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Elle James: 12-Alarm Cowboys
Thursday, July 9th, 2015

SEALSofSummerPart2_3DBundle_2500pxADJUSTEDJULY1640My sis and I have been busy with box sets! Thanks so much for your support of SEALs of Summer.

Here’s where we sat on Amazon at 6 AM:


Now, onto the quick note from my sister, giving you a heads-up regarding another soon-to-be-published collection… ~DD


I’m putting the final touches on my book HELLFIRE, TEXAS for the 12-ALARM COWBOYS boxed set coming August 4th. This is going to be a great set of cowboy firefighters. All new stories, by your favorite cowboy authors! Get your copy while it’s only 99 cents. Price is going up after release!

12-Alarm Cowboys

12 Alarm Cowboy_640

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SEALS OF SUMMER 2 is here!
Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Only $0.99 now! Order here!

FALL DARK (SEALs Undone) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York.

HOT SEAL (The Hostile Operations Team) by USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris.

SEAL’S HERITAGE by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton.

THE GUARDIAN (SEALs Beyond Battlefields) by NYT and USA Today bestselling, RITA-award nominated author Kimberley Troutte.

A SEAL’S DUTY, by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Lowery.

THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE (East Coast 8 prequel) by NYT and USA Today bestselling, RITA-award nominated author Elle Kennedy.

HER NEXT BREATH (Uncharted SEALs) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin.

SEAL’S DEFIANCE (Take No Prisoners) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Elle James.

A SEAL’S CHANCE, by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Seton.

ONE HOT SEAL (When SEALs Come Home) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh.

About my story, Her Next Breath

Ex-SEAL Jackson Keller’s first mission with the Charter Group’s spec ops unit is a bust. Instead of capturing a drug lord in his Mexican compound, he finds a beautiful, naked woman. But she may have information they need to nail the narco-terrorist, so he takes her, sealing his fate. She’s his to watch, his to “manage” until the op’s done.

Suri McAnally’s made some mistakes—mainly trusting her college roomie who just so happens to be the son of one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug lords. If Jackson can save her, she’ll do whatever he says, mirror his moves, and try to keep her insta-lust under control. Her next breath depends on it.


Jackson had washed in the kitchen sink and sat in his undershorts on his side of the bed. He’d rolled up a blanket and placed it in the middle of the mattress to reassure her they were only sharing a mattress, not sex. But all his concentration was needed to keep his cock from stirring inside the thin cotton.

The soft snick of the doorknob snagged his attention. Suri stepped out.

“What the hell is that?” he blurted, and then cringed inside because he’d shouted.

She crossed her arms over her breasts, a frown drawing her light brows together.

His gut clenched. Did she realize she’d just plumped up her very generous breasts?

“It is a night gown.”

She said it slowly, like he was a very stupid child. He couldn’t help himself, his gaze raked the flesh bared by the scanty, thigh-high garment. Silk shone in the light from the bare bulb above them, emphasizing her deep curves. Her breasts were nearly bare except for lacy cups that covered her nipples and the bottoms of her fleshy globes.

She turned to reach for the dress she’d draped over the side of the sink, and his jaw dropped. The damn thing didn’t have a back. It dipped so low he could see the dimples at the top of her ass.

Other than two rosy circles on her cheeks, she didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact she was nearly nude. She walked to the pillowcase and stored her clothing, then glanced at him again. “You’re sitting on my side of the bed.”

He clamped his jaw shut. She’d already accused him of being rude, so what the hell? “Since I’m the one who needs rest most—still on a mission, you know—I need this side.” He didn’t know why he didn’t simply give her what she asked for. Maybe if she’d said it more politely, or maybe if he wasn’t afraid she’d notice his boner, he’d have given it to her, but he sat, returning her glare.

His gaze dipped again. The tips of her nipples poked against the lacy cups.

“The water was cold,” she said, her voice breathy.

“I can see that.”

She pointed to the other side of the mattress. “I’ll be fine over there.”


Slowly, she walked around the bed.

Unabashed, he craned his neck to follow her progress. When she bent to plump the pillow, her cleavage deepened, and he could see down her belly in the narrow space. He snapped his gaze back to hers and caught a slight smirk before she wiped it off her face.

She’d played him.

Jackson simmered inside. Didn’t she know he was holding on by a thread? That he would likely have to take a cold shower after she fell asleep. He doubted that would be enough to cool him off; he’d probably have to take himself in hand. Would she hear him through the thin, uninsulated walls?

But in the meantime, two could play this game. He rose and walked across the floor to the light switch, turning as he raised a finger to the switch.

Her gasp was deeply satisfying. “Need a nightlight?” he asked, his voice purring.

A Question About Taboos…
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Because I’m nosy, I want to run a poll here.

The question will be: What is your favorite taboo theme in erotica?

Before I can run the poll, I’d like a better list than I can think up off the top of my head. I know stepbrother stories are pretty hot right now, but what else is out there that you’d like to see people vote on? And yeah, I’m hoping the list will provide me some inspiration for what I want to write in the future.

So, you have today’s question:

What would you like me to add to the poll list (which I will run on Saturday!)?

And in the meantime, I will be uploading the story below today, so it should release (hopefully) sometime tonight or tomorrow. Take a peak! This is one of the hottest things I’ve written in a while—and you know that’s saying a lot!

Oh! And I’ll be sending out a newsletter shortly. If you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter list—click on this link: Newsletter

Lily’s Last Stand


A wife gives her husband a sexy surprise…and then he ups the ante…

Note: This 7800-word short story was previously published in Strokes, Vol. 1, but has been revised and expanded to more than double its original length. It may be short in length, but it’s not short in passion!

She didn’t dare look at Brent. He’d see how tight her features were and guess just how turned on she was. Not just because he was watching. She couldn’t wait to get her mouth around Lou’s cock.

Reaching out a hand, she cupped his balls and fondled them, rolling them in her palm, then tugging them gently. His cock jerked, his breath hitched. When she leaned forward to lick his velvet sack, he groaned.

Lily opened her mouth and took both balls inside, lavishing them with strokes of her tongue while she sucked. When she released him, she made of show of licking her palms then gripped his shaft and began to pump.

Rising higher on her knees, she angled his cock and brought it to her lips. She kissed the head, leaving a smudge of red, then swirled her tongue over the arrow cap, pausing to tease the narrow slit before paying attention to the lipped edge.

When his hands settled on her head and began to grip her hair, she opened wider and slid her mouth over his cock, sinking on his shaft while she began to twist her hands on his length. Sucking harder and harder, she bobbed forward and back, sinking by inches and leaving paler and paler rings around his cock. When his dick butted the back her throat, she swallowed, liking the way his knees snapped to hug her. When she eased open her throat and went all the way to the root, he gave a muffled cry.

His fist pulled on her hair. “Ease off, Lily.”

She murmured, gave a slight shake of her head, and dove down again.

“Brent!” Lou said, his voice thick and tight.

“She’s worked for it,” Brent murmured. “Give her what she deserves.”


Lou’s cock tightened and cum spurted down her throat, just once, and she came off him, milking his shaft and letting the thick, burbling cream stripe her chest and face. When she gripped him just below the head, she gave him one last squeeze, milking the last drop, which she used to paint her mouth.

A tsking sounded from her right. She turned her head to Brent, whose expression was hard. So was his cock, which he’d ringed at the base.

“You’ve made a mess, Lily. Come here.”

What’s the future for NIGHT FALL? (Contest — 3 Winners)
Saturday, June 20th, 2015

I’ve fallen behind on updating my website. I can’t keep up with all the new words I have to write and the new books I have to let you know about. But I wanted to take time today to tell you about the Night Fall series and what I plan for the future. But first, aren’t the covers purty? Thank you, sis! If you don’t already have these stories, be sure to click on the covers and go check them out!

SmBitten_600  TrulyMadl_600y  Silent is the Knight_600

If you didn’t know, the Night Fall stories were previously published by Ellora’s Cave, but I now have the rights back to the majority of them. And since I wrote them a crap-ton of years ago, they needed some sprucing up, so I’ve been working on getting them thoroughly revised, and where needed, expanded. My plan is to release one story a month until I have all the old stories out there for you to enjoy. These are my tentative titles following my latest release, Truly, Madly…Deadly.

Knight in Transition (Joe’s story, and we meet our first wolves)
Wolf in Plain Sight (Another SU team member’s story–not sayin’ in case you don’t already know!)
The Knight Edition (Navarro’s story)
Night Fall on Dark Mountain (Meet a whole community of wolves!)

And that’s the end of the refurbed titles. Then I’ll start releasing new stories, not monthly because I do have other stories and series I want to write, but at a minimum, quarterly.

And I have so many places to go! I need to write Viper’s story. I could branch off and write about my my wolves. Then there are the older vampires—Magnus being the first I wrote about in Silent is the Knight.  Do I write about them in the present, or should I do a whole little First Knight series and set it in the distant past?

Today, if you’ll chime in and let me know what you’d love to see, you’ll be entered to win your choice of Sm{B}itten or Silent is the Knight! And I’ll choose 3 winners!

Night Fall series — Don’t miss this great deal! (Contest)
Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner of this contest is…Jean!

* * * * *


Just thought I’d share a pretty new cover—and tell you about the great deal going on now.

The second book in the Night Fall series will be released toward the end of this week. Love vampires? Love sexy threesomes? Like a little suspense with bite? Well, you’ll love Truly, Madly…Deadly!

SmBitten_600But before the book releases, I want to be sure you’ve read the Book #1 — Sm{B}itten! So, I made sure you have no excuses left for why you haven’t read Sm{B}itten—I entered it into Kindle Unlimited, so it’s FREE to KU subscribers, and just $0.99 for everyone else!

I’d love to hear from you. Have you read Sm{B}itten? Are you excited for Truly, Madly…Deadly? Are you ready for a fast-paced, paranormal series?

Comment for a chance to win a free copy of another Night Fall story, Silent is the Knight!

Flashback: In Too Deep (Contest)
Saturday, May 30th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner of the free download is Heather S!

* * * * *

The other night I was at a Facebook party and I asked the question that went something like, “What are your favorite reunion stories, either in film or book?” And then I sat stumped because I couldn’t think of one. I had to think hard whether I had ever written one, and I mentioned one of my Lone Star Lovers books, Unforgiven. But it wasn’t until this morning, when I was trying to figure out what golden oldie I could offer as a flashback, that I remembered I had another…

So, I’ll ask again… What are your favorite reunion stories?

Comment for a chance to win In Too Deep or a short story on this carousel!

* * * * *


Some things never change. And some things change everything.

Triple Horn Brand, Book 2

Gabe Triplehorn can think of no better getaway from his heavy responsibilities at the ranch, than to go back to a time and place where he didn’t have a care in the world. When there was just a campground, a river and a girl.

When he gets to Red Hawk Landing, the campground and the river are still there. He just never expected the girl would still be there too. Only now she runs the place.

Lena Twohig can think of no better place to raise her young son than the family-owned campground that holds so many memories. Especially the romance with Gabe that lit up one long-ago summer like a wild electrical storm. Now he’s back, with a ranch-hardened body she knows she shouldn’t want so badly.

No amount of lies or the years that have passed can tame this tidal wave of passion.

Warning: Contains a flash flood of passion between a cowboy who knows how to pitch a tent and a woman who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty.


The cowboy glanced back through the window and caught her looking. Lena whirled around and stepped off the porch. Her toe caught in the lattice next to the step and she went down hard, bumping down two steps. She landed on one hip, gravel digging into a palm.

Tears pricked her eyes, and she winced at the pain. Worse, the door behind her slammed and heavy booted footsteps stomped down the steps.

When the handsome cowboy came down on a knee beside her, Lena wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

The deep timbre of his voice did a number on her nerves. She shivered.

Something he must have taken for shock, because before she knew it, his hands were under her thighs and behind her back and he lifted her high against his chest.

“Put me down!”

“I will. Soon as I get you inside.”

“I’m too heavy for you to carry.”

“Darlin’ there’s some meat on your bones but not anything I can’t handle.” Read the rest of this entry »

Seven is the Magic Number (Contest)
Friday, May 29th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner is…Lynne Rivet!

* * * * *

Seven is the Magic Number. Six, and I’m wanting a nap in the middle of the day. Eight, and I’m feeling groggy. What am I talking about?

Hours of sleep a night! I need seven! I got them last night and this morning I feel fabulous, and since today’s guest blogger bailed on me, I decided to talk about the thing that was at the top of my mind. Lucky you!

So what is your magic number?

Tell me, and you’ll be entered to win a free short story from the carousel below. I’ll choose two winners!

And if you didn’t know it, I published a new, very sexy shortie yesterday. Here’s a short excerpt…


Click to Buy

A New York commuter shares lustful daydreams with another subway passenger…


When he rose again, he shifted her, urging her to the center of the bed. He cloaked himself then turned her and licked a hot trail down her spine. At her bottom, he bit each cheek. Just hard enough to make her quiver. He kissed her cunt and moved behind her, his cock prodding her then plunging into her.

Sophie screamed, unraveling in a moment. His girth stretched her, his length plundered. Moisture flooded her channel as she bounced back to greet his strokes.

A clap landed on one side of her ass. Loud, but not really hard. It surprised her, made her freeze.

He leaned over back and whispered in her ear. “Did you like that, Sophie? Do you want another?”

Her pussy flooded with moisture, as much from the silky texture of his voice as the warmth of her ass. “Please.”

He straightened and began to thrust into her again, smooth, deep glides that had her passion rising steeply again. A slap landed on the opposite cheek, sharper than the first one. Her pussy clenched his cock. She lowered her middle to lift her ass, begging silently for another.

Again and again, he placed slaps, some hollow-sounding and not too sharp, others flat and stinging. She sobbed, dropping her head to rest it on the cool sheet. This was pure bliss.

At last, he went still and bent, encircling her with an arm and raising her to sit, still impaled on his cock. His hands roamed her breasts, massaging then pinching her nipples. “Use your fingers to tug on them, pull them far and let them bounce back. I want to watch.”

These are all free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and just $0.99 for everyone else!
To see more of my currently available short stories, check out this page: Short Stories