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Archive for January 18th, 2009

5 Days of Jane…m/m/f
Sunday, January 18th, 2009

So what could be sexier than a hot, buff fireman? Okay, that was too easy—two firemen! And that’s exactly what Jane gets when she decides to seduce one the men living right next door.

Now, I could tease you with full-blown scenes of the lovely, sweaty sex the three of them have, but instead, I’m going to be mean and offer you only this:

The bed dipped beside them and Cord stiffened, pausing mid-stroke to aim a killing glare at Bruno, who smiled and lifted a tube of gel, a short, braided leather flogger and a blindfold.

Jane’s desperate gaze swung toward Bruno and a soft, pained laugh gusted from her thinned lips. “Your timing sucks.” Her hands tightened on Cord’s back for a moment, and then she lay back and let them fall to the mattress beside her as she drew deep, shattered breaths.

Cord pulled away, angry, frustrated, wanting to curse and throw Bruno out of the room, but his arousal pulsed—a current of sensual curiosity and heightening tension sweeping through him.

He didn’t like that Bruno’s return sparked his interest. But he wasn’t going to fight it. Jane lay pliant, sweating, her breath rasping. Bruno’s hot gaze swept her body, lingering on her spiked nipples, then clung to the sight of her pussy—wet, open, white streaks of her honeyed arousal glistening on her parted folds.

“Really think she needs the blindfold?” Cord growled.

Bruno’s lips twisted. “No, but you do, buddy.”

So, why might you think Cord needs that blindfold?