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Archive for February 18th, 2011

Girls Who Bite: Pre-order it now!
Friday, February 18th, 2011

I was surfing last night. I get to do that after I finish up my pages for the day—my reward to me. I went to Amazon, and just for fun, typed in “Girls Who Bite”, never expecting that it would actually appear—but there it was! I’d only first seen the cover on Wednesday, and I originally was told it wouldn’t be out until October, so I was doubly surprise that the release date is September 13th!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the book or share the blurb (I have yet to finalize that with the publisher). Soon though! In the meantime, I can share the line up of stellar authors that appear in this anthology. This is the tentative order of the stories as well, chosen more for how the stories flow, from one to the next, rather than which I liked best. 🙂

Vivi Anna — Bloody Wicked
Delphine Dryden — Al Dente
Paisely Smith — Dark Angel
Angela Capterton — Pet Door
Karis Walsh — Dark Guard
Anna Meadows — La Caida
Adele DuBois — The Crystal Altar
Shayla Kersten — Beloved
Christine D’Abo — Bound Lust
Myla Jackson — The Gift of Lillith
A.E. Grace — Madeline
Victoria Oldham —Red Horizon
Regina Jameson — Impundulu
Delilah Devlin — Night at the Wax Museum
Rebecca Buck — She Knows I am Watching

I really think that vampire fans and erotic romance fans are going to enjoy this volume very much. The stories are fresh, some completely startling, and all of them very well written. I can’t wait until you all have a chance to see for yourselves. Do yourselves a favor, and pre-order the book now. If you’re a fan of any of these ladies, at the very least, visit to “like” and “tag” it to help us get the word out!

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