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Archive for June 5th, 2010

Fave Scenes: Relentless
Saturday, June 5th, 2010

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Max is one of my favorite heroes. He’s strong, surly, stubborn, and when he falls in love it knocks him sideways. Pia’s all wrong for him, and when he discovers her true nature he’s determined to put her behind him. However, Pia’s under his skin. I love this scene because, for me, it has everything—humor, action, and sacrifice. To save Pia, Max risks revealing a secret he’s kept from everyone. Joe is a vampire on Max’s team and knows well how much Max hates vampires.


“RELENTLESS has suspense, intrigue, and surprises that grab your attention and never let you go until the last page.”
5 Stars, Susan Holly, JERR

“A wickedly funny and passionate series, fans of paranormal erotic romance will enjoy RELENTLESS tremendously. Ms Devlin has done it again!”
Kathy Samuels, Romance Reviews Today on RELENTLESS

“Her realistic writing of well-packaged vampires and werewolves leaves the reader thirsting for the forbidden and a driving need to be possessed within her erotically charged worlds.”
5 Blue Ribbons, Lady Novelistic, Romance Junkies

To supercop Max Weir, the only good vampire is a dead one. Since his special police unit integrated with vampires, he’s had to suppress his natural hatred to work side-by-side with the undead to hunt down and terminate the deadliest killers. Now the unit is hot on the trail of a new menace in town, a pack of werewolves prowling for vampires, who don’t care whether humans get in their way.

When a stakeout goes awry, Max enters a bar looking for a fight or a woman to help him blow off a little steam. What he finds is a winsome siren who has sexual appetites to match his own.

Vampire Pia D’Amato is on a secret mission to take out Max — either by seduction or by turning him. He’s become a liability to the Masters’ Council setting up jurisdiction in southern Florida, and she isn’t leaving until she’s done the job. But Max is more man than she bargained for and has a deadly secret of his own.


Joe’s face was a mottled red. “Pia, get behind me.”

“So you know each other,” Max said quietly, feeling his stomach clench that his suspicions about Pia might be true.

“Just met today, partner.”

“I’m not in any danger, Joe,” Pia said.

“You don’t know Max, sweetheart. Get behind me.”

Feeling like a bear protecting his mate, Max stepped between Joe and Pia, clenching his fists. “I gave her my word I wouldn’t harm her here.”

“No, you didn’t,” Pia said.

Max leveled a narrow glance at her.

Pia shrugged. “I asked, but you never promised.”

Joe’s shoulders bunched like he was ready to take a swing. “We’re still on the fucking job.”

Max shrugged. “So we were blending in.”

“You went too far.”

Knowing Joe was right didn’t ease the ache in Max’s groin. He turned to Pia. Unfortunately, looking into her face didn’t help matters any either. Her lips were still dewy and reddened from his kisses, and her nipples poked at the fabric of her miniscule top. He forced his shoulders to relax. “I have to get back to the station.”

“Can I ride along?” she asked, leaning into him, her eyes wide and pleading. Her nipples scraped his side, and it was all he could do keep from sliding his palm over them again.

“No!” He almost shouted the word. “It’s probably best this way. This thing between us won’t work.”

“Because I’m a vampire?” she asked, her eyes glistening.

“That’s just the beginning of our problems.”

Her expression fell, but she nodded. “I understand.” Turning to Joe, she said, “I’ll just get a taxi.”

“We can drop you off on our way.” Joe gave Max a searing glance and then spun on his heels.

Pia followed him out of the bar with Max trailing them at a distance. Distance he needed to get himself back under control. Moonlight from a full moon in a cloudless sky drew his gaze, but he shrugged aside its allure. He’d had enough moonlit madness for one night.

At their sedan, Joe tossed Max the keys. “You drive. I want your hands occupied.”

Max twisted his mouth into a hard smile. “What’s your problem? Gone all righteous, have you?”

Joe opened the back door for Pia while Max climbed inside.

“Whoo!” she gasped as she settled on the seat. “The vinyl’s a little cold.”

Remembering she wore no underwear beneath her short skirt, Max closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Then he jammed the key into the ignition and cranked the engine into life. Before Joe could close his door, Max stomped on the gas and the car leaped forward.

“The sooner we get there the better,” Joe mumbled, slamming the door closed.

Pia clutched the back of their bench seat and leaned forward. “Do we have to go straight back?”

“Yes!” Max and Joe shouted.

“Just asking.”
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