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Archive for September 24th, 2011

It’s alive…or maybe not
Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Yes, I did that in my Dr. Frankenstein voice. My website has been giving me fits. No one else seems to have problems opening it, but most of the day, I can’t. Just my site. Nothing else. I swear there’s a ghost in my computer playing tricks on me.

Anyway, I’m hitting this fast and getting the hell out before it crashes again. Thanks, everyone for buying Four-Gone. It’s still #1 at Samhain’s store and rising up the Amazon chart. Yay! As for Bitten in the Big Easy, I know it’s a more difficult sale, but I’m telling you, the f/f aspect won’t hang you up. The two stories are hot and the storyline intriguing. Swear!

I wrapped up Beastly Babes this week. No, don’t ask me yet who made it into the volume. I want to wait to hear from Cleis that everyone’s a go first. I’d hate to raise hopes then dash them. I’m working now on re-reading the “yes” stack for The Cowboy. And if I can get to the comments long enough today, I’ll start making a list of titles I like to poll you with.

Sorry this is a little lackluster, but I’m crossing my fingers this darn post saves. Can’t even risk a spell check first. Later!

So that didn’t work. I rushed to my dd’s house to finish this post. Why can’t anyone figure out what the hell’s wrong with my site?