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Archive for June 16th, 2010

Guest Blogger: Vonna Harper
Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

A note from Vonna:

Stop the world. I want to turn off my brain.

Okay, I don’t really mean that. Ever since I invented Vonna Harper, I’ve been writing like a mad woman and enjoying almost every minute. Writing, like life, isn’t always a smooth ride, but what fun would it be without the downs.

The world is spinning like crazy these days and I feel as if I might get thrown off if I blink. The reason is simple: publishing is changing as never before. Ten years ago almost no one had a thought to electronic publishing. Now it’s the wave of the present and future. Ten years ago writers mostly wrote. Now the Internet has changed that and writers are expected to promote like energizer bunnies. Twitter. Facebook. Blog. Trailer. Contest. Newsletter. Etc. Etc.

Oh and don’t forget pirates who take the labor of our imaginations and sweat and steal it.

Okay, I won’t go there.

Maybe its just me, but the moment I’ve finished edits on a story and turn it over to the publishing company, it fades from my mind. I try to remember when its coming out so I can give a shout-out, but by then I’m neck deep in something new plus investigating putting some old books out via Kindle, volunteering for NINC, my favorite writer’s organization, taking my mother to the doctor, taking my husband to the dentist, taking a dog to the vet, putting on my Mother & Grandma hats—the whole nine yards.

All right, it’s mostly my fault (except for the broken water pipe). Somehow I wound up writing for no less than four erotica publishers: Kensington Aphrodisia, where I’m in the middle of a three book contract. Samhain, where I as of today threw another manuscript on my agent’s desk. Ellora’s Cave, where I’m waiting to hear on two submissions. And Loose-Id, where I’ll be submitting a theme story.

I need an assistant. I need a wife. I need a slave.

In case I haven’t bored everyone and/or scared them away, I’d like to give a couple of shout-outs. On July 27, Falcon’s Captive will come out in print from Aphrodisia. The cover gives me sweats & I loved writing about a shape-shifting falcon/woman and the hunter who captures her.

Borrowing from the back cover blurb:

“High above the desert valley, the Falcon Jola circles over the band of warriors below—men who have invaded her land and killed her mate, leaving her alone and longing for the piercing pleasure she once found in her lover’s arms. She will resist these outsiders at all cost. But in a moment of human weakness she is caught. Naked and alone, she fights her captor and vows never to submit. Yet as she lies beneath his rock hard length, her traitorous body responds to his touch.”

Hope Falcon’s Captive can live up to that.

One of my most recent novellas at Ellora’s Cave is Winter Of The Beast (yes, I have a thing for creatures).

Borrowing from another blurb:

“Dio of the Puma clan is a skilled warrior and hunter. What he doesn’t feel prepared for is his new role as ruler of a clan with few women. Does he have the necessary leadership and compassion or will his need for sex dominate? Only the massive, mysterious Beast knows.

When her cruel husband casts her out, Tawia can no longer call herself a Falcon. Her future a frightening unknown, she heads into the wilderness as winter approaches. The Beast watches.

Captured by the enemy warrior, Tawia fights her body’s demands. Trust is as incomprehensible to her as the relationship between Dio and the great puma. But neither man nor beast are willing to set her free.”

Yes, I also have a thing for capture/bondage.

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