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Archive for January 3rd, 2011

Ravished–The Sex
Monday, January 3rd, 2011

There’s just one more day to the official release of Ravished by a Viking! As much as I want you to remember the story, the world, the characters, I also think you’ll enjoy the sex. Dagr and Honora are stubborn combatants. Nothing is ever easy between them—at least not until they fall in love. This first time they come together is filled with tension. Dagr’s frustrated and worried about his brother’s fate. Honora’s still a bit shell-shocked after having surrendered her ship to the Vikings. Still, as soon as they are alone, they are just a man and a woman who don’t know each other at all, but have a fierce attraction that complicates everything. Hope you enjoy!

He set her on her feet, ignoring her as she sputtered and slammed her fists against his chest as any woman would when furious with a mate.

Standing still, he waited while she regained control of herself. Her fists landed again, but froze on his chest which rose and fell in shallow swells while hers billowed wildly. Her gaze flitted up, perhaps to gauge his expression and see whether she’d angered him.

She hadn’t. He couldn’t be more pleased with her womanly tantrum. It revealed passion, and the hardness of her blows proved her wiry strength. She might be slender, but she wasn’t truly delicate. He could already imagine how tight her woman’s passage would be, how it would squeeze deliciously around his cock. A small tight fit like the tiny space where she slept.

Her furrowed brows remained set, shadowing her eyes, but her hands flattened on his chest. With her soft, shiny hair mussed and her mouth soft and pouting, she was lovelier, more tempting than she should have been, dressed as she was in the ugly black skin-suit.

He waited, letting the thud of his heart tell her of his attraction, his muscles rippling as she curled her fingers and pulled her hands slowly away.
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