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Archive for January 7th, 2009

Excerpt, just cuz it's Wednesday…
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my March releases, Obsessed, which is being published by Simon and Schuster’s Strebor Books line. Keep in mind it’s unedited, so all errors are my own.


On an uncharacteristic whim, an obsessive, uptight woman vacations at an island resort where she learns to surrender to her disorderly, capricious, and wanton inner self.

Briana’s pristine life has recently gone downhill after she realized her perfect marriage was a sham. Weighed down by the burdens of her impending divorce, this “starter wife” calls the number printed on a postcard for a limited-time offer at an exotic island retreat. Upon arriving at the fantasy sex resort, Briana is confronted with all of her old hang-ups. Desperately wanting to change, she throws herself into the wildly erotic pleasures presented to her—freeing herself from her heartbreaking past and the inhibitions that have always held her back in life.


Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

Briana felt as though a vise tightened around her ribcage. She couldn’t breathe. She stood frozen, staring into his impassive face.

Malaki held out the package, and she lifted her arms automatically to receive it.

“Tell me what frightens you most,” he said quietly, his arms falling to his sides. “Being virtually naked in front of this crowd?”

Numb with shock, she was surprised she could manage to speak. “That prospect is certainly unnerving.” Gawd, what a dumb thing to say. And a huge fricking understatement!

“But it’s not the scariest part, is it?”

Her vision blurred as tears began to fill her eyes. Now he’d get an even bigger dose of the weirdness that was her. “Touching them…I’m afraid to touch them.”

“You touched me,” he said, firmness underlying his gentle tone.

That caught her attention. “Yes, I did.”

“I’m as much a stranger to you as any of them. Why do you think you could take my hand and accept my caress?”

“Because I wanted it so damn much,” she whispered, humiliated to admit it.

“Then want this.”
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