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Archive for September 12th, 2011

1 Day to 4-Gone! (Contest)
Monday, September 12th, 2011

The winner of the autographed copy of COWBOY FEVER is named at the bottom of this blog! Tomorrow, I’ll announce the Bored Fairy and a Signed Book contest winner.

* * * * *

A Four-Gone Conclusion releases tomorrow. Don’t miss your first taste the Logan brothers of Two Mule, Texas! You can pre-order it today and save $1.05 on the cover price!

We’re almost there. One more day. I hope I’ve whetted your appetites for more handsome cowboys. The Logan brothers are the next whose dirty secrets I’ll expose. And all I can say is Ellie Harker is one lucky girl.

One devilish night…or a chance at heaven?

Sam Logan’s foster sons have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas. Most of it earned. When it becomes clear they don’t plan on giving up scootin’ after ever pretty pair of boots in town anytime soon, he issues the one thing he knows they can’t resist: a challenge. Find a wife.

The oldest, Johnny, is actually grateful. He’s had his eye on Mean Ellie Harker for a long time, and Sam’s challenge is the kick in the pants he needed to ask her out. Except before he can make his move, his brothers kidnap her right out from under his nose. Now, instead of being one question away from victory, he has to compete for the woman of his dreams.

Ellie thought she’d be a dried up old spinster before Johnny finally untangled his tongue long enough to ask for a date. But instead of teaching him better uses for that tongue, his brothers have whisked her away to the ranch. At first she’s furious…then intrigued when she starts to wonder what it might be like…

Warning: Four handsome cowboys. Four choices. Would it be a single sordid night or a chance at heaven as she savors every luscious inch of the Logan brothers?

Johnny pulled in front of the diner just in time to see the Luckadoo girl heading to her Corolla. The sign on the diner door read CLOSED. “Get out and see if she’s ready.”

Killian gave him a crooked smile. “You’re grumpy when you’re horny.”

Johnny grimaced. “Don’t say that word to me. What I am at the moment is mad. This was a dumb idea.”

Killian laughed and stepped down from the cab. He ambled to the door. He tried it then glanced over his shoulder and shrugged.

Johnny hit the steering wheel with his hand. She’d run. He guessed that was answer enough.

Killian cupped a hand over his eyes and peered through the glass before walking back to the truck and climbing inside. “Know where she lives?”

He did, but he wasn’t telling Killian. She’d made up her mind. “Let’s go home.”

“You’re gonna give up? Just like that?” His mouth pursed, then his head swung back toward Johnny. “Maybe she wants us to give a little chase so we appreciate her when we catch her.”

Johnny shook his head. “She’s not the type to play games.”

“She’s got a smart mouth. Maybe she does.”
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