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Archive for December 20th, 2010

Heroes you’d most like to do…
Monday, December 20th, 2010

Psst! Today’s the last day to enter the Cat Tails Poll #3 contest! See Saturday’s post for details!

I know you have those books on your keeper shelf. The ones whose heroes make you hot and purr every time you open the pages and sink into that man. From my keeper shelf there are two heroes I most love.

First, there’s Wolf from Makenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard. He’s so primal, so intense I melt from the very first line of the story—“He needed a woman. Bad.” He’s native american with a dark mysterious past. And yet he has a son he’s fiercely protective of. Yum!

Then there’s Challen-Ly-San-ter from Johanna Lindsey’s Warrior Woman—Seven feet of studliness and an other world male. So you know the author had license to make him the biggest, the baddest and the sexiest man alive.

Then there are the heroes I’ve personally written. Of my own heroes, whom you might already have read from my books, I would have been most attracted to the following:

Gunnar from Darkness Captured. I love smoldering intensity and a man’s man. Gunnar will save his princess or die. And once he has her, he’s not going to let her say no. Grrrrr….add a little fur (he is a werewolf) and there’s nothing sexier—to me.

Ezra Kinzie from Four Sworn and Breaking Leather. He’s built like a god (I like them big and burly). And his focus is homed with precision on his woman. The fact he’s got to be in charge of every sexual encounter is a huge plus.

You haven’t had a chance to read Ravished by a Viking yet, but my Viking king Dagr, the leader of the Wolfskin clan, would sit well on this list. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll introduce you to Dagr and his universe. I think you’ll fall in love. In the meantime…

Tell me which heroes you’ve written or read you’d most like to do. (They don’t have to be mine. I’m a reader too and am always looking for suggestions!)