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Archive for December 4th, 2010

Bad Moon Rising’s next installment…(Hint: Contest!)
Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Again, I need you to help me figure out what happens next in my ongoing free series, Cat Tails. You remember. My intrepid erotica writer DiDi Devereaux came to a sleepy little town in the Louisiana Bayou to check out the house her eccentric aunt left her. Along the way, she wrecked her car, met the town’s sexy sheriff and the bad boy, had a sexy threesome with them both while she was under the influence of the sheriff’s sexy “mark”—and now she’s settling into her new home and liking the sheriff more and more.

However, there’s a mystery in the town. One the sheriff’s determined to keep her from discovering. The full moon is rising, and along with it, “The Prowl” is about to begin.

So my first question is: What exactly happens during The Prowl?

I have a hazy idea of what happens in the next chapter, but need you to help me flesh it out. Remember, this is your story, so you have to tell me what happens next.

I think the elders will ambush Mason. He’s taken a vow to stay clear of the The Prowl to ensure the community’s continued safety, which means he should have stayed clear of lovely DiDi. But he’s already in too deep to back away now.

So next question: Why would Mason make a vow like that in the first place? Is there something in his past he feels he must atone for?

In the meantime, DiDi’s back at her aunt’s place, but she’s curious about the rest of the property. She hadn’t realized the dock existed that extends over the river where she and Mason last had sex. Now, she finds a little flat-bottomed boat and decides to head across the river/bayou to see what’s on the other side. I think this will be key to what The Prowl is all about.

So last question is: What does she find across the river?

This is a brainstorming process, so there’s no such thing as a stupid idea. And you can build on someone else’s suggestion. I’m not going to offer the prize to the person who gives me the idea I like best. I will simply draw a name at random among everyone who posts an idea.

What’s the prize? How about a $25 gift certificate from When will I close this contest down? How about on Thursday? That will give you all plenty of time to think and play.

And as I’ve done every step along the way, I won’t be making the decision of which ideas work best. I will select three or four answers to each question then run a poll for you to choose. We’ve only just begun the fun!