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Archive for February 16th, 2011

Guest Blogger: Juniper Bell (Contest)
Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The winner of yesterday’s prize, a copy of Caridad Pineiro’s THE LOST, is listed at the bottom of this post!

The More the Merrier

By Juniper Bell

During a recent author-reader chat, I asked the question, “When it comes to M/F/M stories, how many M’s are okay?” My favorite answer: “You can’t have too many M’s.” I loved that! My last book, MY THREE LORDS, featured three handsome noblemen, and my newest Ellora’s Cave release, GO WILD, stars four sexy, rugged Alaska men.

Not that I’m trying to one-up myself—the story just worked out that way.

But it did make me wonder, what is it about an “extended ménage” that’s such an appealing fantasy? (I should add that not everyone finds that fantasy as attractive as I do.) I’ve thought of a couple theories.

1. Ménage a trois stories often involve a three-way relationship, with all the complicated dynamics that come with it. An extended ménage—hey, that’s just sex, pure and simple. Attempting a full-on relationship with four men—yikes! In GO WILD, Lars and Katia are contemplating marriage. They have a strong emotional two-way relationship. The other men are extras in their story. The ménage encounter is about pleasure and freedom, not emotional entanglement.

2. The more M’s, the more clear that it’s a fantasy. Statistics are hard to find, but an ABC News sex survey says 14% of adults have tried a threesome. An Australian study says that threesomes are by far the most common form of group sex, although some respondents say they’ve had up to five partners. So sex with two men is within the realm of possibility, but once you start adding more M’s, it becomes more unlikely—for most people.

3. Women (speaking generally, of course) love to be adored. There’s a part of us that wants to be treated like a goddess. We want to be seen as beautiful, irresistible sex divas. Because that’s what we are! All of us. But we generally keep that side of ourselves confined within a relationship. When you dive into an extended ménage story, you can let that side loose. You can imagine being the object of lust of any number of men – without harming your own personal relationship. Talk about safe sex!

4. It’s crazy, forbidden, rule-breaking behavior – exactly the kind of thing it’s fun to read about!

So what about you? Do you enjoy extended ménage stories, and if so, why? Is there a reason I haven’t thought of? I’d love to hear your comments! Leave one, and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a download of GO WILD.

Lars loves Katia. Katia loves Lars. Lars wants to marry Katia. Can he convince his free-spirited lover that marriage will be as fun as her sexually adventurous single days?

Never before has Katia been tempted to give up her carefree ways. She’s deeply in love with Lars, but she doesn’t know if he can handle her wild side—or wilder needs. But Lars is a hard man to resist. The former Olympic champion won’t give up, not when he knows just how to please her.

The people of Wild, Alaska, know the best way to survive winter is to let off a little steam. When his buddies hit town for Wild Nights, a notorious winter festival with one rule—“anything goes, nothing counts”—Lars has the perfect opportunity to prove he’s the man for Katia.

Lucky for Katia, “proof” includes four rugged Alaska men and one wildly erotic night.

Reader Advisory: Features an extended ménage (M/F/M/M/M) and references to bondage experimentation and sexual escapades of all types. Woohoo!

“If anyone treats her wrong, they’ll answer to me,” said Lars, still behind her. He gave her a little spank on the ass. Katia felt her flesh tremble and her nipples perk up— more. A warm, melting feeling spread through her. The feeling of an adventure about to begin.

Lars took Katia’s arms and held them behind her. Her mouth fell open in astonishment. He drew her up on the tips of her toes so her back arched and her breasts protruded in blatant display. The three men appeared riveted by the sight of her naked body presented to them so invitingly.

Through her haze of surprise, she wondered what they saw. A slim, taut, pale body, long dark hair, erotically aroused nipples. A shadowed triangle between her legs.

“This woman,” Lars said in a husky voice, “has been making me crazy since the moment I met her. She’s the most sensual, most passionate, most lovable wild thing you’d ever want to meet. And she has the idea that I’m a straight arrow who can’t handle her free-spirited ways.”

For the first time, Eagle made a sound, something between a snort and a cough.
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