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Archive for January 20th, 2009

3 days of Jane…getting hot in here
Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Ready for another tease?


Bruno read the panic in Cord’s gaze. Too bad. He’d felt Cord’s tongue and lips all over his cock, no way was he going to let Cord deny anything had happened or that he hadn’t loved it.

The way Cord’s cock strained upward, hard, glistening, added to the slick trail of pre-cum drying on his own thigh, was proof Cord had been carried away.

Bruno took a deep breath and lifted his hand, placing it on the swell of Jane’s hip. He gave her an affectionate squeeze, then glided his hand past her and wrapped his fingers around Cord’s cock, cinching them firmly around his shaft.

Cord grew rigid. “Bruno…,” he groaned, “don’t…”

Jane’s head lifted and she stared at Bruno’s hand as he began to pump hard on Cord’s cock. “I wouldn’t have guessed you guys like it so rough.” Bruno nearly grinned. Jane wasn’t concerned that he appeared to be jerking off another man—she was curious about how he was doing it.