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Archive for January 22nd, 2009

1 last day of Jane…multiple moving parts
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

***The winner of the last prize package is…Teresa W! Congratulations! Email me and let me know what email addy you want your Amazon gift certificate and your free copy of JANE sent! The rest of y’all are just going to have to hit EC tomorrow to get your fix!***

Do you think you can stand one last tease without reaching through the computer to strangle me? No? Well, that’s too damn bad. This is kinda fun prolonging your agony.

Do you know, before I wrote my first menage, I worried about whether I could do it. I mean, there’s all those moving body parts to keep track of, and a good love scene has to work like a well-lubricated engine—humming powerfully along. I think I’ve got the hang of it at last. 😉


The men began moving in tandem, Bruno sliding out as Cord thrust in, then coming back as Cord withdrew. The motions were gentle, restrained—the two masculine frames pressed so close she could feel their tension radiating through her.

They built her arousal slowly until she began to writhe between them, her thigh clasping Cord’s hip tighter, her breaths growing deeper, rasping loudly. She pressed her face into the corner of his shoulder. “I need more,” she whispered. “Harder, deeper…please.”

Low, sexy laughter surrounded her, and Jane smiled against Cord’s damp skin. Their thrusts quickened, sharpened, deepening until she bit her lips to still the groans that clawed at the back of her throat to slip out.

“It’s okay,” Bruno rasped. “Let go, baby. Sweet fuck, you’re so goddamn tight.” His thrusts quickened, out of synch now with Cord’s.

Cord’s fingers combed through her hair, tugging to tilt back her head. His kiss was hard, but not nearly as fierce as the thrusts he delivered, his cock stroking deep, his whole body tensing, the muscles of his back, abs and thighs turning to hot stone against her as he powered into her.

I know, much too short. Wahaha! (That’s my maniacal laugh.)