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4 Days to Breaking Leather!
Friday, November 19th, 2010

NaNo Day 18:
Viking-2—2255 words
TW—1260 words

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Did I mention that my Lone Star heroes are pretty raw? Don’t believe me? Read on! Here’s an excerpt from the first of the Lone Star Lovers series.


“…In [UNBRIDLED]…we are following the sexy machinations of Justin, and he does sexy so well it isn’t difficult to picture him doling out love to his two subs. It’s also remarkably easy to see why they’d be eager to do his bidding. However, it is totally refreshing to watch Dani and Rowe slip the noose and insist on him obeying them for a change of pace…If you are seeking an intensely erotic short read, UNBRIDLED is the one for you…”
5 Angels, Fallen Angels Reviews

Tough…or tender? If she plays her cards right, she won’t have to choose.

Dani Standifer arrives home at her West Texas family ranch a day early, ready to pick up where she left off with Rowe Ayers, her high school sweetheart. However, when she opens the door to their line-shack trysting place, it’s clear she waited a day too long. Rowe’s with someone else—another man. And not just any other man— Justin Cruz, the bad boy with whom she shared one wild encounter, years ago.

Justin’s waited a long time for this moment. He knows his reputation, but since he seduced Rowe, he’s been a one-man cowboy—waiting for Dani to return and become the delicious fulfillment of his and Rowe’s needs. If she’s up to the challenge.

To her own surprise, Dani finds she’s more than ready to have both men in her life—as soon as she and Rowe teach Justin a lesson or two about love.

Their small town may not be ready for their kind of relationship. And Dani’s brother Cutter’s mile-deep grudge against Justin throws in a complication that could break the foundation the three of them have built…

Warning: Hold on for the rodeo of your life with rough ridin’ male on male action; blazing hot m/m/f scenes; and melt-your-panties lovin’ as each of these sexy cowboys gives it the way they know best to turn their woman inside out.


“Jesus Christ.” Rowe bent to grab his blue jeans from the floor, then held them in front of his gleaming cock.

“A little late now,” Justin said. “I think she’s already jumped to the correct conclusion.”

Rowe’s fist clenched around his jeans, then he dropped them to the floor and straightened his shoulders. A look of resignation entered his face; a silent plea for understanding glittered in his pale eyes as he returned her stare.

“I didn’t know you were gay,” Dani blurted out, ignoring Justin’s smirk.

Rowe’s crimson face tightened. “I’m…it’s complicated.”

“You’re naked, obviously aroused. What could be more simple?” she asked, trying to gather anger around her, but mostly feeling confused. How could she not have known?

“She’s got it almost right,” Justin murmured.

“Shut up,” Rowe bit out.

“Yeah, what’d I miss?” Dani snarled at Justin, hating him at this moment for rubbing her nose in her own naiveté.

“The fact I knew you were comin’,” he said, his voice dropping to a sexy purr. “This is your homecomin’ present, baby.”

“Justin, you bastard!” Rowe said heatedly.

The larger, more rugged man shrugged. “She needed to know. She has choices to make here.”

“I would have broken the news more gently.”

“Doesn’t look like she needs you to sugarcoat it.” Justin’s gaze pinned her. “She’s not exactly looking ready to bolt or puke. Fact is, the thought of it, of watching us, turns her on.”

“Does not,” Dani denied hotly, heat filling her face.

“Your nipples always poke holes in your shirt?”

“You’re a jerk.” And yet, she barely resisted the urge to cross her arms over her breasts. She tilted her chin in defiance while heat crept deeper into her cheeks. She met his narrowed gaze, while images flashed through her mind. Since she knew what both men looked like naked, she couldn’t help the raw, nasty pictures that flashed one after the other.

And yes, they aroused her.

“Prove me wrong,” Justin murmured. “Leave now.”

Dani shot Rowe a hot glare. “You gonna let him talk to me like that?”

Rowe’s jaw flexed, but he didn’t offer any response.

“He doesn’t let me do anything,” Justin said slowly. “He obeys me. In all things—here, at least. Rowan, your cock’s flagging.” Justin’s gaze dropped, drawing all their glances to Rowe’s sex, which pulsed and lifted again.

Rowe groaned.

“Get it ready for me,” Justin growled.

Rowe’s eyes closed briefly, then a look Dani had never seen slid across Rowe’s face—something vulnerable and needy. “Justin, not now.”

“Not now, what?” Justin said, his voice dead even.

“Please,” Rowan whispered, his strong jaw flexing.

“Uh-unh.” Justin shook his head. “You’ve carried around this picture of your innocent little sweetheart for years. But I don’t think you really know her at all.”

“And you think you do?” Dani bit out, hoping like hell the bastard wasn’t getting ready to drop the other shoe that she’d succumbed to his bad boy charm herself. Rowe didn’t deserve finding out that the two people he’d taken as lovers had a history of their own.

“The things you asked him to do, Dani,” Justin said, his tone dropping to a raspy rumble. “The sexy little spankings, the special bonds you left underneath the bed… It’s not in him to do that to you, but he did because he cares.”

Dani’s jaw dropped and her embarrassment caused her to tremble. “Rowe, you told him about that?”

Again, a muscle flexed along Rowe’s square jaw. “I wasn’t gossiping. It just slipped out. He found your things and asked. He’s a friend.”

“Friend?” Justin straightened away from the doorframe. “I’m a little more than that, aren’t I? You don’t keep any secrets from me.”

But Rowe had kept one big goddamn secret from her. Dani’s shoulders slumped.

“Don’t take it so hard, Dani,” Justin said, all traces of mockery gone now. “He loves you…almost as much as he loves me. But every time he was with you, every time he spanked that pretty little ass of yours, he was denying his own nature. Rowe’s submissive. Just like you. He’s just finally figured out he’s not finicky about which gender offers him the kind of sex he craves.”

“How the hell did you figure that out?” she bit out. “I’ve known him all my life.”

“Because I watched him…with you. When you dared him into spanking you, he didn’t get off on the act. He only got hard when you told him what it did to you, what it made you feel.”

Her mouth suddenly went dry. The thought of Justin’s dark, hungry glance raking her body as he watched her with Rowe caused another distressing wash of arousal to dampen her panties. She licked her lips. “You watched us?”

“Sometimes,” he said softly. “You weren’t as careful as you thought. Had to run interference a time or two with your big brother.”

“Cutter knows?” she asked, her voice rising. “About Rowe and me?”

“He suspects. But he never got close enough to the cabin to ever know for sure. You have me to thank. And if I happened to catch a glimpse or two of your…sessions…well, I think I earned the right.”


“Who’s the pervert? Me for watching, or you for wanting his hands to leave your ass pink?” He lifted his chin toward Rowe. “Or him for needing the same damn thing from another man?”

“I don’t believe you. Not about Rowe. This…” she said, gazing at the mattress in the middle of the floor, “…is just him experimenting a little. But I’m back now.” Her gaze locked with Rowe’s, pleading with him. “It doesn’t mean anything. Not to us.”

Rowe’s glance fell away from hers, and her stomach dropped. What he had with Justin was important. Special enough that he hadn’t bothered dressing because Justin didn’t want him to.

“Dani, I never wanted to hurt you.” Rowe’s tone was low, aching.

Like the lump filling the back of her throat.

“Tell yourself whatever lies you need to stay in happy land, Dani. But we’re about to get busy.” Justin opened his belt and stripped back one side then locked gazes with her. “Now’s your chance. You can run out the door. You don’t have to see anything that might traumatize you.”

Why was Justin being so cruel? He’d won. He didn’t have to rub her nose in this mess. “I’m not a scared little virgin,” she said, her voice shaking.

“But you’re also not faithful to your boyfriend here either, are you?”

Dani stared at Justin’s hard face through shimmering tears. “Justin…don’t.”

“He can’t fulfill you,” he said softly. “Not those dirty needs that keep you restless even after he’s fucked you.”

“Shut up,” she said, tears filling her eyes.

Justin pulled apart the snaps of his shirt, letting it fall open to expose the dark fur of his broad, muscular chest. Then he unsnapped the top button of his pants. “Last warning…”

She stood rooted, unable to move as he scraped his zipper down.

“Rowe, take out my dick,” he said, never looking away from her. “Now.”

“Fuck.” Rowe’s tone was agonized, but his cock bobbed eagerly between his legs. “Dani, get out.”

But she couldn’t. Part of her died a little in that moment. But another part, one only Justin had ever touched, caught fire.

“Rowe, don’t disappoint me,” Justin said, his gaze never leaving Dani’s.

Rowe’s naked feet dragged across the floor. His expression was taut, his cheeks a brighter red than they’d been moments ago.

Justin firmed his jaw. “Can’t turn back now. She knows. Let her see what it’s like. If she hates you afterward, she isn’t worth cryin’ over.”

Dani narrowed her eyes, knowing he expected her to bolt. She braced apart her feet and lifted her chin higher, even while she questioned whether she really could do this—watch the only two men she’d ever known intimately have sex.

Rowe didn’t glance her way, but his chest rose sharply. Then he slipped his hand inside Justin’s pants and slowly drew out his cock. His fingers clasped the shaft gingerly, but his thumb rubbed slowly over the smooth cap. Justin’s cock thickened.

“Push down my pants,” Justin said, his voice tighter than it had been before.

Both of Rowe’s hands slid over Justin’s narrow hips and shoved down the faded jeans.

Dani hated to admit it, even to herself, but watching Rowe do such an intimate thing to another man, knowing how the scrape of his rough palms felt on her own bottom, caused her sex to melt.

“Get on your knees and take me in your mouth,” Justin rasped.

Rowe groaned, and Dani understood the feeling. Shame and arousal roiled together. Her own body was hot, moisture seeping into the crotch of the lacy undies she’d worn just for Rowe.

Rowe knelt, his hand shaking as he gripped Justin’s cock and brought it to his mouth.

Justin cupped the back of Rowe’s head with one hand, his fingers threading through Rowe’s honey brown hair with surprising tenderness. For long moments, he stared as the other man’s lips closed around the tip of his cock and sucked.

Rowe’s cheeks hollowed, his eyes closed tightly, but his hesitation ended there. Surrendering, he groaned and opened wide his jaws, gliding along the thick, veined shaft.

“That’s it,” Justin said softly. “Take me deeper,” he said, stroking his hips forward, his cock disappearing into Rowe’s eager mouth. Then his gaze rose. For a moment, something almost haunted entered his expression. That wicked brow rose again. “He does it because he knows the rewards. But so do you, don’t you, sweetheart?”

Dani didn’t answer. She couldn’t have pushed a word through her tightening throat if a rattler had slithered over her boot. Watching both men, engaged in such a carnal act, caused unexpected emotions to rise inside her.

Sadness, because she’d never guessed Rowe wasn’t fully satisfied with her. Jealousy, because Rowe never made those hungry sounds when he went down on her. And shame, because she wished she were brave enough to approach them and sink to her knees beside Rowe.

How she wished Justin would command her to, take the choice away from her. The hard edge of his voice when he’d cut through Rowe’s objections had caused her own body to react with an instant, juicy response.

Justin braced his legs apart, and his face darkened as Rowe’s strokes, forward and back along his shaft, picked up the pace. The slippery suctioning sounds and choked excitement gurgling in Rowe’s throat caused Dani’s whole body to vibrate.

Forgotten for the moment by both men, she wet her lips with her tongue as she imagined how Justin might taste. Moisture flooded her channel as her inner muscles clenched hard.

When Justin flung back his long, black-brown hair, her breath hitched. Starkly masculine elation softened his expression for just a second before his head lowered and his hard gaze met hers, issuing a wordless challenge.

Only Dani wasn’t ready to accept. She lost her nerve, turned and fled through the door of the cabin, stumbling down the steps in her haste, before catching herself on the rail and bolting toward her horse.

Booted heels bit into the wood porch, but she didn’t look back. With the sun sliding below the horizon, she nudged her heels into her mare’s sides, kicking up dust behind her and leaving both men in her wake.

Yesterday’s winner of a free download of Saddled is…Diane Sadler! Diane, congrats, and be sure to email me about delivery of your prize!

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  1. Valerie
    · November 19th, 2010 at 10:09 am · Link

    Congrats to Diane!!!

    And. Oh. My. Goodness!


    in Germany

  2. Delilah
    · November 19th, 2010 at 11:11 am · Link

    Valerie! Liked that, huh? 😈

  3. Fedora
    · November 19th, 2010 at 2:54 pm · Link

    Yummy, DD! Thanks!!!

  4. Brandy W
    · November 19th, 2010 at 3:05 pm · Link

    That part always kills me. My heart stutters and fills with pain for Dani every time I read it.

  5. Estella
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  6. Sherry S.
    · November 19th, 2010 at 9:58 pm · Link

    I love the excerpt it’s so hot. I can’t wait to get this book.

  7. Victoria CK
    · November 20th, 2010 at 1:41 am · Link

    I have (bought) Unbridled, Four Sworn, & Saddled. Are you going to do a giveaway for Unforgiven? I managed to miss that one somehow. And not sure how since I love this series!

    Good luck on the release!

  8. Diane Sadler
    · November 20th, 2010 at 9:18 pm · Link

    Thank you so much Delilah! I’ve sent you an email on your contact.

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