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Archive for November 29th, 2010

So not the meek one
Monday, November 29th, 2010

NaNo Day 28:
Viking-2—1836 words
TW—0 words 😥

The militant not the meek shall inherit the earth. ~Mother Jones

Okay, so that saying’s completely random. Not sure why it struck me as something I wanted to post here. Maybe it’s because I’ve been singlemindedly heading toward this trifecta of deadlines, unwavering in my intent. I’m close. I know the most important of the three will be off my desk late Tuesday. I’m praying the second will be gone Wednesday. But I’m thinking I may need one more day to finish the last one. So one day late on one deadline. Not too bad, huh?

Not that I’m bowing to the pressure. Everyone around me knows to leave me alone. I snap and snarl. My eyes are so bloodshot I look as though I’ve been on a week-long pub crawl.

When the smoke clears, I hope I can recover my bright, bubbly self. And I’ll have to diet for weeks. I’ve been living off coffee, english toffee cappuccino mix and Dove dark chocolate. Since I’ve been wearing only pajama bottoms and sweats, I won’t know the true verdict until I try on my jeans.

Yesterday, I completed another four chapter editing blitz of the Viking book. I read another eight Girls Who Bite stories, corresponded with an author regarding changes to her amazing short, but didn’t touch the TW novella. I just didn’t have the energy left, so I cut off working at six and headed over to spend some time gossipping with the red-headed hellion. If I think my life’s hell, she can always do one better. So I returned feeling smug. Thanks so much dd for putting my teeny-tiny stressors into perspective!

What has you stressed out?