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Archive for June 6th, 2010

Sunday Report Card
Sunday, June 6th, 2010

The winner of yesterday’s contest will be announced tomorrow. So be sure to post for a second time to win today!

This week, I finished a short story for a Cleis collection and shipped it to the editor. I won’t hear until August whether my story makes the cut. The payout is a very small one, but not the reason I wrote it. Short stories offer a challenge. Telling a story in just a few words hones a writer’s skills.

I also wrote a proposal, just a short treatment, of a concept I have for my own compilation. If it’s accepted it will be a fun project and something different for me to try.

This week, I also began a new novella for Ellora’s Cave. I have a chapter done, and the rest should go really fast. It’s a shapeshifter story—something furry and very sexy.

I was pleased with my accomplishments this week. Family has descended for the reunion this weekend, so I paused for a couple of days. My sister-in-law took a walk around the farm today and came back saying a stray dog was inside the pasture fence. I’m such a softie. I went to take a look and couldn’t resist. I’ve named him Fenris (after Fenrisulfr, the monstrous wolf from Norse mythology). He’s solid black and looks to be part border collie and part German shepherd. He seems very sweet, and very happy that someone wants him. He’s also emaciated.

My daughter bathed him to kill fleas and ticks, which he had aplenty. He stoicly suffered through it, even though he shivered the whole time. Afterward, we let him into the yard where he ate and curled up under our patio table. Looks like he’ll be happy to stay and join our family. We gave him a puppy shot (we think he’s about 2 years old based on his teeth), and tomorrow he will be handed to my son-in-law who will get him dewormed, neutered and then keep him for a couple of weeks of obedience training. I’ll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and I picked up my new painting, Blueberry Blast, yesterday! 😎