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Archive for June 13th, 2010

Sunday Report Card
Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Psst! I’ll announce yesterday’s winner tomorrow, so you still have time to enter! If you post a comment to this blog entry, you have a second chance to win!

I’m baaaaack! I’m tired, have a headache, and am late starting my day! Yesterday’s mad dash to Dallas and back was a lot more fun than it should have been.

Daughter and the little one came by at noon yesterday, and since we had an hour to kill, we decided to do some shopping. I have a favorite shop, Maurice’s, that always has clothes I like and that fit. I led the shopping spree. I have new tops and a pair of capri pants, and a pretty yellow, cheap vinyl purse. Daughter has outfits and the little one has cheap, blingy jewelry. I didn’t try on anything, which guaranteed I’d have a better time. There’s something about those closed, airless, poorly lighted dressing rooms that always annoys me. I have the receipt. I figure if I try something on later and hate it, I’ll just take it back.

Anyway, we headed to Dallas with the little one asking that genetically guaranteed question, “Are we almost there?”, every half hour. We didn’t turn on the radio even once because we talked and laughed the whole way.

Little girl saw one of those semi-trucks loaded with vehicles destined for a dealership parking lot and said, “Look, Nina, their parking lot moves!”

Daughter and I decided that we’d rather lose a pinky finger than eat of bowl of scorpions. I’d rather eat a roach than a scorpion—yeah, we ask really important questions like that for fun. Funny, I’d rather eat a scorpion than one of those six-inch long monster centipedes. They’re hairy. At which point, the red-headed hellion laughed. “But you’ll eat menudo? Tripe feels hairy, mom!”

Anyway, the little one is gone for the summer. We’re sad, but she is going to enjoy spending time with daddy. I always look for silver linings.

This past week I didn’t write a single word. End of report. The family reunion didn’t wrap up until Wednesday, and then I needed to recuperate from too many people. This week, I have big, hairy plans with dozens of little legs. But first, I need to hit the pool to clear my head.

P.S. I pulled the cover because it’s not quite finalized. My bad!