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Archive for January 7th, 2011

I turned down Ryan Reynolds
Friday, January 7th, 2011

I woke up to a very nice review on Amazon for True Heart: “…I found True Heart to be full of characterization and complete with an emotionally driven plot….I was unprepared for the empathy that I felt towards Honey, and the tears that came to my eyes when she makes love to True for the first time. Her anxiety was heartfelt and Trues’ reaction made me fall a bit in love with him myself.”

That was nice enough to give a bounce to my step as I headed to the coffee pot for my first cup.

Did I mention I’m making two trips this month? Next weekend, Sis and I are heading to Jackson, Mississippi to lead a weekend plotting bootcamp for the local RWA chapter. And then January 19, I’ll head to Miami to board a cruise ship headed to Key West and Cozumel! It’s a conference, so it’s really work (wink-wink, Mr. Tax-man). I don’t know about you, but when it gets cold, I want to get the hell out of Dodge. Last year, I took a long cruise to the Caribbean and found it therapeutic for my writing.

Had a dream about Ryan Reynolds last night—you know, the guy in the The Proposal? Anyway, he was my boyfriend, and I don’t remember much, except he turned my desk chair around because I wouldn’t stop typing. He squatted in front of me, grabbed my hands and gave me that pretty, soulful look of his. Then he asked me what it would take to convince me to come away with him. I remember thinking, “Am I stupid? Ask for sex!” Instead, I pulled my hands away from his and whined, “But I’ve got a deadline, Ryan.” WTF? But I’ve got a deadline? Yeah, a completely wasted opportunity for dream sex.