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Archive for February 20th, 2011

Sunday Report Card
Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Y’all are only interested in who won that creepy Dead Elvis doll. But you’re gonna have to wait until the end to find out. That’s just the way I roll. And don’t you scroll down! That’s cheating.

It’s Sunday. Time for me to brag or blush. But first I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday on my way to my Diamond State Romance Authors meeting.

I’m taking a back road, lots of winding turns. The road straightens out for about two seconds, and my foot gets a little heavy (I was listening to Five Finger Death Punch’s Bad Company). A cop comes around a turn. I glance down. Yeah, I’m speeding. Please don’t stop me. Please don’t stop me.

In my rearview mirror I see him do a three-point turn in the middle of the road and know I’m sunk. Crap!

I’m bending over, reaching into my glove box, when he walks up and knocks on my passenger-side door. I look up into the prettiest blue eyes shaded by a State Trooper’s hat. And he has that jaw—you know the one. Straight at the edge, jutting, with hollows in his cheeks above. His mouth’s a straight line. Super sexy, and I’m starting to blush.

“Ma,am, do you know you were driving 17 miles over she speed limit?”

I squint and wrinkle my nose. “Sounds about right.” (I sound like a freaking genius!)

He pauses, probably to figure out if I’m being a bitch. “Was there a reason you were in such a hurry?”

I usually blurt the truth. But for once I was able to press my lips together to keep from telling him I was listening to Five Finger Death Punch, because I thought maybe he’d think I was cussin’ him in code.

So instead, I say, “Uh, I was listening to Disturbed.” I know, another bonehead answer, but it’s better than the time I told the cop I was “blow-drying my car.”

Anyway, I got another ticket. Third here in Arkansas, but none has made it on my driving record so far. Phew! And I wasn’t mad. I figure I will take the ticket off my taxes as “research”, and besides, he was the finest thing I looked at all day. It was just the price of admission.

Back to the report card…

* Last week, I started work on the next free chapter of Cat Tails. DiDi and Mason are in bed. Again. So you’ll have some nice smutty sex at the start.
* I am at 90% completion of my little novella. Did I mention it’s a MIK?
* I had a long conversation with marketing at one of my publishers, which prompted me into a frenzy of activity to get them information and to galvanize the other authors involved in the project.

And that’s about it, other than the DSRA meeting yesterday, which turned into a late lunch and stretched all the way until 4 PM. Had a great time even if I didn’t get any writing done.

So, back to Bony Elvis. He’s been keeping a smile on my face all week. I hate to let him go. But, I did promise, didn’t I? The winner of Dead Elvis is…(drumroll)…(by random number generator, as always)…Jen B! Jen, congrats and email me!!