vampire and Guardian Angel series.

A lifelong organic gardener, Sharon lives with her husband in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place. When she’s not writing, she’s getting verra verra dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.

Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.

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A Glance Back At November & A Look Toward December!
Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
Elf on the shelf

Dear Readers and Friends,

Thought I’d share a little holiday cheer. Last night, our Elf on the Shelf, Zoe, arrived to greet the kids. She has a cast (so she knows some of what the 7-year-old is experiencing). We already have the Christmas tree up—a lovely, tacky, fake white Christmas tree with all our ornament-treasures we’ve gathered over the years. We start an advent calendar tomorrow night, counting down to Christmas. The kids get candies, pencils, small gifts stuffed in the calendar pockets so that every morning is special. On the 6th, the kids leave their shoes outside the front door to get a hint whether Santa thinks they’ve been naughty or nice. They’ll either get lumps of coal or a small gift let inside their shoes. All of this leads up to the night before Christmas when we have our “Ugly Sweater Party” and take pictures. We go all out. Easter’s almost as much fun. (So is Sharknado night!) We think of ways to keep the fun in big and small celebrations. And I don’t see all the bother ending when the kids stop believing in Santa or Krampus, because the adults love every minute too!

But let’s look briefly back at the month that’s ending. November was rough for a whole lot of reasons, but mostly…

NaNoWriMo. I really, really wanted to hit my 50k-word goal this year, but travel and illness nixed it.

Trip from Hell. The trip to Virginia to spend time with my son and his family over Thanksgiving went well until the day after Thanksgiving, when every single one of us began to fall sick. Worst stomach bug ever! We crawled back to Arkansas through torrential rains and 45-mile-an-hour gusts of wind.

I did manage to finish some stories and get them published. I hope you’ve sampled them. Thanks to everyone who’s already told me they want more Sara and Hunter! I’m listening…

As for what’s coming in December other than all the family time moments…

I plan three releases. I’ll be leading a FREE workshop to help authors plan their work in 2017, called “Write 50 Books a Year.” If you’re interested in joining in, here’s the link: Workshop Link

I’m big into New Year prep and resolutions. I’m still working on my 2017 mind maps. Anyways, sorry this was so long. I hope your December is wonderful! Drink plenty of mulled wine and rummy eggnog! Cheers!

A Glance Back At November

SOWithHisSEALTeam2 600

With His SEAL Team, Part 2

An Amazon #1 bestselling short story!

Sharing my life with three virile Navy SEALs would be exhausting for most girls. But I’m not most girls. They’re high-drive, high T guys, competitive as hell, and I’m the one who reaps the rewards when they’re ready to blow off a little steam. I’m Sara. I belong to Hunter. Our relationship is a little complicated…

Get your copy at Amazon!


UltraStrokes 600

Ultra Strokes

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Delilah Devlin, comes a sinfully hot collection for your reading pleasure…

From the author:
“This compilation includes twelve stories I believe are among my very best. Most are contemporary stories, but there are futuristic, historical, steampunk, and paranormal tales included in the mix. The collection is intended for bed-time reading. Read the stories while you’re alone or with your partner. Read them to your partner.

I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. Bon appétit!

Get your copy at Amazon!


BetweenaSEALandaHardPlace 600

Between a SEAL and a Hard Place
Uncharted SEALs, Book 7

The last person world-class sniper, Wolf Kinkaid, expected to see in the cross hairs of his rifle during an operation to take down a drug cartel assassin was his pretty, bounty hunter wife. He takes the shot, disarming the bad guy, but the assassin wasn’t working alone, and now, Piper is a target for revenge.

Solution? The two of them hole up in a safe house while his team tries to find the assassin’s psychotic brother. Piper and Wolf have issues to resolve, and all that time alone gives them something they haven’t enjoyed in excess for a while—each other. But while they get close, the enemy closes in…

Get your copy at Amazon!


BadBadGirlfriend2 600

Bad, Bad Girlfriend

Jolene Ledbetter is a big, beautiful woman with an even bigger heart. But she’s figured out that she’s become her studly, police officer boyfriend’s favorite doormat. Having put off the conversation she knows has to happen after his partner was shot, she’s ready now to tell him to “pee or get off the pot”—after a bout of really great sex.

Gabriel Devine has seen what his profession does to marriages. He’s not willing to risk that kind of heartbreak—not for himself or a wife who might have to face the possibility of getting that dreadful visit from the police chief. Besides, he likes what he has with Jolene. She’s pretty, funny, likes to cook the occasional meal, is ready at the drop of a hat for a little hot loving—but she’s sensible and knows he can’t give her anything more than that. So when Jolie tells him she won’t see him any more if he’s not willing to marry her, he’s shocked and angry.

With a girlfriend’s encouragement, Jolene arranges a special show at a strip club to prove to Gabe once and for all that she’s more woman than any man can handle, and if he’s not careful she’ll walk her pretty new Louboutins right out of his life.

Get your copy at Amazon!


A Look Toward December

Okay, so I don’t have covers to share just yet, but I do have releases planned for the month. Hopefully, you’ll get to see the next Step-SEAL story. So many of you have written to say you’re dying for Harley to be added to Sara and Hunter’s growing family. How can I resist the challenge? We’ll see what Santa brings… wink