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Snippet Saturday: Family
Saturday, December 10th, 2011

This Saturday’s theme is family. The one that stands out most in my mind, of the books I’ve written, is the Kinzie family. You remember the boys, right? Ezra, Josh and Cade made such an impression in Four Sworn, I couldn’t rest until I gave the boys their own happy-ever-after with their dream girl, Chrissi. Here’s an excerpt where you see all three brothers in the same scene soon after Ezra kidnapped Chrissi. Enjoy!

“…Put into the mix three sexy brothers who happen to be cowboys and who are hot for one lucky female? You have a sexual, erotic masterpiece!”
5 Stars and Top Pick!, The Romance Reviews

“…Delilah Devlin just makes this type of story such an adventure as well as a hot ride… You will never go wrong with a Delilah Devlin story and you will never be disappointed.”
5 Cherries, Whipped Cream Reviews

“Cleverly written, Breaking Leather breaks the mold when it comes to ménage stories… Highly recommend.”
Sizzling, 4 1/2 Stars, Sensual Reads

One for remembrance…one for healing…and one to seal her heart forever.

Chrissi Page has tried to find one man who heats her bed the way the Kinzie brothers did one shameful night years ago. She’s failed miserably, leaving her with no choice but to bank that inner fire—and keep a lid on her inner bad girl.

She’d been weak, unable to choose between three men who appealed to her in different ways. And when they’d confronted her as a tease, anger had boiled over into a passion so wild, she’s still trying to live it down.

Since that night, Ezra, Cade and Joshua have individually sown their wild oats with pretty much the entire available female population of Two Mule, Texas. Yet nothing erases the attraction they still feel for Chrissi. And when she ends up stranded on the road near their ranch, it’s their last chance to turn their mutual obsession into an unusual proposition.

One weekend, three on one. If she can’t stand the heat, they’ll let her go on with her life. And try to find a way to live with the hole she’ll leave behind in theirs.

Warning: A girl who thinks she can’t have it all, and three brothers who set out to prove otherwise. One on one, two on one, and three on one; bondage in the wild; a bit of riding crop action. And a pickup truck load of emotion.

Josh Kinzie watched the truck drive along the last hundred yards of gravel road before bumping over a cattle guard and into the fenced yard. He made out two figures in the cab—the bear-like figure of his brother and a slender, dark-haired feminine one sitting beside him.

Ezra had done it. Gotten Chrissi into the truck. With a little help from him. While Chrissi had been busy with Ms. Dunstan, he’d been busy making sure her radiator hose sprang a leak.

He pulled the reins to the right, whipping his horse around, and let out a loud “Yee-haw!” before racing toward the house. He pulled back when he neared the front porch and slid from the saddle to the ground in one fluid glide.

Cade sat on the top step, squinting against the sun as he watched the truck come to a stop. “We may still hit a snag, bro.”

Josh glanced back at the truck. The couple inside appeared to be arguing.

“Not a good sign if he can’t even get her out of the truck,” Cade muttered.

Josh snorted, not too worried. He remembered how Ezra and Chrissi bumped heads in the old days. “Ezra may not be one for sweet-talk, but he does have a way of makin’ the ladies do exactly what he wants. Eventually.”

Cade grunted. “Chrissi’s grown a metal-plated backbone.”

“Our girl’s all grown up.”

They shared a glance, but turned to the sound of a door slamming.

Ezra crammed his cowboy hat on his head and walked around the truck, his features stern and his jaw grinding.

The sound of a click made Josh choke down a bark of laughter. “Did she just lock him out of his own truck?”

Cade grinned. “Won’t do her any good. Though I think he’s only givin’ her a chance to behave. He’s got the keys in his hand.”

“Still, she’s playin’ with fire.” Everyone knew you didn’t defy Ezra Kinzie and expect to come out unscathed.

The two younger brothers watched, amusement growing, as Ezra cussed softly and tried the handle again.

“Chrissi,” Ezra said, his voice deepening in warning, “thought you wanted to use that phone.”

Even through the windshield, Josh could see the stubborn tilt of her chin.

Dark humor glinted in Chrissi’s eyes. “I’m thinkin’ I’d be better off usin’ your truck to get back to town all by myself.”

Ezra held up the keys. “Woman, how do you plan on doin’ that? Do you know how to hot-wire a truck?” He tugged off his hat and raked a hand through his short, dark hair. “You were fine a minute ago. What the hell changed?”

Through the windshield, her gaze shifted to the two men on the porch and held.

Josh cussed under his breath.

Cade stood and brushed off his jeans. “Guess it might help if we made ourselves scarce for a couple o’ minutes.”

Josh grabbed up his horse’s reins and spared one last look at Chrissi.

Her gaze met his, and her eyebrows furrowed into a fierce scowl. He tipped his hat to her and ambled toward the barn. Not looking back once.

It was hard pretending he was relaxed and indifferent to her anger. While she’d blatantly ignored Ezra and Cade over the years, she hadn’t been quite as harsh with him, giving him the occasional subtle nod or tight smile.

He’d thought maybe she didn’t hold as deep a grudge against him because he’d always been the one eager to soothe her bruised feelings, the one to coax a smile when things got out of hand with Ezra. And everyone always thought of him as the little brother, even though he and Cade had been born only minutes apart. That fact afforded him a little extra leniency with the ladies.

Josh cupped himself, readjusting his cock. Yeah, relaxed was the last thing he’d felt for days since they’d hatched this wild-ass plan. He tugged on the reins, pulling his trembling horse behind him. Sooner he turned him over to one of the ranch hands to walk, the better.

He didn’t like leaving everything in Ezra’s capable hands when Chrissi was on a tear—even though Ezra had always been the one who could bend a woman to his will, usually with just a look.

Josh ignored a pang of worry over the fact his brother’s naturally dominating will didn’t appear to be working at the moment. Chrissi was here. Within reach. One of them would shatter the armor she’d built around her heart.

* * * * *

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