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BEFORE WE KISS is here! (Contest–Three Winners!)
Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

UPDATE: The winners are…Sandy Ebel, Jennifer Todd, and Barb Jack!

* * * * *

Before We Kiss

The sixth story in my Uncharted SEALs series released today! And it’s the first of three planned stories centered around a cruise ship, hence the special cruise ship icon on the cover.

Several of my SEAL stories have been set in the Caribbean. Why? I love the ocean, love islands, and I’ve traveled in the Caribbean—aboard cruise ships. Why not share a glimpse of my experiences? Write what you know is a mantra authors hear all the time. Two of my Adventure Girl stories were set in the Caribbean as well.

Here’s what this story is about:

Navy SEAL, William “Wiley” Coyote, should have known his “piece of cake” assignment would go sideways in a hurry. But he’d been lured by the promise of an all-expenses-paid cruise. A nice “fluffy” assignment after the last one spent escorting freighters through pirate-infested waters in the Strait of Hormuz.

A general’s daughter, Poppy Shackleford, isn’t some spoiled daughter of a man made famous for defeating insurgent forces. She’s endured her own tragedies—the loss of her mother when she was young and her father stationed in Afghanistan, and the loss of her fiancé after he sustained wounds in Iraq. Not from the physical wounds that claimed his legs—he took his own life. His death is why Poppy is involved in Soldiers’ Sanctuary, a non-profit that helps disabled soldiers adjust to their new circumstances. Which is why, despite the current threats against her father, she’s on this cruise assessing the ship’s ability to accommodate the soldiers, rather than sending a surrogate.

However, the first threat doesn’t come from terrorists with an ax to grind. Mexican banditos stop her tour bus heading toward Mayan ruins to shake down the passengers for their money and belongings. When one snaps a picture of her, he soon figures out there’s a much bigger payday. She knows she’s going to be kidnapped, but she doesn’t know someone is on that same tour bus who has her back.

Wiley’s unconventional takedown of her would-be kidnappers exposes the fact her father didn’t honor her wishes to fly under the radar. And now that the cat’s out of the bag, Wiley’s moving into her suite for the rest of their time at sea to keep her out of harm’s way.

Get your copy here!

Because I’m happy today, and I’d love to make several other someones happy, I’ll give away a free copy of the one of the previous stories in the series (other than Through Her Eyes) to THREE LUCKY WINNERS. Just tell me whether you’ve been on a cruise and where you sailed. And if you haven’t had the pleasure, where would you like to sail?

Uncharted SEALs

All the Uncharted SEALs books are FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers
except for Through Her Eyes!

Watch Over Me Her Next Breath Through Her Eyes

Dream of Me Baby, It's You

Edie Ramer: Unforgettable Books About Love & Murder (Free Story)
Monday, August 29th, 2016

Huge thanks to Delilah for bringing me back to her blog again! I’m currently writing my sixth Love & Murder book. My seventh if you count the short story I wrote exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. I started the series out of love. I was writing contemporary romances when my good friend was in the hospital, dying of cancer. I just couldn’t write the same books. Instead I wrote a story about love and murder and pets and life, with a strong woman character that I based on my friend who’d been a cancer warrior for about fifteen years—and now the damn cancer was winning. When I told her that I was basing the heroine of Truth About Love & Murder on her, she smiled widely.

It’s been almost two years now, and I will always think of Liz when I read the book. My heroines in the other Love & Murder books are still strong, though they’re no longer based on my friend. I just like hanging around with strong women in real life and in fiction—my books and books by other authors.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from my free short story, Unforgettable Love & Murder:

erUnforgettable Love and Murder266x400

When Allie Dalmon was eleven, she killed a man. No one knew except the boy who went away … and now he’s back.

Twenty years after his mother’s boyfriend tried to kill him, former Navy SEAL Zach Winters returns to Trouble Bay. He’s never forgotten the moment he’d looked up from his would-be killer’s dead body into the wide eyes of the girl leaning over the rock fence on the cliff above him. The girl who’d saved his life.

Allie remembers the boy, too. She’s a therapist for the school system now, along with her therapy dog. She’s recently had an an awkward break-up, but her life is still good, and Zach doesn’t owe her anything.

Then he sees someone watching her house, and he’s not leaving. He’s found a woman to serve, protect, and defend … and, maybe, something more…

♦  ♦  ♦

As he turned and opened the storm door and headed outside, she knew that he’d wanted to kiss her and he’d held back.

She liked a man who could hold back.

Sometimes she liked a man who couldn’t.

Instead of striding down the sidewalk, he headed across the lawn, toward the house next door. The sky was darkening, but it was still light enough to see outside. She even spotted headlights on the road halfway between her home and his rental, though the lights didn’t seem to be moving. Then her gaze drifted back to him.

With a shake of her head, she closed the door, feeling lighter. As if a heavy burden had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Dora barked, and Allie laughed and bent down. ‟You’re agreeing with me. You’re agreeing with Mama.”

Allie lifted Dora and held her against her chest, then spun around, laughing.

The doorbell rang, and she finished her twirl before she stopped, feeling dizzy for a few seconds. She set Dora on the floor, then stepped forward, smiling. He was back already.

She opened the door, and her smile dropped. Zach stood outside, but this was a different man. He was frowning. Hard. The civilian was gone, and she was looking at the SEAL.

‟Someone’s in a car on the road,” he said, ‟watching your house.”

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About the Author

er_EdieA USA Today bestselling author, Edie is funnier on the page than in real life. A multiple award-winning writer, she writes stories with heart and attitude. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and one important cat. She’s happy to be able to do what she loves nearly every day.

You can visit Edie at, where she also blogs. She loves hearing from readers.

Sharon Hamilton: Nashville SEAL — Jameson
Thursday, August 25th, 2016

shJameson and Lizzie's story continues

Sharon Hamilton’s bestselling Navy SEAL series continues with NASHVILLE SEAL: JAMESON. On sale now!

Here’s a short excerpt:

But there was no denying he was mad. It was like how he felt if he gave a bad performance. He’d wind up back at the motel room, alone and feeling sorry for himself, in a rotten mood until that knock on the door. Some angel would come and be his temporary lifeline, breathe the life back into him with her body, with her kisses, with all the magic and allure those groupie kittens could provide him. He needed that tonight.

Except tonight he was with his lovely new bride. His blushing bride. On the first night of their marriage. When he should be the prince charming and end her Cinderella day with the bedding of a lifetime. With a night she’d remember her whole life. That’s what Lizzie deserved. Could he pretend enough to give that to her? What did that make him then? Did he deserve her?

Can’t wait to read more? Find JAMESON on the following retailers:

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:
Amazon CA:
Amazon FR:
Amazon DE:
Barnes & Noble:

Elle James aka Myla Jackson : Proud, Proud Mama
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

ejMeganSwearingInOn Monday, I drove to Little Rock, AR to witness my youngest daughter’s swearing in ceremony.

She’s joining the Arkansas Army National Guard. She starts basic training Oct 31st, then will go to Officer Candidate School staring in Jan 2017 and then on to AMEDD training (medical) for her Basic Officer Leadership Course. Then she will submit her request to join the Physician’s Assistant Program.

If she gets in, in three years, she will be a licensed Physician’s Assistant and an officer in the Army National Guard. I am so very happy for her and can’t wait to see her in uniform. Please send her positive thoughts to help her through Basic and Officer Candidate School. They are supposed to be tough!

So what’s new with me this month? I had two releases! That’s right, two!

Warrior’s Conquest

Warrior's Conquest

WARRIOR’S CONQUEST, an historical time travel set in the medieval times. This story is one my sister, the fabulous Delilah Devlin, and I co-authored a while back and are re-releasing. It’s exciting and has a hot, sexy hero and a totally kickass heroine. The characters are a lot of fun and you’re likely to fall in love with Rufus! Get your copy now!

A twenty-first century woman transported to medieval times is forced to accept the protection of aa beast of a warlord as they struggle to survive in the middle of a war-torn land.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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And SEAL’s DECEPTION is releasing on its own. This is book number 8 in my TAKE NO PRISONERS series. If you like dangerous missions to a prince’s palace in Saudi Arabia, give this one a shot!

Navy SEAL poses as a bodyguard to a sexy CIA operative undercover as the arranged bride of a Saudi prince in search of the biological weapons sale traced to the Prince’s palace

Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Nook | iBooks | GooglePlay

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Tell me what you want, what you really, really want… (Contest-Three Winners!)
Saturday, August 13th, 2016

I know you wanted the old Spice Girls song in your head first thing this morning! In fact, the video’s at the bottom of this page in case you really, really want a quick SG-fix. 🙂

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team

Four of my most recent stepbrother shorties have shot straight to #1 on the short read list on Amazon. But I’m not certain what the attraction is. Do readers love the short, inexpensive (just $0.99) format, the taboo stepbrother angle, or the menage theme? Or all three?

Readers have been asking me for more of Sara and Hunter’s story in With His SEAL Team, in particular. And I do plan a sequel, or maybe more, of stories featuring those two and their extended, sexy SEAL family. Sara still has to find a job she likes and that doesn’t make Hunter crazy. And what about Harley and his rehabilitation?

So, I have these questions. And because I like more than anything in the world to please my readers, I’m asking you what you really, really want. Take this poll. You can choose up to four different answers. If you don’t see an answer you like, write your preference in the comments.

What is your preference for future stories?

View Results

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Win a free shorty from my short story webpage by simply leaving a comment. You can either tell me the kind of story you want most or tell me which of my stepbrother stories you’ve liked the most. I’ll choose three winners!

Now, enjoy a little Wannabe!

A Reminder and a Question (Contest)
Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

A quick reminder! This offer ends today!

Last Day Free!


A woman desperate to escape her marriage bed wages a “war of the bath” against her handsome, brutish husband…

This story is FREE today!

Get your copy now!

Thank you!

And thanks to those of you who bought my two latest releases! It’s much appreciated. And I am hearing loud and clear that y’all want sequels for With His SEAL Team! A couple of you are hoping Harley comes into the picture, too! Naughty girls! If you haven’t picked up a copy of either SEAL story yet, just click on the covers…

SOWithHisSEALTeam_600  BabyItsYou_600

The Question

When is it too many? In a menage, I mean. I’ve written menage scenes with as many as 6 people in a very large bed, although most often it’s three or four. And I don’t seem to have a problem keeping all those moving parts connected to the right player. So choreography isn’t the issue. 🙂 So, you tell me.

What is your favorite number?

One lucky commenter will get a small Amazon gift card! Don’t be shy!

Can I interest you in a SEAL and/or a Knight? (One’s FREE!)
Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Since just Tuesday, I’ve had two new releases! And they couldn’t be more different. One’s set in a medieval castle, the other’s set on a Texas ranch. One features a sexy knight in armor. The other features a wounded vet donning a cowboy hat. And you’ll be wanting to read both, I have no doubt. But I’m running a special deal, for just a a few days on the knight to save your pocket book, so you can afford to buy both. And can you think of a better way to spend your weekend than curled up with your eReader meeting Roland the knight and Carter the SEAL? You know you want to…

First, because this one’s more urgent…

Tamed by a Knight


A woman desperate to escape her marriage bed wages a “war of the bath” against her handsome, brutish husband…

This story is FREE for a very limited time!

Get your copy now!

This one, you don’t want to resist…

Baby, It’s You


Carter Vance, Jr. stands at the fork in the road. Wounded in action, the Navy SEAL has a decision to make: whether to find work with a spec ops unit, or return to his family ranch in Texas and repair his fractured relationship with his dying father and the woman he wronged. Complicating the decision is his reignited attraction to Melanie Schaeffer and his confusion over his feelings for his dead brother’s little girl, whom Melanie has raised since his brother’s and her sister’s deaths by a terrorist’s bomb.

Get your copy now!

And one final note…

Thanks for making this a #1 bestselling short story!



When Sara’s stepbrother surprises her with an early return from a mission, he brings two of his Navy SEAL teammates along…

Get your copy now!

What readers are saying:

“…erotic writing at its best…”

“…This book was fabulous… A fun story, a whole story, interesting dialogue, and hot, hot, scenes. Well worth your time. I’ll be seeking out more by this author.”