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ROGUES is almost here! Want to help me figure out what’s next?
Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Had a late night! I was doing one last walk through this book—which, BTW, is releasing May 17th—NEXT TUESDAY!

It’s the latest collection curated by me. We’ll be doing some fun stuff—blogging, partying, etc., to get the word out. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to host us on their website, just let me know! If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, why haven’t you? It’s a steal at $0.99! And, for now,  it’s completely free for all you Kindle Unlimited subscribers! I love putting these collections together, because 1) I get to read a ton of great stories as I whittle down the stories to include; 2) I get to play with some wonderful authors—some of whom I already know, but new friends, too; and 3) I get to play in a sandbox of my choice. This time around it’s “rogues”—those wonderful bad boys with the hearts of gold, be they pirates, thieves, highwaymen, tomb raiders—even a geek (in my case), who does a bad thing but for a very good reason. :)

So, now that this one is done, I get to think about what’s next. Do you want another cowboy collection? A knights collection? A blue-collar stud collection? What would you like to see?

Rogues! Even the word conjures a special sort of hero—a playful bad boy with a heart of gold—at least when it comes to his lady-love. This volume is filled with the Jack Sparrows of old—pirates sailing the high seas, Regency-era highway men, modern-day jewel thieves, like Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief—men doing bad things, bending or breaking the law, but in a very sexy way. With fourteen stories sure to satisfy the reader who craves that ultimate bad boy, prepare to have your heart stolen!

SWINDLED by Megan Mitcham
OPALS – Axa Lee
HER HEART’S TOMB – Jennifer Kacey
PLUNDER by Delilah Night
THE HEAT by Mia Hopkins
QUEEN HIGH by Cela Winter
ROGUE HEARTS by Delilah Devlin
AN EYE FOR LOVE by Cynthia Young
PROBLEMS by Tray Ellis

Another Cowboys on the Edge story is out! (Contest)
Friday, May 6th, 2016

UPDATE: The winner is…Sandra Rodriquez!

* * * * *

Cains Law meme_800

Dear Readers and Friends,

The third story in my Cowboys on the Edge series is out! Whee! Love a cowboy-cop who has to lay it on the line to save the woman he’s falling for? Yeah, Cain is a sigh-worthy hero!

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can pick up a copy for free!

Maybe you wondered why I called my series, “Cowboys on the Edge”. Don’t know, don’t care? Too bad. I’ll tell ya anyway. Maybe you don’t know it, but Texas is home to the second largest canyon in the United States–Palo Duro Canyon. It’s a gorgeous place–and kind of strange. You can drive across the flattest plain imaginable, and then suddenly, you have to put on the brakes because there’s this deep canyon. The rim around the canyon is surrounded by ranches and some high-end houses, no doubt because the view is spectacular.

Anyways, I stole it! My canyon town is Caldera, Texas. Caldera, in Spanish, means “cauldron” or “boiling pot”. Appropriate for the couples who find love in this small Texas town, situated near the rim of a canyon. My heroes are Texas boys, born and raised–and they are men who aren’t afraid to run toward danger to save the woman they love.

Cain’s Law was previously released in the Cowboy Justice 12-Pack collection. So if you’ve already bought that, you have the story. Just not this lickable cover. LOL! Feel no obligation to purchase this singly. But if you do pick up a copy, you have my deep thanks.

If you’re not shy about writing reviews, I’d really appreciate you leaving one! The next person who sees that cover, and decides to check out the story inside, will also see your review and know exactly what’s in store for them. Your review might tip that reader toward making the decision to buy that book.

And if you love this story, and want to read more like it, please let me know. I base my decisions regarding what I write next on your feedback and purchases. It really is up to you.

Click on the meme above to see all the Cowboys on the Edge stories on Amazon!

And if you’d like to win a copy of Wet Down or Controlled Burn, let me know whether cowboy cops/firemen are your cup of tea!

Cain’s Law

CainsLaw 600

When love is on the line, a cowboy will risk everything…

Texas Lawman, Cain Whitfield, has been burned before by a beautiful brunette with dark doe eyes. He won’t be fooled again. But fate has a rotten sense of humor when he discovers the latest stranger to arrive in his small Texas town is a former mob enforcer’s girlfriend—something he learns when the cabin she rented goes up in flames and her boyfriend tries to run them both off the road. Now, he’s got to keep her alive and under wraps long enough to arrest the bastard. Resisting his attraction to the drop-dead gorgeous brunette proves impossible when they’re forced to share a safe house while the sheriff and the other deputies double patrols to keep her safe.

Even though she knows they’re all wrong for each other, Carina Black can’t help her attraction for the proud lawman. She’s done with the glitz and glamour of her former life, but can she convince Cain to look beyond her past to trust she’s ready for life in a small town? As her former boyfriend closes in, she worries too that her poor judgment could bring harm to a decent man.

The longer they’re together, the hotter their passion burns…

Buy at Amazon

A Glance at April, A Look Toward May!
Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Dear Readers and Friends,

Things are looking up! When temperatures rose high enough I could convince myself the pool temp was “refreshing”, I took two dips in the pool! Froze my ass off, but it was so worth it. When I have the pool to look forward to, it means I’m ready to shake off my winter fugue and get to work.

April was fun! My latest collaboration/box-set is out, and we made the USA Today list! Woot! Also, my short story, Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team hit #1 on Amazon’s short story list. It’s still there as I’m writing this. Thanks so much to those of you who supported it! The next story in my SSO series came out yesterday–Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Doctor! I’d love for you to pick up a copy, and if you have time after reading it (remember, it’s short!), post a review. You have no idea how important those things are for authors.

Keep reading. Below, I have hints of what’s coming in May and a little announcement about the winner of my latest giveaway!

Thanks again! I have the best readers. I love your emails! They really do give me a lift every day.

A Glance Back At April

cowboy justince

Cowboy Justice 12-Pack

Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors, including Susan Stoker, Elle James, Becky McGraw, Cynthia D’Alba, Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Lexi Post, Sabrina York, Randi Alexander, Lindsay McKenna, Beth Williamson, and me!

Get your copy at Amazon!


DesiresSlave 600

Desire’s Slave
Planet Desire, Book 2

Love on the edge of the galaxy…

After a fellow convict is murdered on her watch, Calandra Jones escapes the ship of the pirates who liberated the convicts, determined to make it on her own. She doesn’t need anyone and doesn’t want anyone depending her ever again. Just as she’s attempting to arrange passage on another ship headed for a mining colony, she’s abducted by a handsome trader bent on offering her for sale at a potentate’s auction.

Drago Chavez doesn’t understand Calandra’s opposition to his plan. As a concubine or wife to a powerful man, she would be pampered and influential. No woman he’s ever placed has complained about being sold into the arms of a caring owner. Besides, his acquisition of the rebellious beauty is his entrée into a lucrative and exclusive market.

Calandra considers Drago’s goal nothing short of sexual slavery and vows to seduce the trader into changing his mind about offering her for sale. A sensual storm erupts during their desert odyssey that culminates when Calandra is sold, and Drago must decide whether he trusts their love enough to launch a rescue.

Get your copy at Amazon!


SOWithHisDoctor 600

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Doctor

She’s in luck! The doctor’s in…

With the ink barely dry on their D/s contract, big brother’s ready to introduce Sasha to a very special friend…

Get your copy at Amazon!


Thank you for making this story a #1 bestseller!

SOWithHisTeam 600

When a college student changes her appearance and follows her brother and his teammates to Spring Break in Mexico, she’s ready for adventure… It’s game on!

Get your copy at Amazon!


A Look Toward May

First up will be Cain’s Law. It came out in the Cowboy Justice 12-Pack, but for those of you who want it sitting beside the first two stories in the Cowboys on the Edge series with that gorgeous cover, you know you’ll have my gratitude! Mid-month will be the release of my latest collection of short stories, Rogues: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, written by authors you should already know well, and some newbie authors I will love introducing you to! At the end of the month comes the next in my Firehouse 69 series, Rapid Entry–and it’s HAWT in Memphis!

Click on the covers if you’d like to pre-order the stories!

Rapid Entry opens for pre-order tomorrow!

I don’t have covers yet, but I do plan on releasing the next Stepbrothers Stepping Out shorty. But tell me, which of these ideas appeals to you most?

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team
Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Pack
Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Pride

CainsLaw 600
Rogues 600
RapidEntry 600
Flashback: Knight in Transition (Contest)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

I’m in writing mode. Head down. Fingers cramping as they tap the keyboard. I’ll come up for air sometime this weekend when I finish the story I’m working on. In the meantime, here’s a little vampire fun. From the pic below, you know there are several stories in this series. I’ll be writing another very, very soon. If you haven’t already read all of them, catch up! :)

And to help you do that, here’s your chance to win a free copy of one of the stories! Let me know if you’ve read any of the Night Fall series, and if you have, who is your favorite character? A “no” answer is just fine, and just as valid an entry as a name, because I will be using a random number generator… So get set, ready…go!

Comment for a chance to win one of these stories!

NF meme_800

Knight in Transition

Knight in Transition

“Vampires, werewolves, and babies — oh, my! [Knight in Transition] is a sensual and thrilling ride into the world of the paranormal.” ~ Romance Reviews Today

“Ms. Devlin knows how to use her words to draw you into her story. She has created characters that are easy to fall in love with. When you combine her excellent characters with the great plot, this story becomes a must read.” ~ 5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

A member of an elite police unit sworn to hunt vampires, Joe Garcia’s life is turned upside down when he’s transformed into one. On a quest for a cure, Joe’s search brings him to New Orleans in a last ditch effort to recover his humanity.

Professor Lily Carlson, a renowned expert in vampire lore, has a condition of her own. Her sexual libido has been in hyper-drive for months. Her only defense is to hide behind her glasses and tweed suits and stay as far away from men as possible. However, she’s thrilled to discover vampires really do exist when Joe shows up on her balcony.

Although Joe deflects her attempts to make him a case study and confirm a few vampire statistics, he is drawn by her powerful allure. When werewolves join the chase and track her through New Orleans, Joe’s cop instincts tell him there’s a mystery to solve. Intent on protecting her, he must seek help from the last vampire on Earth he wants to ask.

While his hopes for deliverance from his fate dwindle, Lily’s life is forever altered by an unexpected inheritance.

It had taken Joe half an hour and a quarter pint of blood to find her apartment in the long, white two-story stucco building in the center of the French Quarter. The super led him straight to the door, then walked off, his eyes glazed under the influence of Joe’s suggestion he give his wife a tumble.

It took another half an hour to feed from the man who lived in the apartment next to the professor’s until he slept, just so Joe could climb out on his ironwork balcony and make the leap to hers.

Finally, he stood hidden in the shadows while he watched her through lacy curtains. Her French doors were opened to the sultry night air. With only light from the streetlamp outside to chase away the darkness, Joe could discern every detail of her bedroom. She lay not five feet from him atop pale pink sheets. Naked. Her knees bent; her creamy thighs splayed. So close he could smell her ripening scent.

She was pleasuring herself.

Joe’s cock stirred and unfurled, lengthening by the second as he watched her.

A fan pulsed from the ceiling above her, lifting the gold-brown hair curving over her breasts to tangle with the fingers tugging at her nipples. When her hands moved down her rounded belly, his gaze clung hungrily to the turgid points surrounded by their pale rose circles. His mouth watered, imagining the velvet-soft flesh surrendering to his kisses. Succulent morsels yielding the sweetest gift—her blood from the heart of her femininity.

She truly sealed her fate when one hand glided past the fur at her mons to cup her sex. Joe’s cock pressed insistently against his jeans, tightening when her fingers stroked between her outer labia to caress the thin folds within. Moisture glistened as she rubbed it over her lips, long sliding strokes that dipped inside and swirled outward.

Then her other hand entered the play, and her fingers parted the swollen labia, pulling them back to expose her engorged clitoris. She touched the shiny nub once and shivered as though the spot were too sensitive, and then her fingers glided away.

She circled the mouth of her vagina, dipping her fingertips into the well and spreading her moisture. Liquid seeped to coat her hand, and she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the tips clean. Soft appreciative groans broke from her throat.

Joe sweated. He’d never seen a woman enjoy her own essence like this one. His body was gripped with the need to shove his cock deep inside her juice-filled channel.

Instead, he braced an arm against the window casing and his other hand went to the hard bulge at the front of his jeans. Desperate to take the edge off his need, he flicked open the button on his waistband and eased the zipper down, shoving his briefs beneath his balls, enjoying the way the elastic constricted. His hot flesh escaped its prison, filling his hand. He encircled his shaft and stroked it, letting urgency fill his loins as he watched her.

Her hand slid beneath her pillow and pulled out a long, flesh-tone object that she caressed like a man’s cock. She sucked the head of the dildo, wetting it with her spit while she closed her eyes. Did she imagine a man shafting into her mouth?

Joe did. His cock pulsed and a pearl of pre-come beaded at the tiny opening atop the crown of his sex. He rubbed the moisture around the tip with his thumb.

She fingered the base of her symmetrical shaft and it hummed, just like his body, triggered by her sexy moan at the first touch of her vibrator to the tips of her breasts. Her mouth opened around a gasp.

Joe’s breath drew in sharply, imagining her taking his cock into her mouth. He squeezed himself, gliding the skin stretched tight as a rubber band over his cock, back and forth, faster.

She circled the dildo on one tit while her free hand massaged the other, the nipple winking between her fingertips. Then she placed it between her generous breasts and squeezed them around the dildo as her body writhed on the bed, her hips lifting, pulsing in the air.

Joe’s hips answered, pushing his cock through his clenched fist, faster now, building heat and friction. He dropped spit onto his shaft and worked it with his fist, gliding easily, imagining the woman’s undulating body convulsing along his cock.

Abruptly, the woman rolled onto her stomach and came to her knees, planting them wide apart on the bed, letting her chest fall to the mattress. Reaching between her legs, she spread her lips and coaxed the vibrator into her pussy, working it inside her, inch by inch, twisting it in her cream to lubricate its length and push deeper.

Joe’s grip nearly strangled his cock. The sight of her pale cheeks quivering in the air, the dildo clutched in her fist pumping in and out, pushed him over the edge. He felt the pressure build in his balls.

Her chest rubbed on the sheets and her hips circled on her hand-held cock, until she cried out and shoved the dildo deep, cramming it inside as far as it could reach with the flat of her palm. She moaned and bucked; her soft whimpers carried on the air. When the pulsing of her hips stopped, she sobbed and fell to the blanket, turning to her back, her legs askew, her hair a tangled cloud on her pillow.

Looking at her quivering belly and the dildo that peeked from inside her body, Joe groaned and spent his seed in a hot stream on the floor of her balcony.

Too late, he realized he’d cried aloud.

Desire’s Slave is here…with a little hiccup! (Giveaway)
Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

UPDATE: Amazon completed publishing the corrected version of the book! 

* * * * *


Dear Readers and Friends,

You know when you have so many balls you’re juggling in the air that something has to drop. Well…I dropped a ball. First, my apologies. Next, let me explain.

I accidentally uploaded an in-progress version of Desire’s Slave to Kindle. I didn’t notice it was the wrong version, which still had some errors, until it was too late to fix. Amazon is on it, but they could take days! I uploaded the corrected, final version late last night, and am waiting for it to go live, but again, that could take a while, too!

In the meantime, I’d like to fix this for you. If you pre-ordered the book, or even if you want to order it now, take a look at your story. You will know you have the unfinished version if there is nothing past the last sentence of the story–NOT the About the Author page, NOT a pic of the story that is coming, Planet Desire, and NOT promo for my Cowboys on the Edge series. If you don’t see any of that, you know you have the bad version!

Send me a copy of your receipt for purchase, and I will email you the correct version. Problem solved. And for your trouble, you can choose a short story from my short stories page, and I will send that along as well–my gift to you.

And if you do happen to get the right version, send me a receipt and your free short story choice anyway, because hey, you had to read this!

So, don’t let my snafu stop you from picking up your own copy of the story. Be warned! Desire’s Slave is a sex-fest! So, if you’re not into gratuitous, copious sex between two very highly sexual people, you can skip it! But if you like pure fantasy, set on a planet far, far away, you might just have a blast with this one!

Desire’s Slave

DesiresSlave 600

Love on the edge of the galaxy…

After a fellow convict is murdered on her watch, Calandra Jones escapes the ship of the pirates who liberated the convicts, determined to make it on her own. She doesn’t need anyone and doesn’t want anyone depending her ever again. Just as she’s attempting to arrange passage on another ship headed for a mining colony, she’s abducted by a handsome trader bent on offering her for sale at a potentate’s auction.

Drago Chavez doesn’t understand Calandra’s opposition to his plan. As a concubine or wife to a powerful man, she would be pampered and influential. No woman he’s ever placed has complained about being sold into the arms of a caring owner. Besides, his acquisition of the rebellious beauty is his entrée into a lucrative and exclusive market.

Calandra considers Drago’s goal nothing short of sexual slavery and vows to seduce the trader into changing his mind about offering her for sale. A sensual storm erupts during their desert odyssey that culminates when Calandra is sold, and Drago must decide whether he trusts their love enough to launch a rescue.

Purchase your copy here!

This ‘n’ That…and a Question! (Contest)
Saturday, April 9th, 2016

UPDATE: The winner is…Kymberly Holland!

* * * * *

I woke up late today. Slept ’til 9:00! I may be self-employed, but I do try to keep to a schedule. I have an alarm set for 6:30 every day, and the only thing I can think is that I must have woken up in the middle of the night and disabled the thing. I feel as though half my day is gone. Gah!

Desire's SlaveToday, I HAVE to finish up on the last little revisions of Desire’s Slave, the sequel to Desire’s Prisoner, which releases on Tuesday! I’m cutting it close to the deadline. I know. Bad author! The book is on pre-order, but I do have to warn you—it’s a sex-fest! If you’re not into sex, sex, and more sex—mf, ff, mff stuff—this one’s not for you. But if you like it raw and often and love space pirates and off-world adventures, this should do the trick! :)

Thanks to everyone who bought their copy of the Cowboy Justice 12-Pack! We’ve sold oodles! And now’s the time to buy it if you haven’t, because that $0.99 price won’t last long. Twelve stories by some of the most esteemed Western writers in the biz—you know you need it!

It’s also been lovely to see how well my latest Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team short story (pictured below) is doing! Thank you! Thank you! I love writing those naughty stories, and as long as you like reading them, I will deliver more! It’s up to you. And if you happen to have a hankering (they do still say that around these parts) for some other taboo subject, and would like for me to give it a try, I love hearing your suggestions! I’m easy that way.  :wink:

Whew! And that’s what’s happening with stories this week. Wish I could say I’ve been super-productive, but I think I have Spring Fever. Any excuse to be outside in the sunshine and I’m out the door. Are you feeling it too? I’ve been trying to get the pool cleaned up. Usually, it’s end of May before I even think about dipping my toes in the water, but we had such a mild winter, and the weather’s already getting warm. I think I might try to brave it before the end of this month, so I’ve been working on getting the green grunge off the bottom of the pool. Be expecting more froggie and floating toy photos…

So, back to the question. And the prize. I’ll give away a small Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter…

Are you in the grips of Spring Fever? Are you working feverishly on cleaning or prettying up your yards, spaces, whatever? I’d love to hear about it!

SSO Meme_sm

* * * * *

P.S. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, you really might want to consider doing that soon. I’m planning some fun giveaways this summer. You don’t want to miss your chance to win! Sign up now!

Lindsay McKenna: BLIND SIDED
Thursday, April 7th, 2016

cowboy justice new

Hi Lovely READERS!

EEEHHHAAAA !! The Cowboy Justice 12-Pack releases on 4/5/16 and is now up for pre-order on ALL OUTLETS for only .99 during pre-order. The set includes TWELVE COWBOY LAWMEN who are so hot it should be criminal my fabulous author  friends: Becky McGraw, Elle James, Donna Michaels, Lexi Post, Cynthia D’Alba, Susan Stoker, Delilah Devlin, Sable Hunter, Sabrina York, Randi Alexander, Lindsay McKenna and Beth Williamson!

I’m delighted to be with these eleven cowgirls who are some of the BEST Western Romance storytellers in the business! My addition is a Delos Series novella I created just for this 12-pack! BLIND SIDED is about a Texas deputy sheriff, Cade Patterson, who has loved Cara Knight from afar. Cara runs the Delos Home School in Clayton, Texas. Born from a rich family, she has been controlled by her father until she was eighteen. Now, at twenty-six, when Cade walks back into her life, everything changes. Her father called him trash from the wrong side of the tracks. But her heart knows different. The past collides with the present. Can their unrequited love blossom? Or is shadowy family secrets going to destroy any hope of a future that Cara desperately wants with this heroic Texas deputy?

Order your copy today! Only .99 cents!!!!

But HURRY!  It won’t stay at this price!  Get your copy NOW!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | B & N | Kobo

Join me in my NEWSLETTER! Exciting up-to-the-minute information on my books and what I’m writing and doing! Exclusive content! Giveaways monthly!, green button on front page! See you soon!