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Once in a Blue Moon is coming Tuesday!
Sunday, July 13th, 2014

There, just so you don’t forget. Like I’d let you, right?

It’s a novella, so not a huge drag on your free time. It’s currently discounted because this is release week, so you’re saving money…

Hear the wheedling? The nagging? Yeah, yeah. I’d love for you to all pre-order it, read it the second it hits your devices, and get back to me with comments, because I want to know what you thought, where you’d like this new series to go. Because I’m excited to write it. So if you haven’t already pre-ordered the book, now’s the time! Here are the links:

Samhain | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

once in a blue moon_600

Here’s what the story is all about…

When testing an enemy for weaknesses, prepare for things to get hard. (*snicker*)

Beaux Rêve Coven, Book 1

Bryn Cavanaugh and her coven like that the community they live in is isolated thanks to a storm that destroyed the bridge between them and the outside world. Now the state wants the bridge rebuilt. When the construction crew checks into the inn, Bryn begins to suspect something about the crew’s boss isn’t quite…human.

Bridges are Ethan Thorne’s thing—after all, he’s a troll—so building a simple span over a remote canal in backwater Louisiana shouldn’t be this much of a problem. When he follows the pretty little innkeeper to a midnight rendezvous, he discovers why his crew keeps running into trouble. Bryn and her coven are casting spells in the moonlight.

As a troll, Ethan feels the sting of his low place in demon hierarchy. But finding an unprotected coven of witches in the middle of the bayou could lead to all sorts of adventure. And it’s better to keep your enemies close…

Warning: Contains a handsome troll (Hey, it can happen!) who’s skilled at building sexual tension with his hands—and several other body parts, as well—and a witch who’s determined to protect her home, but forgets to shield her heart.

Read the First Chapter if you’re still not convinced!

And just so you know, there will be things happening this week, appearances in different places, an FB party, prizes… Be sure to keep checking in at my home page and my Facebook page. In the meantime, let me know this: Are you ready for a fun witchy, demony new series?  ~DD

One Week Until BLUE MOON! (Contest)
Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

UPDATE: The winner is Bobbi Kinion!

* * * * *

once in a blue moon_600

I’m on pins and needles, waiting for this book to release. It’s just the sort of thing I love to write, and I’m hoping you’ll love it too! It releases on July 15th and it’s ready for pre-order now. Here are the links:

Samhain | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Last Tuesday, I shared the opening of the story so you could meet my two lovers, Bryn and Ethan. She’s a witch. He’s a troll. She’s determined never to be possessed by another demon. He’s determined to have a witch in his pocket, because having one increases a demon’s standing and power. Of course, everything ends happily enough. And the sex is out of this world. Luckily, there are four other sister-witches in Bryn’s coven who need their happy endings. And let me tell you, the fellas outnumber the women, so you know where the series will lead. ;-)

I’ve included an excerpt. A tease, really. Just to give you a glimpse of the other characters you’ll meet along the way. And yes, there are a lot of names in this passage, but I promise if you read the whole book, you will know several of them already…

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free download from among my backlist of Samhain titles.

EXCERPT: Bryn has just discovered Ethan is a troll…

The house was eerily silent when they stepped inside the kitchen. Bryn gave Ethan a questioning glance, but he shook his head. He took her by the hand and pulled her behind him as they made their way to the parlor.

Inside, she halted. The room was crowded with men. Others. She knew because each was perfectly formed as only otherworldly creatures could be. They appeared happy to see Ethan. So they were friends of his. She hoped he’d stay true to his word. Although now, she worried he might be torn to pieces when he told the group they couldn’t take the women.

Her sisters sat, four in a row on the couch, their hands clasped together, eyes wide as saucers. When they saw her, they all began shouting.

“They’re demons.”

“Ethan’s one of them.”

“They’ve come to claim us.”

“Fucking bastards.” That last comment came from Darcy whose green eyes flashed.

Bryn shook her head, telling them silently to be quiet. Then she bowed her head.

Her sisters gasped at her submissive gesture.

Ethan’s arm encircled her waist. He tipped up her face. “We made a bargain, and it didn’t include you bowing to my will.”

Her gaze clung to him. What was he doing?

His glance swept the men gathered in the parlor. There was over a dozen of them—dark and fair, burly and lean, all with shining eyes. Renner’s sea-bright gaze was so intense, she wondered how they’d missed the fact he was Other. All of the men shared the same hard-edged, feral look. Their expressions had grown shuttered, their gazes watchful. Even Renner, who had seemed so easygoing, was frowning.

“There are complications,” Ethan said. “Bryn was already claimed. But we’ve mated. She tells me she may already be pregnant. Her sisters,” he said, nodding to the quiet women, “are mine to protect.”

Renner stepped forward. “You’re keeping them? All of them?” he asked, his voice rising.

Ethan’s frown was fierce. “I won’t be bedding them. But they will remain in this house with us. And they have my protection. I’ve promised Bryn that her friends will be given their choice of mates.”

The expressions of all the men darkened, fierce scowls that made gooseflesh rise on Bryn’s arms.

Ethan squeezed her hand and glanced down at her. “Bryn was previously mated with a hellhound. Merrick, to be precise. And since you all know his reputation, you know that when he finds us, he’ll try his best to kill me. You have no obligation to stand with me. If you leave now, you won’t be implicated.”

Bryn offered him a small smile and then they both turned back to the group.

Renner’s gaze shot to the women. His frown eased as he gave each a thorough glance.

Bryn knew what he saw. Four very frightened but determined women.

He raised his head to meet Ethan’s stern glance. “I’m staying. I’ll help you protect them.”

There were murmurs from the group, but they stepped forward one by one and gave the same pledge.

Renner smiled ruefully. “For a low-life troll, you’ve certainly reached high.”

“As a bottom-dwelling draugr, you aren’t exactly standing on my shoulders.”

In truth, if all the men in the room were friends to a troll and a draugr, they were from the lowest echelons of demon spawn. It was easy to see that ambition to rise higher than their birthright and their kind had bonded them.

Ethan gave a nod. “So be it. Every woman will have three guards. You’ll work in shifts. One at night, two during the day. And we have to continue the bridge project.” His gaze went to Renner. “You make the assignments.”

Miren cleared her throat, drawing all the male gazes to where she sat on the couch. “Since we’re the ones who have to put up with you constantly underfoot, don’t you think we should choose our own bodyguards? I run a shrimping outfit. Who among you doesn’t lose his breakfast on a boat?”

Renner’s grin stretched. “I’m a sea-draugr.”

Two more raised their hands. “We’re mer-folk.”

And so the assignments were made according to common interests and powers.

Finding beds for all of them proved more challenging. The women took Bryn’s remaining empty rooms. Pallets were made up for the men in the upstairs hallway and on the porch, with one man stationed inside each of the witchs’  rooms. Something the women seemed entirely too excited about.

“Sisters,” Bryn hissed after she pulled them into the kitchen for a last-minute chat. “I know we’ve been without male company for a while, but you’ve been offered a gift. Don’t allow them to romance the right of choice out from under you.”

“So says the woman who has twice been claimed,” Darcy said with an arch of her red brow.

“Claimed once by a monster. As you well remember.” She sighed. “Please, take your time. We don’t know these men. For now, Ethan seems to have them roped in, but they’ve all caught your scents. We can’t have them challenging each other for your hands.”

“It’s not like we have to choose only one,” Miren said, but then pressed her lips into a narrow line at Bryn’s frown. “Just sayin’.”

Her sisters giggled.

“True,” said Darcy. “And how does one choose between a dragon and a gargoyle?” Darcy ran a crafters’ cottage, complete with pottery wheel and kiln. Her choices had naturally aligned with stone and fire.

Radha giggled. “The satyr offered to let me sheer his fur to make yarn on my spindle.”

Bryn couldn’t help it, a smile tugged at her mouth. “So long as you realize that the moment you accept a mate and he claims you, that the echo will sound.”

“Merrick and his friends might already know,” Aoife said. “How can we trust that every one of Ethan’s friends will keep his silence?”

“There are plenty of games we can play without risking an echo,” Darcy said with a graceful wave of her hand. “A little play might bind them closer to us.”

A rap sounded on the kitchen door. Ethan pushed through it. “The men are ready to bed down. It might be best for the women to retreat to their rooms.”

The sisters shared charged glances. “If anyone cries out,” Bryn whispered, “we shall all answer.”

They nodded, and then the women trailed out of the kitchen, leaving Bryn alone with Ethan.

Bryn sighed. “This is—”

“Complicated,” he finished. “I know. But you can trust me.”

“And should I trust the others?”

He arched one brow. “You don’t think they all fear a troll?”

She shrugged. “I suppose. I’ve never seen you in your true form.”

“And you won’t. Not unless I have to protect you.” He held out his hand. A hint of his earlier arousal was there in his dark eyes. “I’ll be staying in your room.”

Not a question, but she nodded, agreeing. “Of course.”

“Kahn and Sigurd understand that so long as they watch over you during the day, they are free to woo the others.”

She jutted her chin. “You didn’t offer them the chance to share?”

His grunt was wickedly masculine. “Do you really think you could handle more than me in your bed?”

She remembered the immense pressure. She was sure, once she was accustomed to his girth, that just the act of him entering her would be enough to set her off. “No. I don’t want another lover. And we have a bargain. You’re free to include that stipulation.”

“Then I will. Come to bed.”

As meek as a lamb, she allowed him to lead her through her house and up the wooden staircase. She passed the girls’ rooms, heard laughter, smelled the heady mix of testosterone and estrogen, of arousal so thick her own body began to warm, her breasts and pussy to thicken with her stirring blood.

She stepped around the pallet of blankets and quilts that Kahn had made for himself outside her door. He was jinn, and his talents would have more naturally aligned with Radha’s, but Bryn understood her sister’s reluctance to accept his proximity. He was seduction incarnate when he smiled. His mouth was sensual and mobile, his black eyes filled with mystery. He’d probably scared the dickens out of Radha.

“Sigurd’s on the porch,” Kahn said. “He wants to run in wolfskin tonight.”

She nodded, uncomfortable with the way the men talked openly about their true selves after having suppressed her own for so long except in front of her sisters.

Ethan followed her into her room and began to disrobe.

She stiffened.

He studied her face and stopped when he was wearing only his boxer briefs. “I’ll sleep on top of the covers.”

She shook her head. “We’ve passed that point. But this is an adjustment for me.”

“And I told you before we mated that I’d respect your right to tell me no.”

“I can’t tell you that,” she said, her eyes beginning to well with tears. Her need was strong. And he knew it. A tremble shook her frame and she gasped.

There was understanding in his eyes. Perhaps a little sympathy. A witch’s heightened state of arousal when in the company of a mate wasn’t something she was prepared to fight. Especially not when she knew the pleasure he would give her.

She turned and lifted her hair. And just as he had in the gazebo, he moved closer and pulled down her zipper.

A Glimpse Inside ONCE IN A BLUE MOON… (Contest)
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Kim Smith is the lucky winner!

* * * * *

once in a blue moon_600I had such a good night sleep! I’m back from house-sitting for my dd. I slept in my own bed with my old familiar pillows. Pillows are so important, aren’t they? Kel has great pillows, but I couldn’t quite get them bunched under my head just the right way. I like pinching and punching them until they form a natural hollow for my head… And you don’t really want to know about my pillows, do you? When I’m in a good mood, I can’t seem to help rambling away.

In a couple of weeks, I have a brand new story releasing. The start of hot new series set in one of my favorite places on the planet—the Louisiana bayou. From the cover of this one you might be thinking, “What? Where’s the ménage?” And yeah, THIS STORY doesn’t have a ménage. But it does have Ethan. Poor little witchy-poo Bryn couldn’t have handled more than Ethan. He’s more than most women could handle. He’s a troll. And you have no idea what’s in store for you. But don’t worry. The stories that follow have many combinations of sexy happenings in the boudoir. I needed to introduce the series somewhere, and Ethan begged for his first. Trolls are lonely creatures.

Back to Once in a Blue Moon

It releases on July 15th and it’s ready for pre-order now. Here are the links:

Samhain | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

What are you going to like about the book? I hope everything. The book starts with a little magic. Bryn, one of five sister witches hiding from their former “keepers”, is brooding over the fact their world is about to change. That progress is coming. She’s stirring something on the stove in a large black pot.

“With your blessings, come weal and bounty,

With our efforts, come fortunes plenty.”

As the story continues, you learn about her particular strengths. Magic infuses her life. And while it was painful, painful for me to write so many spells (I wanted to make them pretty for you), the effort was worth it.

What else are you going to like? The humor. The sisters aren’t really sisters, but they are closer than blood. They don’t hold back with each other. And Bryn’s sisters interfere by matchmaking, casting love spells, not knowing Ethan is a troll. The camaraderie among the sisters, their blunt honesty with each other, makes for some funny scenes.

There’s danger in the air too. A darkness that reaches their little bayou community. There’s more out there in the world other than the witches and my handsome troll. But you’ll get to meet Others very quickly inside my story. And you’ll be begging me for more stories… Or at least I hope that’s what happens, because this story was sooooooo easy to write. It flew out of me, because it’s what I love writing most—sexy, dark, funny, paranormal stories.

And here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite for more. Let me know if it worked! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free download from among my backlist of Samhain titles.

Excerpt from Once In a Blue Moon

“Let me do this my way.”

His way meant she would be on hands and knees. His callused palms urged her downward, arranging her knees, sinking the center of her back to tilt her bottom upward.

She didn’t mind that he treated her like a doll, that he took charge, his body blanketing her as he set the width of her hands just so. He was warm and hard and surrounding her. His cock glided on the backs of her thighs, nudged her buttocks and slid along her wet folds.

And his cock was huge. A blunt instrument. Rock solid as the rest of him.

When he was satisfied, he moved away. Her head bowed toward the floor. She hoped he’d take her. Sink his many inches inside her. However, the first flick of his tongue against her folds sent an electrical charge through her.

She must have been wound too tight. Nearly on the verge of orgasm for it to affect her so. She steeled herself against the pleasure, not wanting to disappoint him by leaving him in the dust.

He teased her with more flicks to her outer folds. Then he suckled there, drawing her inside his mouth for gentle nibbles. His whiskers raked her sex and inner thighs.

Not that she minded the abrasion. He could scour her skin off so long as he found her center. Which he did, dipping his tongue inside her and swirling. A deep groan vibrated against her sex.

When he pulled away again, she whimpered. She didn’t need foreplay, she needed the main event. But the nips he gave her fleshy ass made her jerk, escalating her sensitivity to his every touch.

Fingers parted her then swirled around her entrance. They eased her open, stretched her, one finger added at a time until she was beyond full. He spent so much time preparing her for his girth, she began to wonder if she’d underestimated just as how large he was.

The moment he prodded her with the blunt knob of his cock, she knew. He spread her folds and pressed against her, apparently gripping himself to circle her entrance and ease himself inside with precision and insistent pressure.

She’d dreamed about the way it would feel. Now pleasure was edged with worry that he wouldn’t fit. But she was wet, and more liquid seeped from inside her to coat his heavy cock. At last, he breached her entrance.

She sagged, her arms already shaking. Her body was too tight, too excited for her to slow her heart or reactions. “Ethan,” she whimpered.

The pressure relented. He held still. “Am I hurting you?” His voice sounded as though he were  grinding rocks between his teeth.

“Yes,” she hissed, but she didn’t want him to stop. She wanted the pressure and the pain. “More, please.”

His laugh was choked. He gripped the notches of her hips to hold her immobile and worked himself inside in shallow, pulsing waves, in and out, deeper and deeper—until Goddess, he was touching her womb.

She felt a pinch deep inside her. A quiver of core-deep delight. This could be the moment. If only he didn’t realize he’d taken her unprotected and pulled free at the last.

Bryn sank her chest against the cushions and reached far beneath her, past his cock, to his balls. She gripped them, massaging them, sending out a flash of witch’s heat.

“Fuck, Bryn. Don’t…” He dug his fingers hard into her fleshy hips, pulled back and then slammed forward.

She released his balls, certain he wouldn’t stop until she’d achieved her goal. She’d unleashed his passion.

His hips moved faster, his cock cramming deeply, whipping back and shoving forward again. The sheer fullness made her want to shout. Her back arched and she pushed backward, trying to break his hold, but he began to move her, bringing her back as he thrust, pushing her away as he withdrew. He hammered her. Jostled her. Roughly, so deliciously, she was on the verge of exploding.

And then he began to move his hands on her skin. He reached up one hand to grab her hair and force her back to arch more, gliding another on her skin, raising gooseflesh. Her hair was lifting and prickling on the back of her neck. Static charged the air, and her eyes widened. She knew at last why he’d been so attractive, why she’d been inexorably drawn to him. Why she’d craved this union.

Demon! she screamed inside. But it was already too late. Heat swept through her, electricity crackled. Her core convulsed, her orgasm exploding outward, weakening her limbs, stealing her mind.

She slumped against the floor as he thrust twice more and then his seed jetted inside her. His shout as he came was filled with triumph.

When at last he grew still, he released her.

She crawled forward on her hands and knees and rolled to stare up in horror as he braced his hands on his thighs and met her stare. Her heart thudded dully against her chest.

His eyes glowed green in the darkness.

Not just demon. Troll!

A Ramble, a Contest, and a Question!
Friday, June 6th, 2014

It Takes a SEALJust stopping in to wave a quick hello!

I’ve been hard at work. Nothing new there. Tons of projects in the works and new releases ready for you to read. With so much happening on the home front—It’s summer! Kids are underfoot!—my To Do list is paramount! If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t happen.

Let me tell you about a couple of things—nothing to bore you too much, promise—and then we’ll move on to a fun question!

First, are you signed up to receive my newsletter? If not, why not? I will be issuing my next one very shortly, and I’m giving away a nice little bracelet with semi-precious stones. If you want a chance to win it, you have to be among my subscribers. So before you forget to do so, scroll down this page and look at the left column. See where it says “Newsletter?” Put your email address in that block and you’re good to go! I’ll be doing a contest a month with fun things—jewelry I make, “fuggly ring” contests, or maybe something I’ve drawn/painted and had framed—you have to be a subscriber to be in the know!

RedDawn_600Next, I have new releases out and more on the way. This week, I published my latest Adventure Girl, Inc. novella, It Takes a SEAL. Next week, I’ll have a short story that will go up for $.99 that’s a nice little sci-fi romance set on Mars—Red Dawn. I know. What does one have to do with the other? NOT A THING except that’s the way my mind likes to work, hopping from one genre to the next because I’d get bored. I hope you’re the same way too. Keep watching my Facebook or Twitter chatter to know when it’s ready for you to download.

In July, my next Samhain story releases. It’s Once in a Blue Moon. The first of my Beaux Reve Coven stories — yes! A paranormal with witches and demons and lots of smexiness goin’ on. I had a blast writing it, so I kind of think you’ll have a blast reading it. More about that later. I have to update my Coming Soon page this weekend. As soon as I do, you’ll be able to read a nice long excerpt to see if it’s something you’re going to love!

And then in September, my next BDSM erotica novel, His Every Fantasy releases. A full-length story filled with intrigue and hotness and a hero named Sergei. Yum!

once in a blue moon_600I’m writing this at midnight, so I’m typing really fast and rambling. And I thought this would be short. :shock:

Post a comment and you could win a signed copy oCowboy HeatLost Souls or Crescent Moon. Winner’s choice!

The question?

What are your plans for the summer? Work as usual? A family vacation? Time at the lake or the beach?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Just so you know, the latest, greatest super-boxed set is out! Occupational Hazard is chock full of sexy goodness–and the ULTIMATE workplace romance box set. Okay, so that was clearly bragging, but I think you get the idea. It’s hot. There are ten juicy stories by ten of the hottest writers around (okay, so does that sound like bragging again?). Follow the link and buy your copy. You won’t want to miss a chance to find out whether I’m all hot air! (I’m not.)

All work and no play? No way! These TEN books by New York Times, USA Today, and National Bestselling Authors show how hot workplace romances can be. And the best part? It’s just $0.99! Don’t wait…it’s only available for a limited time, and then it’ll be back to business as usual.***
~Retail value of the individual books is over $25.00!~
My Secretary, My Mistress – Eve Langlais
Can a boss let go of his inhibitions and let his secretary take charge of him in the bedroom?

Yours to Take – Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

Against Company Policy – Mandy Harbin
Cassie Tucker and Ian Cope know they should keep things professional on their new assignment, but when desire is faced with physical boundaries and company policy, it’s time to get a little creative…and a little kinky.

White Collar Cowboy – Parker Kincade
Lauren Delgado has had a crush on Gavin Mathis for years, but has a strict “hand-off” policy with the men she works with. When her life takes an unexpected turn, there’s nothing to stop her from accepting Gavin’s invitation to his vacation home on Galveston Island … where she learns the policy is definitely hands-on.

Seducing Chase – Cassandra Carr
When a doctor disappears with millions, can Val and Nate set aside their explosive attraction and save the hospital?

First Kiss – Ann Mayburn
Ryan will never forgot that night in high school when he kissed Emma and lost his heart to her forever. Years later he finds Emma again, but now she’s a pro-Domme that refuses to fall in love. Ryan begins a campaign to win her reluctant heart, one night at a time.

Flirting with the Camera – Ros Clarke
Brilliant, beautiful and bigger than your average plus-size model, Hattie Bell can do anything she sets her mind to. After all, she’s just landed her dream job, modelling for top photographer, Tom Metcalfe. So her next goal should be a piece of cake: getting Tom to break his strict rule against workplace romances…

No Restraints – Lilly Cain
Bad girl Selene Carter will do anything to save her business, even team up with the cop who stole her heart. But can Detective Tom Barker help when he knows she’s no innocent?

Pleasing Sir
– Delilah Devlin

Raelie might be a submissive in search of just the right Dom, but she’s not the kind to sit back and wait for the right man to happen. When she gets the chance to fill in as Bryce Caldwell’s executive assistant, she decides some subtle seduction is needed to see if he dominates the bedroom the same way he does the office.

– Cari Quinn

She’s in for the fight of her life…with the man who only wants to be her lover.

Once is Never Enough is here! (Contest)
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Update: The winner of the free download is…Gail Siuba!

* * * * *


Ever have a character in a book who was larger than life, who you knew would scare the crap out of you if you met him in the real world? Not because you’re afraid he’ll do you physical harm, but because he’s so intense?

Meet Mondo Acevedo. And he’s a Dom. The last man standing in his very close-knit, kinky band of brothers in blue. Readers have been asking for his story since the first of my Delta Heat books came out. It’s been a long wait. There were five other stories leading up to this one. I know you won’t mind the wait. Not once you reach THE END.

If you read the story, I hope you’ll be moved to write a review. They really do help other readers make their buying choices. Thanks!

Buy Links: Samhain | Amazon | B&N

Post a comment today, and you’ll be in the running to
win a free download of your choice of one of the prequel stories

Here’s what the story is all about…

It’s time for this Dom to learn he may not always know what’s best.

When his four Memphis PD friends needed to let off steam, Mondo helped them all navigate the BDSM world—his world—and find the women of their dreams. Now the vice cop and La Forge Master/Dom is the last single man standing. And he’s feeling a little like the odd man out.

He’s been waiting a long time for the right woman, one strong enough to match his dark passions. A timid grade school teacher definitely doesn’t make the short list.

Sunny Boudreau was content with her rather prosaic life until a trio of lovers moves in next door. But as she gets to know them and all their friends, she’s drawn to the edge of their ménage/BDSM play. She’s tempted to take the plunge—except Mondo warns her off.

Her first taste of the club only whets her appetite and ignites her desire to prove she’s exactly the woman Mondo’s been hungering for.

Warning: BDSM play at your favorite kinky club, group play at home, some fun BDSM, girl-on-girl kissing, an orgy…the usual for our boys in blue.


Sunny refused to think about what she was doing, concentrating instead on moving one foot in front of the other, despite her trepidation and embarrassment. Part of her couldn’t believe she was doing this, walking nude into a roomful of strangers. The other part clung to the sight of the man walking in front of her. Anger at how quickly he’d dismissed her commitment to this path without really knowing her fueled her forward movement.

He didn’t know how lonely she was, how out of step she was with her acquaintances at work. They had their boyfriends, had their plain vanilla sex, their ordinary lives, when she dreamed of something more. Something rare and exciting. Not until she’d met Pansy had she understood her need to explore her true nature.

Since the night she’d masturbated, knowing full well Mondo watched, she’d devoured every book she could find on BDSM and fetishes, and much of what she’d read left her feeling as though she’d only been half alive before. And now she stood on a precipice, ready to take the dive into deeper, dark waters.

And Mondo was the key. The teacher she needed. Already he was more attractive, more mysterious and dangerous than anyone she’d ever met. As a vice cop, he faced dangers at work she could only imagine. A far cry from her own job, which she loved, but which didn’t fill her need for adventure.

Her first sight of him, standing on her doorstep, had taken her breath.

Even now, wearing his collar, her breaths were so shallow she had to consciously force them to deepen or risked fainting. And wouldn’t Mondo love it if she did, proving he’d been right all along? Following Mondo out of his playroom and into the noisy, boisterous salon took an act of courage—courage she hadn’t known she possessed. Just summoning up the nerve to step inside La Forge fully dressed had taken nearly everything she had.

She didn’t like crowds, had hated lining up with the others who hoped they’d be chosen for play and instruction, on display for an entire room of barely dressed people to be eyed like they were trussed-up chickens in a meat market.

Pansy had wanted to take her shopping, to buy something sexy and appropriately subbie, but Sunny had hesitated. Sure, she’d read a lot about the lifestyle, but she wasn’t prepared to act as though she knew more than she did.

Everything she’d read had excited her, but she knew herself well enough to know she had to enter this adventure on her own terms, be completely herself, or she’d balk at the last minute from fear and embarrassment.

The fact that Mondo had managed to get her out of her clothes so quickly and striding toward the noisy room was a testament to how much she wanted him as a teacher. Or perhaps how much she wanted to prove him wrong. Anger continued to fuel her bravado.

Pansy had extolled his skills, his sensitivity, his strength. She’d told Sunny that he could push a sub farther than her pre-conceived limits—and it had to be true, because already she was naked and aroused—something any of the dozens of players turning their way to note their passage would see. Her nipples were tightly beaded, her areolas dimpled. Moisture was pooling between her legs. She hoped the dim lighting would hide the gleam between her thighs.

Shutting the others out before she lost her nerve, she kept her gaze on Mondo’s broad shoulders as he moved with purpose through the center of the room, past chairs and sofas where a dizzying array of sexual acts were occurring.

Her mouth dropped as she spotted Pansy, bent forward with Billy holding her hands to provide her balance, her pregnant belly bared, while Beau clapped his hand on her naked bottom—not harshly enough to rock her body, but her cheeks were pink, her pussy flushed and engorged—for anyone to see.

Sunny’s cheeks burned for her new friend. Taking another step, she bumped into Mondo, who turned his head and gave her a searing glance. “Sorry, Sir,” she mumbled, not able to meet his knowing gaze, because she’d been caught staring at another woman’s pussy.

“That interested you?” he asked, pointing his chin toward Pansy, whose desperate gaze met Sunny’s.

Pansy gasped at the next thudding clap and then winked.

Sunny swallowed hard, surprised at how much she envied Pansy’s predicament. Meeting Mondo’s hard gaze, she quivered inside. Sensing he’d know if she tried to give him anything less than the truth, she admitted her interest with a whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

Mondo stepped closer, forcing her head up to maintain their locked gazes. A hand slipped between her thighs, fingers gliding in the moisture coating her smooth outer labia. Shock sent a shiver straight up her spine at the intimate touch, and she nearly reached out to push his hand away.

Without any emotion in his eyes, Mondo smiled. “I’ll touch you however I want. No matter who watches.”

She nodded, but gasped a quick, “Yes, Sir,” when he pinched her swollen clit.

The urge to widen her stance, to invite further caresses warred with the chilling awareness that others watched.

Mondo gave her a long look. Everything inside her made her want to lower her gaze, to hide the longing surging up inside her. For him. For what this place offered. How much of that longing was for him specifically or for what he might be able to teach her, she wasn’t sure. But she held his gaze, braving out the tense moment.

Mondo gave a soft grunt and then glanced around them. Heads turned swiftly away at his glare.

She ducked her head, averting her gaze as she’d been instructed. She almost smiled at his irritation but firmed her lips to hide her amusement. The fact she wanted to smile when she was nude and vulnerable surprised her. She’d never done this before. Even with the few lovers she’d had, she was quick to find a robe rather than parade naked.

“I want you to watch with me tonight,” he said, his voice pitched low. “Be my shadow. When I pause, you kneel. When I move, you follow.” He trailed a finger down the side of her face. “If I caress you, you will let me see whether you feel pleasure or discomfort. Hide nothing.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered and then wet her lips, wishing he’d kiss her again.

His sensuous, firm mouth quirked up at one side. “You are a surprise.”

Her mouth twitched. “Sir?”

“Yes, Sunny?”

“Will you make love to me tonight?”

He pulled his head back and looked down at her, his eyes narrowed as he studied her face. “I shouldn’t. You’re bold and shouldn’t be rewarded. You have a lot to learn.”

“You didn’t say you won’t.” The further narrowing of his eyes told her she’d displeased him. Quickly, before he could respond, she slowly knelt in front of him. “You paused, Sir.”

Mondo’s teeth flashed. He shook his head. “Dios, the things I want to do with you.”

1 Day to Once is Never Enough! (Contest)
Monday, May 19th, 2014

UPDATE: The winner of this free download is…Linda Richter!

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Once is Never EnoughCan you tell I had fun with the titles for my Delta Heat series? Five Ways ‘Til Sunday, Fournicopia, A Perfect Trifecta, Twice the Bang…and now, Once is Never Enough. I like it when I have a title that completely captures the essence of the story. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it worked this time!

I hope you enjoy the excerpt. I hope you’ve pre-ordered your copy of the last book in the series. If not, click on the cover at the right! You really don’t want to miss Mondo’s fall. One more day!

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Who says it’s better to share your toys?

Delta Heat, Book 4

Beau McIntyre has had his eye on Pansy Patton for a while. But after their friends’ coming out party—where Pansy wears nothing but a sexy smile—Beau isn’t the only one jockeying for the best view of her pretty backside. Realizing it was a mistake to opt for a drawn-out seduction, Beau plans on staking his claim.

Billy Sorenson knows he’s out of his league with a submissive like Pansy, but it was lust at first sight. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to have her, even if he has to be penciled into her schedule for equal time.

A smoking-hot firefighter with ice-blue eyes, or a mysterious cop…what’s a girl to do? Pansy has the answer: refuse to choose and savor the consequences of both men pursuing her.

Doe she expect her lovers to play fair? Oh, no. She’s hoping they’ll play dirty. Real dirty…

Warning: Contains m/f/m and f/f/m scenes, paintball and other sexy ball games, flogging, and one wild orgy of pleasure.  

A low whistle sounded, followed by a sharp elbow to Beau McIntyre’s ribs.

He winced and aimed a glare at Craig. Craig’s green eyes were narrowed and glinting beneath his blond brows despite the subdued lighting at their table.

Only his buddy Craig wasn’t looking Beau’s way. He stared toward the entrance of the Emerald Tavern.

Beau followed his gaze and froze. No further explanation was necessary. The sight that greeted him had him pushing up from the table, ready to confront the couple strolling arm in arm into the bar.

“Isn’t this his night?” Mondo asked, the slight Latin inflection in his voice adding an edge to his sly amusement.

“It’s my damn bar,” Beau said, then quickly wiped the frown from his face. Beau didn’t make scenes, rarely wore his emotions where anyone else might see. But fucking hell. Of all the bars in Memphis, Billy Sorensen had to choose this one?

Beau was certain their appearance here wasn’t an accident. When Billy’s crystal-blue gaze swung toward him and narrowed, Beau recognized the challenge. Bring it on, man!

Another of his buddies, Gus, grunted. “Wow, did he just—?”

“Yep, he did,” came a feminine drawl. “Whatcha gonna do about it, Beau? Can’t let some fireboy diss you in your own damn bar.”

That last bit had Beau’s lips twitching, because it was coming from Marti, the actual owner of the bar and his buddy Jackson’s fiancée. The short sprite with a blue streak in her hair that matched her wild-child heart had attitude—all of it bad. And she’d just upped the challenge.

His gaze went straight to Pansy Patton, who seemed oblivious to the storm brewing and who had yet to spot Beau and his crew.

“Mmm-mmm,” Gus said, rearranging his large frame in his chair. “Never noticed your girl’s legs.”

“That’s because every time you’ve seen her,” Mondo murmured, “she’s been naked. Her pretty breasts take the attention away from those slender stems.”

Beau’s own gaze roamed Pansy’s slender, nicely curved legs. Pansy wasn’t any bigger than a minute, but she was perfectly proportioned—plump, but not overly large breasts, a slender waist that sloped outward to full hips that topped a lovely, lightly muscled pair of stems.

His body tightened, his cock sucking the juice from his veins to feed the pulse throbbing in his groin. The last time he’d seen Pansy, she’d had those legs parted, her hamstrings stretched as she’d reached to clasp her ankles at his command.

That had been at Craig, Jenn and Aiden’s coming-out party, the celebration the trio had hosted where they’d opened their home and the underpinnings of their unusual relationship to their closest friends.

Getting into the spirit of things that night, Beau had joined in the free-spirited antics, homing in on Pansy the moment she’d walked through the playroom door sporting only a smile. From her short blonde hair to her pink-tipped toenails, Beau’s interest had spiked past the flirtation they’d shared over the last several months.

The only fly in the ointment had been the appearance of Aiden’s firehouse buddy, Billy, who’d been quick to sidle up to her unclaimed side the moment sexy Domme, Aislinn, started whipping Gus.

Billy hadn’t seemed comfortable watching a man getting paddled. But when Pansy had been led by Mondo to the spanking bench, Billy had stood slack-jawed as Mondo coaxed silky cream and broken groans from the pint-sized Venus.

Both Billy and Beau had stood to the side, admiring the tensing of her muscles, the pink stripes on her tender flesh and the way her pussy had grown lushly wet, her channel opening as her knees inched farther and farther apart.

She’d all but begged to have her pussy spanked. Mondo had at last shown mercy, turning the paddle to push the smooth handle into her vagina, fucking her gently while he rubbed and pinched her clit.

Her orgasm had arrived with a thin, warbling scream, and he and Billy had exchanged quick hard glances before jostling each other to be the one to release her from her bonds and help her to her feet.

For the rest of the night, they’d relentlessly pursued Pansy, who at one point spread her arms, palms slamming against both men’s chests. “Enough!” she’d said, then blown at a lock of chin-length blonde hair that had fallen into her cornflower-blue eyes. “I’m flattered, but you’re both exhausting.” Read the rest of this entry »