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Archive for January 29th, 2011

Saturday Snippet: Fight
Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Yes! I have two posts today. Be sure to see the one just under this for contest details!

Since the theme is “Fight”, I thought it might be fun to go way back—to my second book, the first in the My Immortal Knight series where you meet Dylan and Quentin for the first time.

“A wild romp of raunchy sex, laugh-out-loud humor, and suspense…” Romance Reviews Today

“Ms. Devlin’s take on the vampire world is unique and creative.” The Romance Studio

Love bites!

Emmaline Harris meets the perfect man at a Halloween party. After he rescues her from the unwanted attentions of another partygoer, she succumbs to his kisses and spends an evening engaged in wicked-sexy lovemaking. Sure she’s just a one-night stand, she tries to exit gracefully, but soon find she needs Dylan’s special skills when her world is turned upside down by a blood-drinking killer and his gang who target her for their next meal.

Dylan O’Hara only wants a night of passion to slake his sexual needs, but finds Emmy is a full-bodied, red-blooded siren whose innocence and humor draws this Master vampire like a moth to a red-hot flame. When Emmy attracts the attention of a serial-killing vampire, Dylan vows to protect her, but he fears he’ll lose Emmy once she discovers her “Dracula” has real fangs!

“Dylan, watch your back!”

At his friend’s warning, Dylan O’Hara spun on his heels and ducked beneath a sweeping claw. He feinted to the left, and then surged upward, slamming the creature into a damp brick wall. “You will heed me!”

Arms immobilized, the beast shuddered and bared its teeth, a flash of white in the scant moonlight penetrating the narrow alley.

In its most primitive form, the creature couldn’t understand him. Dylan sighed. This might take some time.

Behind him, wood splintered and metal rang against rock. “Quentin, you’d better finish your end quickly,” he shouted, careful not to look away from the vampire. “We’ve more problems waiting at The Cavern.”

“I’d be happy to oblige, but this one won’t release its prize.” Quentin grunted in accompaniment to the thud of heavy fists pounding flesh.

Dylan’s vampire renewed its struggle.

Battling his own mind-stealing anger, Dylan barely pulled his throat away from a mouthful of jagged teeth. He slammed the creature into the wall again. “I will outlast you, bitch.”

Intelligence glittered in the creature’s dark gaze, and then her features relaxed, morphing instantly from snarling vampire to the cotton-candy sweetness of a teenaged girl. “Mr. O’Hara, I’m so sorry. You can let me go now.”

The “Mr. O’Hara” made him feel at least a couple of centuries old. Dylan glared at the dark-eyed girl whose mane of curly, brown hair framed a pale face with sweetly bowed lips. “Who made you, little girl?”
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Last pics and last day to enter!
Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Today’s the last day of the contest to win the eGift Certificate. You have to post a comment to win!

I was surprised. I didn’t take all that many pictures this trip. Maybe it was because of the weather. Or maybe it was because I’m a little jaded. My cruise last year with Sasha was sooooo much fun and the weather was completely awesome. I will admit that cruise travel isn’t really my cup of tea. I much prefer flying to one place and taking trains/renting a car to see the surrounding area. Port calls just don’t leave you time to explore.

These are the last pics I’ll share. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a winner and news about a new book.

Believe it or not, this cruise was work-related. Here’s proof (just in case Mr. Taxman is reading!). From left to right is Erika from Avon, Eric from Tor, and Wanda and Adam from Harlequin.

My favorite view. Really. The ninth deck at the back of the boat wasn’t a hopping place, which was what I often needed. I liked standing there and just breathing the sea air and forgetting that there were 2500 other people crawling over the same boat. I’m such an introvert!

After debarking, this was the sight as our shuttle bus pulled up to the airport. There were easily a dozen police cars covering the entrance. But the cops were only standing around. No guns were drawn. Not sure what was up, but it was an interesting end to the journey.

So today, you get to make up a reason for why all those cop cars
were covering the entrance to airport!