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Archive for September 21st, 2011

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

One quick note! Tonight at 8 PM CST,
I’ll be chatting live at Righteous Perverts!

Yes, another new release! I’ve barely had room to breathe this month so much is happening. Bitten in the Big Easy is a two-book anthology, with stories from Paisley Smith and myself. Yes, they’re lesbian romances, but even if that’s not your usual kind of read, you’ll be caught up in the drama. The sex is hot, but the stories are every bit as thrilling. The world our sisters Cissy and Elena live in is dark and filled with enemies. You won’t want to miss the first installment in the Femme Noir series!

Here’s an excerpt…but don’t read any further if you’re not 18 or older!


Elena could only watch, shivering in terror. Those words reverberated in her mind.

First, I wish to play…

How many times had that phrase played inside her dreams as she’d relived the horror of her incarceration in Erzsébet’s palace? Most days she slept nude, atop the covers, because even a hint of restraint sent her deep into her nightmare. How did this woman, this human, know her weakness?

Think, think. You aren’t an animal. You are only at her mercy if you allow it.

How many times had she reassured herself with the same lie? And yet, she forced her breathing to slow, her heart to still. Whatever potion Cassia had used to paralyze her had worn off. Only a haze at the periphery of her vision remained, causing her sight to narrow to a tunnel. Would Cassia drug her again if she knew she’d recovered? If she banged against her cage, could she free herself in time?

Best to wait. What had she meant, there will only be one night? Did Cassia intend to kill her?

Not that Elena was afraid to die. She’d considered committing another terrible sin a few times during her long life. But the thought of dying now, not by her choice or hand, enraged her.

Some of her thoughts must have shown in her eyes.

Cassia stepped closer, slipping her hands between the flat iron slats to bracket Elena’s cheeks with her palms. She pressed so close her warm breaths gusted softly against Elena’s skin. As Elena drew in the hot, humid scent, her pussy grew engorged and her teeth sank into the hard rubber ball.

“Surrender to me, my beauty. There’s no need to fight. You want this. You want me.” Cassia came closer still, her lush mouth parting. The kisses she pressed on Elena’s face between the bars were soft and wet. Her tongue darted out to lick the sweat beading on her brow.

Anger and desire mixed with regret that the other woman’s tenderness was only a ploy. Tears pricked the backs of Elena’s eyes, but she refused to let them well. She blinked furiously, glaring all the while even though her body was beginning to melt.

How truly twisted am I? Sure, she feared the confinement but she was aware of the structure of the cage, of the opening behind her bottom. Memories of the horrific pleasures she’d enjoyed so long ago swam inside her mind while Cassia cupped her face like a child’s to reassure her.
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